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The Author's Walk

Education & Reference

Every walk has a first step.
For Aspiring Authors, it starts here ...

Dr. Judith Briles takes you along on her walk to become a writer … after she became an author … harnessing her sheer grit to achieve publishing success.
Rich with personal anecdotes and nuggets of wisdom for your personal author success, The Author’s Walk is a book you will come back to when you need inspiration, honest advice and insight. It delivers a thunderbolt to boost getting your book started or completed and a reminder that you have an author friend who has walked the path multiple times and is there to offer her hand.

• Embrace your steps, not others, to claim your author’s walk.
• Tips for dealing with the nosedives that will lead to a soar.
• Engage the power of self-care and setting boundaries with others.
• Welcome the wisdom, the chaos and the truthiness of your words.

Judith shares the transformational work she did to grow her confidence and create her own publishing voice. You will learn the strategic, practical steps that optimized her writing and marketing, enabled her to activate profits, and become a successful author with intentions.

Your words matter. You can write your book. It’s The Author’s Walk you will take, step-by-step.


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The Walk Begins ...

Eight big ... no, HUGE steps in your walk as a published author. There are adds ... as in the "rewrites"--it means outside editing will be in play. But it all starts with a bit of fear--is it worthwhile? And then doubt about your writing skill. Getting focused to write--to create content and enhance the storyline. And then redo parts that need fixing. They will always be plenty. You are done. Don't go down the perfectionist path. If you do, it will rarely cross the "enough path". DONE. Now publish it. Bravo from me.

Embracing your "true" WHY

Do you know the "true" WHY you are writing? Is it for you ... or for another? Or for "something?" Knowing the "true" WHY is a seedling for author success.

Your Author Walk Begins ...

Every book has a first step. Staring with listening to your thoughts. Feeling them. Visualizing them. And then, your fingers start their magic.

The Secret Journey

Literature & Fiction

Is the Voice Lisa Hears a Friend or a Predator?

When her father Alexander is murdered, Lisa’s safe, carefree world unravels. At 16, her only escape is to flee from the mayhem and chaos that promises to come crashing down on her very being. From her wicked mother. From her drunken stepbrother. And from the greedy church. The year was 1,000 AD.

Bright and clever, she becomes the eyes and ears of her papa’s many enterprises. Lisa is his confidant and the son he desires as an heir. Afraid for his own daughter’s future, Alexander shares a plan to her to follow upon his death.

Within days of Alexander’s murder, the plan is put into motion. The map created for her has instructions and a special key. It will guide Lisa hundreds of miles from her papa’s villa in Marseilles to Paris, where his business partner Ezra lived.

Her possessions were the tunic on her back, a cloak, Papa’s jeweled dagger, and the coin that he asked her to hide away. And a mysterious voice that forewarns and guides her.

Lisa’s travel mode was her feet.

Her stepbrother follows her in hot pursuit, filled with anger, hate, and revenge. Fredric’s desire is to rightfully assume his inherited status as heir—a status that requires items whose whereabouts only Lisa knows.

  • Will Lisa get to Paris?
  • Will Ezra welcome and help her?
  • Will she discover who killed Papa?
  • Will the Voice that invades her sleep continue to guide her?
  • Will she ever feel safe and loved again?

The Secret Journey is Book 1 of the Harmonie Series, followed by Book 2 The Secret Hamlet, Book 3 The Secret Rise, and Book 4, The Secret Awakening.

Brian Barnes retired from the construction industry and combined his love of history with storytelling. The Secret Journey started as a “what if” story and is his debut novel.

Judith Briles is the author of 43 books in the nonfiction genre. The Secret Journey is her first fiction joint adventure with Brian Barnes.

Book Bubbles from The Secret Journey

The Secret Journey

Literature & Fiction

Is the Voice Lisa’s Protector or a Predator?

When her father Alexander is murdered, Lisa’s safe, carefree world unravels. At 16, her only escape is to flee from the mayhem and chaos that promises to come crashing down on her very being. From her wicked mother. From her drunken stepbrother. And from the greedy church. The year was 1,000 AD.

Bright and clever, she becomes the eyes and ears of her papa’s many enterprises. Lisa is his confidant and the son he desires as an heir. Afraid for his own daughter’s future, Alexander shares a plan to her to follow upon his death.

