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A Woman in Search Of...


Amidst the peace, love and social upheaval of the early 1970’s, Wendy Murray is ready to take the plunge into a new life. She separates from her husband, takes a chance on her dreams by opening an indoor plant nursery, and abandons her conservative lifestyle, diving head first into the era’s decadent nightclub scene.

With her best friend Cindy along for the adventure, Wendy falls in love, reinvents herself and must navigate relationships with numerous men, all while her estranged husband makes frequent reappearances. When her self-confidence grows and her ambitions in business overshoot her realities, Wendy’s world becomes too much to handle, and she plummets into escapism and drug use.

Through triumphs and challenges, Wendy slowly comes to realize the potential that was always within her. A tale of engaging transformation, healing after failure, and the power of a loving best friend. A Woman in Search of…is a story for anyone who loves the 70’s, women who prevail over adversity, and celebrating the bond between besties.

Book Bubbles from A Woman in Search Of...

Still Scott

With the attention and caring Elliot paid Wendy she knew he loved her. Still something was wrong. She rolled a refer, inhaled deeply and sat back. She enjoyed the relaxation it brought.

Elliott, Dinner, The Grill

Wendy enjoyed a pleasant dinner with Elliott doing the cooking. Jake and Wendy met to discuss the closing of Fireplace Grill. Both anxious to get it done and see the bartender ,Stan's, reaction when he hears what Wendy and Jake know about his cheating them.

The New Scott

Scott came to see Wendy at The Shade House shortly after Brad left with the plant he bought for his sister. Wendy was shocked and couldn't imagine why Scott came to her nursery. There was something different about him-he was nice, at least he sure sounded that way.

Brad's Visit

Brad came to The Shade House and with Wendy's help found a plant he liked for his sister. He had the plant placed in a different pot. As he left, he complimented Wendy on her nursery.

Change is Coming

Elliott called, he wanted to fix dinner the next night. Elliott was so wonderful. She was very happy but other things were in her head. She lit up a marijuana cigarette and relaxed.

A Surprising request

It wasn't that Wendy hadn't gotten to know Brad a little but when he asked her...well she was totally surprised when he asked about coming to her nursery to find a plant for his sister.

Relax Time

Wendy and Elliott headed to a jazz club. Elliott found it as a getaway, time to unwind. Elliott loved the place as it was different from any place they had been. The large room with a dance floor and lots of interesting people was enjoyable. They finished the evening at Wendy's/

Thoughts of closing Fireplace Grill

Wendy was totally upset by Stan's cheating them. Now for the issue of selling the place to pay for the losses. The question was when to fire the terrible bartender and who can run the place while deciding about selling it.

The accountant

The accountant lets Wendy know that the truth is Stan stole from them. They don't have the money to cover the loss. The accountants suggestion is to sell Fireplace Grill. Wendy exploded. She was so angry. The Grill meant so much to her.

Time with Elliott

Elliott came to the nursery and took Wendy to lunch. They enjoyed a nice conversation. As he left Wendy admired what a wonderful person he was. Later they met up at Pirate's Cove for a relaxing evening together.

Not Good News

Jake informed Wendy something didn't match up with the wine purchases at the Grill and the invoice. Had Stan cheated them? Wendy went to Pirate's Cove. She wanted to talk to Cindy but she was busy serving customers. Wendy visited with Rusty for a few minutes about Brad's happiness at Pirate's Cove.

A Weekend Away

Wendy and Elliott took time for a weekend away. The visited a number of places around San Diego. As they headed home Wendy mentioned a number of women's issues, including Roe vs Wade and equal rights for women. Elliott was encouraging with his response.

Cindy Change/Wendy New Confidence

When Cindy accepts a part time job helping at Pirate's Cove-this brings change for Cindy. Wendy's visit to Fireplace Grill and Stan's explaining the good crowds makes Wendy gracious for all she has and is appreciative of the changes she has made in herself.

