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JD and T  Baker and Goodman

Joy Don Baker & Terri Goodman, nursing students in the ‘70s like the fictional characters in their Nurseketeers series, are both writers in professional nursing literature. They met in the ‘80s and have remained friends for years. As co-authors, their mission is to share enjoyment, writing, and learning through meaningful stories about diverse nursing characters. Both are well-established leaders in perioperative nursing. Dr. Baker teaches at the University of Texas at Arlington and served as the editor-in-chief of AORN Journal. Dr. Goodman is an entrepreneur and an approved provider of continuing education as the principal at Terri Goodman & Associates. Baker & Goodman have produced the award-winning book A, B, & Cs of Author Partnering, the definitive how-to guide that leads readers through creating a partnership, establishing a productive work environment, and producing a work of fiction, non-fiction, or journal article.


Against the World

Literature & Fiction

Robin, a fiery red-head, arrives home from her freshman year of nursing school, to discover her home is slated for demolition for upscale housing she can’t afford. Her summer vacation devolves into a chaotic circus of exploration of sexuality, violence, and tragedy. Then, thieving by an ex-friend threatens Robin's job and brings her to court; but that's not all. Robin’s summer spins further out of control when the unanticipated reunion with her estranged mother is derailed by family violence that leaves Robin grappling with grief and railing against the world. Back at school, the Nurseketeers band around Robin to embrace women’s issues, gender discrimination, cultural diversities, and plan a March against Violence. A chance meeting motivates Robin to question her sexuality in an era when homosexuality was illegal in every state but one - and that one wasn’t Texas. Her roommate’s homophobia challenges the need for secrecy as Robin explores her emerging lesbian impulses. Exposure could turn her nursing career into an impossible dream or worse, she could land in jail.

Book Bubbles from Against the World

Be an Early Bird

Avoiding procrastination is always the better choice. Being on time, or even early, can be rewarding.

Labor Day Insight

Sometimes getting a job depends upon the willingness to exceed an employer's expectations.

Facing Mortality

Sometimes it's necessary to face mortality, and make the best decisions left to us.


The death of an acquaintance, no matter how distant, drives us to assess our lives, review our accomplishments and failures, and contemplate our mortality

Job Security is Often in One's Own Hands

Being a dependable, valued employee is the best way to ensure job security. No employers want to lose an employee they can count on.

Summer Fun

Can you remember a time when summer meant FUN ... no school, no work... just play. Not everyone can recall such a privilege.

Doing the Right Thing can be Risky

One would think that doing the right thing would be easy, but... sometimes it feels like a Catch 22 -- you know you must do it, but if you do, there are consequences that make the decision feel insurmountable.

Caught Between Bravery and Fear

Doing the right thing can be frightening when there's no guarantee that the outcome will be good... but ... doing nothing guarantees that the outcome will be bad, Bravery must overshadow fear.

A Bit of Intrigue

Sometimes ordinary things -- like a summer job -- lead to extraordinary experiences.

Keep the Door to the Future Open

If we let situations that didn't go well in the past close the door on opportunities to improve them, we deny ourselves the potential for turning a disappointment into a celebration.

Sometimes the right thing to do takes courage

The things you want most may be the hardest to get. That could be why we want them so badly.

A Scholarship's a Blessing, but...

The cost of a college education is steep, and a scholarship is a boost, for sure... but an important part of the education is learning how to manage for yourself.

Dressing Up

There's something to be said for "dressing for the part". When something important to you rests in someone else's hands, viewing the situation through their lenses is a good way to prepare.

Being Realistic Promotes Better Outcomes

Considering the downside of the decision you're about to make increases the likelihood that you'll be prepared to manage whatever happens.

The World Around Us Has Ears

Even in a crowd, it's sometimes feels like we're alone, that everything and everyone around us is focused elsewhere. It pays to remember that, even though we're not talking to them, those around us hear what we say.

Nothing Stays the Same

Things change around us all the time. It pays to stay alert and think positive. Good things happen to those with a positive attitude.

Do Not Live with Regret.

Perhaps it is time to bare your soul and come clean with loved ones as Robin did. Start fresh with the New Year.

Think before Speaking

Advice of thinking first is not always easy. What will your New Year resolution be for this year?

Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Christmas

The Holiday Season is about memory making no matter where you are. May your Christmas experiences be special and filled with wonderful moments among family and friends, to be treasured throughout the New Year.

The Wake-Up Call

Literature & Fiction

In 1970, pampered, naïve, Philly-born Frannie is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of nursing school and college life in Dallas. A love-hate relationship erupts when Robin, her fiery, red-headed roommate, arrives from Chicago to find Frannie's belongings covering every inch of space in their room, and Frannie nowhere in sight. Adding fuel to the fire, Frannie pursues a relationship with a sophomore hunk whom Robin insists is pond scum. She ignores her suitemates' pleas to join their study group, insisting her high school achievements will guarantee her success in college. Frannie's wake-up call comes after nearly two semesters of disastrous decision-making. She finds herself flunking out and her nursing career ending before it begins. With support from an unexpected source, she faces the biggest decision of her life - one that no matter the outcome will upend her future.