Within days of Alexander’s murder, the plan is put into motion. The map created for her has instructions and a special key. It will guide Lisa hundreds of miles from her papa’s villa in Marseilles to Paris, where his business partner Ezra lived.

Her possessions were the tunic on her back, a cloak, Papa’s jeweled dagger, and the coin that he asked her to hide away. And a mysterious voice that forewarns and guides her.

Lisa’s travel mode was her feet.

Her stepbrother follows her in hot pursuit, filled with anger, hate, and revenge. Fredric’s desire is to rightfully assume his inherited status as heir—a status that requires items whose whereabouts only Lisa knows.

  • Will Lisa get to Paris?
  • Will Ezra welcome and help her?
  • Will she discover who killed Papa?
  • Will the Voice that invades her sleep continue to guide her?
  • Will she ever feel safe and loved again?

The Secret Journey is Book 1 of the Harmonie Series, followed by Book 2 The Secret Hamlet, Book 3 The Secret Rise, and Book 4, The Secret Awakening.

Brian Barnes retired from the construction industry and combined his love of history with storytelling. The Secret Journey started as a “what if” story and is his debut novel.

Judith Briles is the author of 43 books in the nonfiction genre. The Secret Journey is her first fiction joint adventure with Brian Barnes. Her website is

Book Bubbles from The Secret Journey

Meeting the monk who forewarns her family...

Little did Nichol know that the kind monk would become a close friend, important, and sound a warning as The Secret Journey unfolds--saving her and her new family in the final pages of the book.

The precipice of enlightenment ...

Young Lisa is propelled into the walls outside of her Villa. Evil is within them. Papa is creating a stream of knowledge so she can escape from her brother and mother.

Becoming one of them ...

Expecting the unexpected .... created for the historical fiction and women's fiction fan, the stage is being set for Lisa, who will become Nichol, to mingle as a commoner when her father is murdered and she needs the escape the viciousness of her half-brother. Will she be able to "disappear" and not stand out?

The eyes and ears tell all ...

The Secret Journey reveals the coming of age of a young girl who beomce the protege of her father, the Port Commander of Marseille. Her training began on her own ...

Hidden spots grow hidden skills.

Learning comes from all sources--people, places, experiences, and for Lisa, her secret spot where her ears were her primary teacher. Never underestimate the power of a voice heard, words spoken, and the tone used. In The Secret Journey, all were essential for a young girls survival and escape.

A reveal....and revenge is seeded. How far?

When a mirror is held up unexpectantly and deceit starts to unravel ... how far will someone go as hate builds? The window has opened for Astrid to confirm her hate for Alexander. Will she?

Listening with her eyes...

Lisa was her father's son... let he didn't know she was the one ... not the one called Frederic, the demonic brother. Little did Lisa know that her father's negotiating and fighting skills would be the dominant influence on what was to come.

Her curiosity arises ...

Girls and women were invisible ... basically good for cooking, cleaning, and breeding in medieval times. Young Lisa knew she wanted more ... she just didn't know what. Until she discovered the niche is her father's "solar", enabling her your ears learn about a world beyond anything she knew. Her father didn't know she was there ... not until much later did the revelation occur ... a revelation that would change both their lives.

How to Create Crowdfunding Success for Authors and Writers

Literature & Fiction

Book Bubbles from How to Create Crowdfunding Success for Authors and Writers

Just the Crowdfunding Facts ...

Numbers count ... authors and writers thinking of crowdfunding need to know the truthiness of success. How to Create Crowdfunding Succee opens the door--35% of campaigns are successful for books and publishing.

Crowdfunding Success Tip #1

For authors, you want to be inthe minority--0nly 35% of publishing related #crowdfunding projects FUND--you want yours to succeed. Ge my new book pronto via @JudithBriles #authors #authorsuccess #publishing #selfpublishing

How to Create a Million Dollar Speech

Literature & Fiction

Book Bubbles from How to Create a Million Dollar Speech

AuthorThis is the time to be booking speeches

The #1 way for authors to sell books is by speaking ... are you? In How to Create a Million Dollar Speech, get all the details you need to enhance your author website to attract meeting planners and get booked.