The Banquet

This chapter is about a banquet thrown by Cindy's school. Wendy and Cindy were looking forward to a relaxing evening. What they got was totally shocking.

A Relaxing Day

Carol asked for more assistance with heavy objects and Wendy agreed to find someone. A journalist from an LA paper came to interview Wendy about her nursery. Good publicity to come. Nice evening ended with Elliott.

More Changes

The opening of Pirate's Cove was a success. People were friendly and Brad seemed more at ease. Well, why not he's part owner. Mike broke up with Wendy, but the reason was good. The next morning she drove to Fireplace Grill to talk to the bartender, Stan about business.

Pirate's Cove opens

A large crowd opened the bar. There were waitresses to handle the tables where most people sat. Brad was more at ease here than he was at Hoffman's. Being co-owner made the difference. At the piano bar he sang to an enthusiastic audience and welcomed everyone. The bad news for Wendy was Mike had to break off their relationship. She knew she'd miss his caring and good nature. The next day she went to Fireplace Grill to see how it was doing. She liked being there and visiting with the people.

Pirate's Cove

Wendy's life changes as she becomes involved with the new entertainment place, now owned by Brad and his friend , Rusty. Wendy enjoys helping get the place ready along with Cindy. Wendy is also is thrilled that her relationships with both Elliott and Mike are so wonderful. Wendy enjoyed her times when Elliott and she would go to parties a friend was having.

All is Good

The Fireplace Grill starts to turn a profit. The Christmas holidays brought in many more customers to The Shade House. Plants made wonderful gifts. Even businesses wanted to decorate their offices. Wendy gives Carol a raise for all her hard work. Cindy still sees Brad but not as often as she was. Cindy mentions the other women she thinks he sees. She did get interested in a man in her building and they see each other. Cindy comments on how Wendy's transformation with the weight loss and the change in her style has men staring at her.

The New Project

Chapter 24 Wendy is excited about the job she did at the private home with her plant ideas. After returning to The Shade House she went home. As she entered Scott called. He seemed very happy for her when she explained what she did. His attitude and appreciation for what she did was showing the nicer side of Scott. He had her confused.

A new beginning

Elliott's kind words to Wendy, his interest in nature, his sharing of his art, and everything he said, especially when he told her she was a kind person showed himself as a kind and very interesting man. Wendy was totally intrigued by this talented and amazing man.

The Grill Opens

The nursery continued to be busy.. Claudia stopped by tp discuss Wendy meeting her at a home she was designing wanting Wendy's input about the plants. Elliott's art show was near. Wendy was excited about the opening of Fireplace Grill.

An Additional Job

Wendy loved working on the Fireside Grill. She decorated it with forest objects. Although most eateries along Pacific Coast Highway were beachy, Wendy thought the forest decor would establish a different and cozy mood.

Another call from Scott

Wendy is still curious about Scott's continuing to call her. What exactly does he want? Jake called with a price quote that was affordable for the diner. Wendy agreed to partner with her cousin.

A New Experience

Wendy's time with Mike was exactly what she wanted and needed. The surprise was his introducing her to marijuana. She felt completely relaxed from it. What a great time!

The diner and Mike

Two good things happening to Wendy. She is wound up in a whirlwind of good change.

A new man

It was fortuitous. She meets a man at her nursery who is a painter, has creative abilities, complimentary to hers. Just maybe they will get to know each other better and hit it off. Of course, Wendy knows not to get over excited but still it would be nice.

A wonderful new challenge

Wendy's cousin offering her a wonderful opportunity only added to her excitement of possibly being more creative in a whole new way. She needed to see the Malibu diner before she made a decision.


Wendy is very proud of her nursery and what she has accomplished.

a new man

Wendy surprises herself when she commits to a relationship with the bartender, Mike. She had no idea where this would lead, but he was kind and caring. She needed someone like him in her life so she decided to give it a chance.

Sharing good news

Claudia Amber, the woman who offered Wendy the job to help with garden design, increased Wendy's happiness. This was another way to be creative. She shared the news with Cindy who joined her at Hoffman's to celebrate. She was happy she shared the news with Brad and Mike.

