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I graduated from Cal-State Long Beach and earned a Secondary Teaching Credential. I taught school for 38 years. A short story I wrote was turned into a one act play and performed at a community college. I have written one other novel.

I spend my free time reading, writing, working in the garden and enjoying my children and grandchildren.


A Woman in Search Of...


When 32 year old Wendy separates from her husband she takes her life in a new direction. She opens and indoor plant nursery and becomes involved with the bar scene where he once conservative lifestyle changes. The new men in her life give her the self-confidence she never received from her husband or her father. Life gets complicated, so Wendy turns to drugs to help her escape the men in her life including the singer at a bar. It's her best friend who helps turn her life around.

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Whether she admits it or not, Wendy is in love. What could she do about her deep feelings? She needed to hide them to keep herself from accidently showing them to Cindy. Cindy, how she envied her. Wendy's friendship with Cindy is the more important.

endearing cousin

Jake was always there for Wendy when she needed him. He enjoyed gardening and helping Wendy when he could.

And Now It Begins

Taking on running an indoor nursery will be a big challenge since she has no idea how to run it. Hopefully, she will learn from people who know about it. Her mind will also bring new ideas about different aspects of the inside.

The bar scene becomes her thing

Wendy went alone to Hoffman's. She got a seat in front of Brad and had her first opportunity to get to know him a little, not to feel so nervous around him. It was a unique evening that she would remember.

changes coming

Wendy wanted nothing more than to get to know Brad. She felt the need to know him better. One night Cindy was not at Hoffman's. Wendy started to feel comfortable around him, enough to write him a note as if she were a regular person there.

such a caring person

Wendy knew she could always depend on Jake. And, she'd be there for him. This relationship develops and they work together on an important project a little later in the story.

realizing she saw the bar scene better

Although Wendy never expected to be part of the bar scene, she was so entranced by Brad she needed to see more, to be near him, and in some way, fit into the this new lifestyle.

And so it starts

Alone, listening to Brad, Wendy was entranced by him. He made her feel special. The bar scene wasn't her "thing," but situations often bring change. She had no idea what kind of change would follow, but maybe it would be something new and exciting.

Her dream

Wendy sees a change in her life with the purchase of this building. She knows she can accomplish the renovation with help from friends. Nothing would stop her from achieving her goal-a shade plant nursery.


Wendy more than appreciated Cindy's friendship. Two friends who stuck together and were there for each other. But, Wendy was conservative and didn't feel she fit when Cindy invited her somewhere. Going with her now was not something she wanted, but Cindy wanted her to go so she goes. All she could think of was how awkward and uncomfortable she's about to feel.

the start of change

Wendy is approaching her life with a new attitude. She'll start with making a career out of her gardening skills. She sees other changes coming.

An idea

So, Wendy starts to think about ways to use her gardening skills to develop a career, but how could she possibly do that and make a career out of it? A lot came out of the session with Dr. Lewis. Now she needed to put some of the thoughts into perspective. 1973-beginning a year with anger, frustration, and loneliness.

telling the difficulty of her life

Wendy truly wanted to stay in her marriage, but when her husband started to ignore her and criticize her, she needed to get out. The hurt he caused Wendy was pure grief as she felt unloved.

Wendy gets help

While Wendy is with the psychologist, Dr. Lewis, she suggests Wendy should find something about gardening for a job since she loves plants. The question is-what can she possibly do with gardening to make a living?

addressing the issues

Wendy's issues were more than she could handle. After explaining them to Dr. Lewis, she confessed a major issue she hadn't told the doctor. The fact was that not only was Scott always criticizing her, but sadly her dad did. She lost her self-confidence. They both made her feel uncared about and unloved.

The start

Wendy's life now confused her. She doesn't know how to move forward. Hopefully, Dr. Lewis, a psychologist, could help her decide what to do now. She knew she'd have to discuss the separation, but more importantly, she needs a new job, a new career.


Poor Wendy, her life is a mess in so many ways! Her marriage is ending, she is bored with her career and just struggling and looking for happiness in her life.


There were a lot of people that took the time to read iterations of this book. I am so grateful and appreciative of their time and efforts. To the readers of the published version, I appreciate YOU as well. I hope you enjoy it. As Wendy listens to the music, she starts to enjoy the songs that she never paid much attention to. Country Roads and You're so Vain now stand out in her mind.

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