The Aha of Speaking Success for Authors

As someone who had earned millions doing what I call the Cash Cow Two-Step, having the core ingredients of my book; my author; and yes, my speaking platform created the silver bullet. It's what I call the "aha factor" and it's where you should start ... before you start becoming a conscious speaker.

How to Create Snappy, Sassy, Salty Success for Authors and Writers

Literature & Fiction

Book Bubbles from How to Create Snappy, Sassy, Salty Success for Authors and Writers

How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders

Literature & Fiction

Book Bubbles from How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders

#1 Blunder Authors Make

Whether are a newbie or a repeat author ... if you don't grasp that publishing is a business and treat your book as a product ... ayou will become a coaster ... selling few books. Is that what you want?

How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders

Education & Reference

#1 Best Seller on Amazon in multiple categories .... honored with multiple book awards.

If you want Author and Publishing success, you want ... no NEED ... this book.

Get practical and profitable book publishing advice … starting TODAY!

You are writing a book … or you have one already published and the OMG moment hits. You’ve made a mistake … screwed up … or you just feel clueless in the maze of the publishing tsunami of items you need to deal with.

You need help and savvy guidance. How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders delivers it, revealing strategies and tips to ensure your publishing success without gibberish. Just the facts and how-to for your author success.

  •  Pinpoint the essentials that every successful author must include in a book.
  •  Structure social media that’s ideal for your book and expertise.
  •  Identify readability factors to ensure your reader ease and aha take-aways.
  •  Get hot tips for creating and maintaining momentum in book marketing.
  •  Learn what to avoid in contracts and how to end them if necessary.

Finally … here’s the guide authors have been looking for—one that shows you how to avoid the potholes that litter the publishing maze.

With How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders, you’ve got Dr. Judith Briles at your side. As The Book Shepherd, publishing and book marketing expert and author of 43 books, she knows what the roadblocks and pitfalls are that authors encounter. Working with thousands of authors who have earned book awards and bestselling status, she brings the secret sauces of the publishing world to your ears and eyes.


Book Bubbles from How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders

Publishing a Book Needs a Plan-What's Yours?

Book publishing isn't for sissies. Or for lazy bones. It's not easy and anyone who thinks so is in for a rude awakening. Publishing needs a plan. What are yours. It's a step by step process.

Write for a "you" ... not a "we"

Hey authors--remember, when you write, you are writing for a "someone". Who is it--it's not a "we" it's for a someone ... a who. Who is it? Carry it in your writing style. the "who" out there will get it ... the author is writing for "me" ... talking to me. With story, with advice, with encouragement.

Don't Be Conned by the Distribution Lure

One of the great fears of authors is that there book won't be in distribution. Truthiness: if it's on Amazon ... it's in distribution. If it's on IngramSparks ... it's in distribution. Gone are the days when publishing reps proposed books to booksellers--oh mainline publishers--as in NY style--still do that. But it's a 10-second push. WHAT you must do, dear author, is drive reader eyes and butts to the sites where your books are available and can be purchased. Are you?

Your book and Your Team Count!

Your team is essential in the process and progress of your book. Who are they? Take care of them!

Delete writing in a passive voice

Authors who create page-turners (both fiction and nonfiction) use the 5 senses in their writing ... and dump the passive voice.

Are you a hero? Saving others from mistakes?

What They’re Saying … Dr. Judith Briles provides easy to understand advice on how to publish painlessly in How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers & B00-Boos. This is essential reading for all authors wishing to self-publish. —Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark

Summer is popping --how about a book?

Are you ready for your wisdom to surface ... to share it with others? As summer approaches, it's the perfect time to think about that book in you.

Are You DOING a "cold eye" after your book is laid

It's a must ... in fact, my newest book, we've done three of them--every time, more is picked up. A missing word; dropped line; even a scratch on my head--what was I think here ... fix it. Sigh. You gotta do it. My two bits.

Show Your Book Some Love- No more mistakes!

If you love your book ... the words that you've spent countless hours in creating ... support it with a Plan ...create a Book Proposal that will keep you focused during your journey.

Has your publishing dream been frozen by lies?