A New Challenge

Wendy felt great satisfaction with the success of her nursery. She hoped it continued to do so well. Claudia Amber, a customer, makes an amazing offer to Wendy. She owns a decorating business and wants Wendy to help out with the plants. What a an exciting surprise.

Many thoughts

Scott certainly caught her off guard. Wendy's thoughts went to Mike, the women Brad saw and the ones who wanted to like Laura. But, it's thoughts of Brad she couldn't put aside.


Scott's appearance at the nursery totally throws Wendy off. Why did he come to share about changing jobs? She didn't understand. His visit brought confusion.


Wendy needed to hear a man's viewpoint on what Marty had done to her. She trusted Mike, the bartender at Hoffman's. She visited with him and then was asked if she'd like to stay after for a further discussion. How the evening ended was a total surprise and left Wendy confused.

What next?

Should she go back to Dr. Lewis? She needed to handle what happened herself and forget about the men in her life who had been so awful to her. At Hoffman's she decided the bartender might be able to give her insight into a man's viewpoint. They had talked briefly in the past. She decided to talk to him if he was willing.

Another Hurt

Wendy had been through so much with men. She always saw Marty as a shining star. He was so good to her and they had wonderful times together. He treated her with kindness, respect and concern. She deeply felt his love for her. She knew he truly cared about her. But, the complete unexpected happened and Wendy couldn't believe she had been betrayed.

It's over

The time in Palm Springs opened Cindy's eyes so she accepted Brad's time with Karen. Wendy realized that women wanted the gorgeous and talented man to want them too. It was their ego. Now that Wendy looked sexy she wanted Brad to want her too.

Brad's performance

Brad's time singing brought relaxation to Wendy, but Cindy was frustrated watching the woman Brad brought with him. Cindy didn't and couldn't know how special she was to him or was she just one of his girls? The anticipation about Palm Springs wasn't what Cindy dreamed the trip to be.

Palm Springs

The trip to see Brad gave Wendy and Cindy a chance to sit back and relax. It was a great escape from their world in Los Angeles. What lay in wait was not what Cindy expected when she and Wendy sat in the lounge area watching Brad come in with a woman

A Getaway

Brad is taking a weekend to play at a place in Palm Springs. Cindy is ecstatic. Wendy will join her since Marty can't make it. Wendy suggests Cindy call Brad and see if she could go with him. Cindy says no because he may already be going with someone. She didn't want to embarrass herself if he said no.

Continuing changes

Wendy's interest in continuing to change when she got her ears pierced. Marty picked her up for dinner and was astounded by her new mod clothes. They enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable dinner at new place called Pirate's Cove. He was amazed when he noticed her pierced ears. Marty talked about his trip to San Francisco and he shared that changes in his company were coming.

The Shade House opening

Nervous Wendy was also excited about the opening of the nursery. Her friends came to see the finished nursery. She totally enjoyed helping people with their plants and repotting them in nicer pots if they chose to want that. She was getting compliments, what a great opening. Her cousin Jake came in and raved about the nursery and the job she did making it happen. She was thrilled.

Deep Thoughts

Wendy's mind is twisted. She doesn't really understand what is bothering her. What does she really want? Her thoughts of Brad and Marty have her mind in a turmoil.

More insight and change for Wendy

Wendy's acceptance of her change has been a motivating force behind her change in attitude toward her new life. She's happy about herself. When Brad's agent shows up and Cindy tells Wendy about Brad possibly playing other places once in awhile Wendy didn't respond right away.

Uncle Jake and taking Brad with Cindy

Letting cousin Jake know about the opening of the nursery was important. He was always there for her and now she gets the chance to share something she knows he'd be interested to see. Cindy and Wendy ate dinner. Their discussion about Brad's interests were major for Wendy to get to know him better. The discussion about an exotic looking woman made Cindy wonder about her looks. Wendy sets her mind at ease telling her how Brad's interest in her continues, so he must still like to be with her.