Book Bubbles from The Wake-Up Call

"Do it Now" is the best policy

The longer we postpone accepting responsibility, the more likely that when we rise to the occasion, it will be too late.

Learning Commitment

Sometimes a commitment to learn comes to late to be effective.... but even that can be a learning experience.

Commitment to Learn

Tests results are often the best indicator of our actual commitment to learning. The response to the test results is a testament to the level of accountability.

Father's Wise Words

A father's advice can be just what's needed when facing a challenge. You just have to be mature enough to take it.

Beware of leopards who change their spots

It's wise to be cautious when situations differ from what you expect... and wise to heed the warnings of those who care about you.

Never to be forgotten

Some things that happened in the 1970s are seared into the memories of those who were there at the time.

Keeping Secrets

We've all been faced, at some time in our lives, with keeping a secret that consumed us with constant monitoring of both our communication and our demeanor. Honest folks have the hardest time with secrets.

Wise Words, Katie

Sometimes experiencing the reality of a critical decision is the most effective teacher. We aren't always the best at taking excellent advice.

College:Different Things to Different People

Regardless of one's motivation for going to college, one valuable component of the college experience is developing habits that lead to success.

A Poignant Memory

Sometimes, when we're reading for enjoyment, we relive a personal experience that we can remember as clearly as if it were yesterday. Nurses and other health care workers are working to make better memories for us in this Covid-19 environment. Be safe and healthy.

Education is an Investment

Maturity is an important factor in learning, and not all young folks in college are in the right place at the right time for the right reasons.

There's something about men and shopping....

There's not a much clearer example of "Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus" that a shopping trip.

Take Charge of Our Own Life

Sometimes, before we can help others, we have to learn to take responsibility for ourselves. What are the lessons you are learning to take charge of today?

Some Things We Never Outgrow

Some things that brought us pleasure when were were children, we just never outgrow. Think of going to bed after a bedtime story, or licking the bowl when Mom made something tasty. I still sleep best if I read a bit first, and I can't resist licking the beaters when I make meringues.

Wisdom is More than Just Knowing

Knowledge by itself is having information that one knows and can explain to others. Wisdom is more than that. Wisdom is the sage application of one's knowledge... the ability to use knowledge to create, solve problems, and contribute to society.

Women Shop; Men Buy

Purchasing is another example of how differently men and women view everyday activities. Frannie and Stephen demonstrate their first foray into buying the right thing for the right reasons.

Growing Up's Not Easy

There's usually more to people than what you can discern at first glance. It pays to take the time to explore. Sometimes it takes exploring to get to know yourself.

What you see isn't always what you get

Sometimes looks can be deceiving... and that applies to college professors and their courses, too.... it's best not to jump to conclusions.

New Friends; New Options

Away from home for the first time, Frannie discovers a world much larger than the one she left at home. The new one is full of interesting people and options she'd never before considered.

Not Everyone is an Earlybird

When roommates find they have different habits and routines, negotiation and accommodations are next on the agenda.

Uggghhh... Memories of College Cafeteria Food

The Nurseketeers learn it is better to arrive at the cafeteria earlier rather than later to avoid the dregs of the meal. Some things about college cafeteria food don't seem to change.

College isn't High School

The first year in college is as much a window into a new world as an investment in academic preparation. Sheltered, pampered Frannie didn’t see that coming. Frannie’s college world was one big playground, just like in high school. For some freshmen, it takes a wake up call.

Roommates First Meet

Meeting up with a new roommate in a new college is a challenging experience. In The Wake-Up Call, for Frannie and Robin it turns into an "Odd Couple" experience. Frannie has no idea how to manage her own affairs and Robin has no patience with her roomates inept behavior. Move-in day at Crestmont University in Dallas for the Philly born Frannie is not exactly what she had envisioned that college life would represent. From the beginning, she makes decisions that cause her Chicago born roommate, Robin, to explode.

A,B, & Cs of Author Partnering

Education & Reference

The award-winning book, the "A, B, & Cs of Author Partnering," guides you through the process of creating a partnership, establishing a productive work environment, and producing the work of fiction, non-fiction, or a journal article. Authoring a book or article with a writing partner can take the sting and isolation out of a solo writing project. Alignment (A) is the foundational component that explores the what and why of the partnership and its targeted product. Balance (B) focuses on the need for author partners to respect their work-life responsibilities and ensure this critical element is incorporated into their production process. The seven Cs include Commitment, Contract, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Commerce, Creativity, and Call to Action. The included workbook provides activities to help partners craft their strategies and maximize their collaborative efforts. The "A, B, & Cs of Author Partnering" presents a meaningful sequence of topics that can be read cover to cover or selectively to meet specific needs. Working collaboratively brings a diversity of strengths and skills to the project. As a team, partners provide a broader platform to address the variety of tasks involved in writing, publishing, and marketing. Their commitment to one another and to the project keeps them focused on their work while enjoying the process and celebrating accomplishments throughout the writing journey.