Over 80% of the population believes that there is a book in them. Most are naive and ignorant of just what publishing is all about and what needs to be done to be successful. The "seducers" and "publishing predators" make huge promises and deliver HUGE failures. Gateway my tush ... they are the gateway to your bank account.

It's January ... time for a new start in publishin

Authors and authors-to-be make resolutions just like millions of others as the New Year arrives. A huge percentage walk away from them within a few weeks. Be different. Reignite your author passion. What brings you to the Authoring Party? Your topic? The problem? Your solutions? The people affected by the problem? What? January ... and new beginnings ... new starts ... should be revisited every month. It's time to start and begin with,"What brings you to the authoring and publishing party?"

Don't get publishing spooked ...

Successful authors set goals from the get-go. The goal could be to finish a chapter; to find an editor; to get the cover designer; to finish the first draft; to engage a virtual assistant; to _____. When goals are identified, movement happens. Books get completed. It's the author's choice to move forward.

Kickstart your book publishing dream with a profes

Start working on your book cover with a professional designer NOW. Visit a book store and look on Amazon for all comparable books in your genre. What do you like? Dislike? What pops and immediately grabs your attention within 5 seconds? What's an image that pops in your mind when you think about your book to be? When you have a book cover--even if it's one that will be tweak--it becomes the carrot to dangle in front--reach for it.

NY publishers may be looking for you ...

Contrary to the belief that NY publishers don't "re-buy" self-published books ... it does. As you build your "tribe"; creates sales; hook your theme to a "need" and "desire" ... you can get it's attention.

Don't get seduced with false book promises!

Yes--you are excited ... "someone" wants to publish your book or provide publishing services. Make sure you dig down into any contract in front of you--it's so easy to let excitement cloud judgment.

Authors Should Never Go It Alone

The day an author acknowledges that his or her book isn't a hobby and needs to be viewed as a product within a business is a crossover day for the road to success.

Author Alert -- Don't Be Hoodwinked

Caution, Caution, Caution to all #authors who think that the #selfpublishing promoters are your hot ticket to author and #publishing success. Think again.

Your Voice Rocks in #Writing!

Make sure that you are writing with the reader in mind--have a conversation. You want your writing to be strong an direct. Not passive.

Are you overpaying for copies of your book?

Smart authors don't just stick with the POD method of printing books. Most likely, it costs more than a traditional type of printing. Get a bid for a short run, start at 250 copies. Last week, one of my followers contacted me--she was paying over $12 per copy for her book-it had color on the interior. $12 a copy--yikes. I got a bid for under $3.40 a copy from one of the book printers I work with. That means that the author will put over $8 in her pocket that the POD method. Love outcomes like this.

Author Beware of Self Publishing companies that sa

One way that the self-publishing companies--which are really "PAID" to publish books hook naive authors-to-be is to dangle a line that they are a "gateway to traditional publishing" ... hmmmm. Don't believe it. Your work; your title; your book sales create the gateway.

Are Your Headlines Cheeky, Fun or BORING?

The real question is: do your headlines lure in and "hook" a reader ... or do the click and move away? Headlines need to be grabbers -- instantly. I'm share a few links to goose yours to a higher level of attention ... emotional, fun, and yes cheeky. I promise you, it will make a difference in your open rate.

Does Your Book Have the Back Cover Blues?

Your front cover says "Pick me up" ... the back cover says, "Holy moley, you--dear reader--have got to buy this book. It will solve your problems and reveal what's behind them"... for nonfiction. For fiction, "The ______ (fill in the blank) will entertain you for hours with an awesome story." That's the job of your back cover. Does it do that?

A Double Winner in the Global eBook Gold Award-jus

I'm so honored to have been awarded the first Dan Poynter Legacy for NonFiction plus the GOLD in the Writing/Publishing category from the Dan Poynter Global eBook Awards this week. Get this book for your publishing guidance ... and give as a gift to anyone you know who is entering thinking of or just starting the journey of authoring.

No Plans?--Authors Lose!

Authors who don't put together some type of GamePlan ... fail to plan. When we fail to plan, the ability to reach your reader easily goes astray. Plan what you what and how you want to do it.

Author and Book One-Sheets a Must!