Change and social insight

Wendy is very happy that Marty excitedly appreciated her change in clothes style. "All in the Family," a comic TV show about prejudice. It dealt with making people think about the subject and opening peoples' minds to its issues.

Quite a day

Wendy's need to make change motivated her to check out different types of clothes. She surprised herself by liking how some looked on her as she shopped in Century City Mall. Cindy and Wendy drove to Brad's Pacific Palisade's home. They were indeed cautious as they approached the opposite side of the house and parked a bit back. This trip was not just a treat for Wendy but Cindy enjoyed seeing the home again. Neither expected for Brad to appear. Fortunately, they hid below the car window and could not be seen. An experience Wendy will keep in mind and heart.

A Look Into Change

Wendy was experiencing something she had never been through, someone who cared about how she looked. Marty was honest and it made Wendy start to think about his idea about her clothes. She couldn't really picture herself wearing the clothes he suggested, but the idea was planted in her head. She sat back and thought about her nursery and how it turned out the way she wanted it to be. She was lucky to have the money to do things she wanted. Oh, how she loved her garden.

Get Together

Wendy had good feelings about Marty. They were at dinner when he invited her back to his place for an after dinner drink. But, what developed was a time of truth for Wendy. After the love making Marty talked about the clothes she wore and how they should show off her body more. He mentioned some clothes she should try including crop tops. The idea of wearing clothes that were sexy came as a total surprise. Even with her weight loss she couldn't picture herself in anything like that.

Dreams do come true

Wendy worked so hard to get the nursery to be what she wanted. Thanks to all her friends she finally accomplished what she dreamt of. Marty came by to see it as he and Wendy had discussed. He toured the nursery with Wendy and admired her nursery and what he said would be a great getaway from peoples' everyday lives.

Parents and Criticism

Talking to Dr. Lewis, Wendy discussed Scott, Marty, security and being hurt again by a man. Other deep thoughts were about her parents and their love for her-her dad's criticism, her insecurity.

More excitement coming

The nursery is almost completed, Marty joins Wendy at Hoffman's, Cindy is there and makes plans to see Brad. Wendy remembered Cindy invited Wendy to go with her to see Brad's house in Pacific Palisades. As much as she had wanted to go there just wasn't time with the nursery. Now there is. She calls Cindy about going and Cindy is thrilled to be able to show Wendy the house, and Wendy is even more thrilled to see the house.

Is Marty the one?

Wendy likes Marty. He seems honest and kind. He did give her a good night kiss and she smiled up at him. She just hoped he wouldn't be like Ron, who left her for Europe after a short time. Of course, Scott and his ignoring her would dwell for a long time. But, she saw Marty as different in a very good way and hopes he stays that way.

Marty Happens

Wendy enjoyed her nursery with all the beauty in the design and the plants and shrubs. Marty actually called. Here comes an opportunity for Wendy to try and trust men again. Marty seemed very nice so she was willing to see what might happen.

A Nice Addition

One of the women helping get the nursery ready was Carol. She worked hard and seemed to love the nursery. She shared with Wendy that she had houseplants at her apartment. Wendy couldn't help but wonder if Carol might be interested in working for her.

Criticism and Marty

Wendy is trying to accept critical comments that always made her not appreciate herself. Marty may be the start or a new and maybe kind relationship. Thoughts of Brad still consumed her. Dr. Lewis' comment about Wendy looking at her good qualities was a total surprise-she never explored them because she never gave them any thought.

Is he the one for Wendy?

Wendy's encounter with Marty was a surprise. He certainly interested her. And, she was glad he appreciated Brad's talent. What a nice, getting to know you conversation on the deck. But, could she trust him or was he just another man to hurt her?

The new inside

Wendy watched as her dream began to look real. So many improvements in the inside was overwhelming wonderful. Everything she wanted with the building was happening. And, her friends were extraordinary, so many always being there for her.