Book Bubbles from A,B, & Cs of Author Partnering

Alignment of Purpose and Complimentary Skills

To produce a successful outcome, partners must be aligned on the purpose of their efforts and provide talents and skills that complement one another's.

Creativity in Writing

Authors partners rely on creativity for more than producing unique, inspiring narrative. Creativity turns both conflict and confusion into an opportunity for inspiration.


The environment is a critical factor in creativity.You must be sensitive to your surroundings, set the scene, and address relevant variables to encourage and support creative thinking.

Commerce Requires a Strategy

Getting books into the hands of readers does not happen without a marketing plan based on effective communication. One essential component is the reviews that readers post to influence other readers.

Conflict is Inevitable

Planning conflict resolution strategies before conflicts arise facilitates creative problem-solving and outstanding results.

Communication Counts

Communication is the key ingredient whenever more than one person is involved in the success of an endeavor.

Make Contracts Count

However formal or informal, a partnership should begin with a contract that documents the important decisions the partners make about process and product.

Structure and Commitment Go Hand in Hand

Successful projects rarely happen in the absence of structure. Good outcomes depend upon creating a plan that details process and timing... and a firm commitment to stick to the plan!!

Creativity Requires Integrity & Collaboration

Together, author partners can create a product richer and compelling than either might have done alone. Partners stimulate one another to build on shared ideas, taking them to new heights.

Marketing Can Be a Challenge

Author partners who plan to sell their published work often lack sales and marketing skills. They must address this challenge in the planning phase of their partnership. Solutions include the commitment to master a new skill... or a decision to contract with outside resources to bring sales and marketing skills to the partnership.

Consensus requires effective Infrastructure

Constructive communication leads to quality consensus among a diversity of partners. Building an infrastructure to support effective communication helps prevent divisive positioning among the partners.

Success Depends upon a Call to Action

The most thorough preparation and the best-laid plan can't produce results unless you put the plan into ACTION. Once you have identified all of the components for success, make a commitment to ACT. Determine what, when, and where you will do what it takes to succeed... then DO IT!

Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is essential to writing; you can't just wait around for those juices to flow. Identify when, where, and how you are most creative and address the specific challenges that interfere with that perfect space. Remind yourself that hard work should also be fun.

Commerce Is a Component of Success

There are expenses associated with writing for publication, so you must sell your work to sustain your ability to publish. Tell the world what you've written and why. Folks need to know what to expect from investing their time and money in your work. Capture their interest and you will attract followers.

Conflict Promotes Creativity

Conflict in a partnership is inevitable. The outcome depends upon whether partners perceive conflict as a threat or an opportunity. When partners explore their opposing views, there's an opportunity to create something better than either initial offering.

Cummunication is Key

Good communication is a process with a host of well-oiled moving parts... all leading to content that is well-conceived, delivered effectively and efficiently, received with appreciation, and that achieves the intended outcome.

Start with a Contract

A partnership must begin with a clear picture of the partners' goals and expectations...a contract that should be captured in writing. Discussion and documentation when the exploration of issues is objective yields a contract that can prevent discord later when emotions interfere with a cogent review of a problem.

Commit to Success

Commitment to your partner, your product, and whatever it takes to achieve success is what makes a partnership work well. Promises to yourself are often harder to keep than promises to a partner.

Influences on Commitment

In the process of deciding whether to commit to a partnership, partners need to consider not only what they expect to get out of the endeavor, but what they will have to put in to make it work.

Balance: Essential to a Healthy Partnership

A writing partnership exists within the larger framework of the partners’ lives. Balancing the time and resources required to complete a writing project with the demands of everyday life is essential to a successful writing partnership. A keen assessment of resources facilitates realistic commitments and keeps the writing project on track. Essential to success is the partners’ ability to accept that unexpected demands can interfere with partnership plans, and to remain flexible, supportive, and committed to their goals.

Partners Align

In the Alignment chapter, we explored the partners’ relationship and a process to assure that the content of the project is consistent with the needs of the target readers. We used these techniques in starting our own writing partnership and has provided a foundation for our future writing. The chapter includes exercises for addressing authorship and author order and determining the roles of guest and ghost authors. We intended the exercises to engage partners in an effective process of aligning with one another to achieve success.

Take the Sting&Isolation; out of Solo Writing

Working with someone who has knowledge and skills that complement your own can make the task of writing easier and the finished work more comprehensive and robust. Partners motivate one another to stay on track and to produce their best work.

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