It's finally happening

Wendy's dream of an indoor plant nursery was becoming a reality. Her gardening friends constantly helped out. She knew she could depend on them. All the changes taking place in the building were coming to fruition. All of this was hard for Wendy to take in but she knew it was what she wanted.


Whether she admits it or not, Wendy is in love. What could she do about her deep feelings? She needed to hide them to keep herself from accidently showing them to Cindy. Cindy, how she envied her. Wendy's friendship with Cindy is the more important.

endearing cousin

Jake was always there for Wendy when she needed him. He enjoyed gardening and helping Wendy when he could.

And Now It Begins

Taking on running an indoor nursery will be a big challenge since she has no idea how to run it. Hopefully, she will learn from people who know about it. Her mind will also bring new ideas about different aspects of the inside.

The bar scene becomes her thing

Wendy went alone to Hoffman's. She got a seat in front of Brad and had her first opportunity to get to know him a little, not to feel so nervous around him. It was a unique evening that she would remember.

changes coming

Wendy wanted nothing more than to get to know Brad. She felt the need to know him better. One night Cindy was not at Hoffman's. Wendy started to feel comfortable around him, enough to write him a note as if she were a regular person there.

such a caring person

Wendy knew she could always depend on Jake. And, she'd be there for him. This relationship develops and they work together on an important project a little later in the story.

realizing she saw the bar scene better

Although Wendy never expected to be part of the bar scene, she was so entranced by Brad she needed to see more, to be near him, and in some way, fit into the this new lifestyle.

And so it starts

Alone, listening to Brad, Wendy was entranced by him. He made her feel special. The bar scene wasn't her "thing," but situations often bring change. She had no idea what kind of change would follow, but maybe it would be something new and exciting.

Her dream

Wendy sees a change in her life with the purchase of this building. She knows she can accomplish the renovation with help from friends. Nothing would stop her from achieving her goal-a shade plant nursery.


Wendy more than appreciated Cindy's friendship. Two friends who stuck together and were there for each other. But, Wendy was conservative and didn't feel she fit when Cindy invited her somewhere. Going with her now was not something she wanted, but Cindy wanted her to go so she goes. All she could think of was how awkward and uncomfortable she's about to feel.

the start of change

Wendy is approaching her life with a new attitude. She'll start with making a career out of her gardening skills. She sees other changes coming.

An idea

So, Wendy starts to think about ways to use her gardening skills to develop a career, but how could she possibly do that and make a career out of it? A lot came out of the session with Dr. Lewis. Now she needed to put some of the thoughts into perspective. 1973-beginning a year with anger, frustration, and loneliness.

telling the difficulty of her life

Wendy truly wanted to stay in her marriage, but when her husband started to ignore her and criticize her, she needed to get out. The hurt he caused Wendy was pure grief as she felt unloved.

Wendy gets help

While Wendy is with the psychologist, Dr. Lewis, she suggests Wendy should find something about gardening for a job since she loves plants. The question is-what can she possibly do with gardening to make a living?

addressing the issues

Wendy's issues were more than she could handle. After explaining them to Dr. Lewis, she confessed a major issue she hadn't told the doctor. The fact was that not only was Scott always criticizing her, but sadly her dad did. She lost her self-confidence. They both made her feel uncared about and unloved.

The start

Wendy's life now confused her. She doesn't know how to move forward. Hopefully, Dr. Lewis, a psychologist, could help her decide what to do now. She knew she'd have to discuss the separation, but more importantly, she needs a new job, a new career.


Poor Wendy, her life is a mess in so many ways! Her marriage is ending, she is bored with her career and just struggling and looking for happiness in her life.


There were a lot of people that took the time to read iterations of this book. I am so grateful and appreciative of their time and efforts. To the readers of the published version, I appreciate YOU as well. I hope you enjoy it. As Wendy listens to the music, she starts to enjoy the songs that she never paid much attention to. Country Roads and You're so Vain now stand out in her mind.

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