Creating a One-Sheet WOWSA page for you and your book is a savvy thing to do. Make it snap with lead content; make crackle with tidbits and wow factor and make it pop with graphics. Add it to your website in a pdf so others can download it. If you are focusing on speaking, make sure that you have testimonials on it that shout out your effectiveness.

The Power of YOUR Voice in YOUR Writing!

Make sure that it's your voice ... that as the reader reads, they get "you" ... one of the major blunders that authors do is that they let editors "take over" or a "ghost writer" own the manuscript. Don't. It's your work--your ideas, your concepts, your stories ... tell them in your voice with some editing where and when necessary. My two bits.

Read-Understand Before You Agree to Any #Publishin

Most authors are so excited to have a publisher that wants to publish their book --- that they fail to really read what they are getting into ... make sure you do ... and UNDERSTAND the pros and cons.

.#Author Alert: Don't Get Scammed ...

With the recent "belly up" of Tate Publishing, thousands of authors were left in limbo and with little or anything to show for the moneys given to Tate. Don't get lured in and hooked. It was well chatted up in the industry that there were problems with Tate--yet authors continued to engage them. DON'T. Use these search tips to save you and your book. One thing about publishing predators--they love you until your credit card is drained.

YES ... you can get Book Distribution

One of the reasons I always recommend that you upload a book to is that it's INGRAM--meaning bookstores trust it and that books are returnable if they don't sell. CreateSpace is a different animal--bookstores don't love Amazon (surprise!). Even if you are printing a large run, add your book to IngramSpark before going to CreateSpace--it will make a difference. And, independent bookstores will see you in their online distributor catalog.... you are welcome!

Aha--your goal is to really have a book!

Sounds good ... so what's your plan ... as in to make it really happen. I put my plans together with sticky notes--multiple colors and then moving key words around.... it's a start. Now at the "WHAT" to where you want to get to ... and the "HOW" you are going to do it... then add the critical ""MEASUREMENT" and TIMELINE ... it's where the plan comes alive.

Beware of Publishing Pedators

Sometimes I go blue with what I hear that happens to so many authors. The "lure" goes out--the author or author-to-be gets sucked in to the "deal" and then everything goes south. Get smart -- search out names with words like Complaint, Problems, Lawsuits, etc. behind them ... and ALWAYS read past page one on Google. And if you have been duped--shout it out--tell others--and go to your credit card company and ask for money back due to misrepresentation and non-delivering of services/product. You will thank me.

Why create How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders .

I am ongoing amused--usually appalled--at the recurrent mistakes that authors make--both newbie and old-times make. Just this AM, I was at an meeting and a new member asked me to look at her book cover--she was so excited ... and I was excited for her. And then it opened--the front cover was OK ... the back cover looked liked book cover doo-doo. Every mistake was made. Too much copy; worthless endorsements; and no grabber to bring the reader/buyer in. All HUGE mistakes. The good news is that it was fixable, it could be redone and the book wasn't in print yet. And that's why How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers

How to Create a Million Dollar Speech

Business & Investing

#1 Best Seller on Amazon in multiple categories .... honored with multiple book awards.

If you want speaking success ... you want ... need ... this book.

WHY SPEAK? How about … to change lives … to sell truckloads of books … to make money … to go places you never thought you would … to make a difference … to have fun. Did you know that for authors, speaking is the #1 way to sell thousands of books? You’ve written a book, you KNOW the content, and you are passionate about the topic/message. NOW, go share it. In How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech, you will learn:  How to pitch to the decision maker.  How to move from “free” to “fee.”  How to identify your key points and create stories to engage your audience.  How to hook an audience within the first few minutes of your presentation.  How to create a closing that delivers the “buzz” factor.  How to discover sponsors and secure them.  How to market your speech to meeting planners.

Book Bubbles from How to Create a Million Dollar Speech

Hey Authors: Are You Booking Gigs?

This is the time to roll out your pitch muscles and start connecting for speaking ... think late summer and fall. Spring was booked long ago. Think next year--many plan a year ahead. Go for it... it's a good thing!

You create Memories for your audiences

The successful speaker learns quickly that connecting with an audience is essential. It is left with new insights and memories to relish long after your presentation. And you come away with new memories as well. A win-win.

Take-aways are powerful

I always include "take-aways" in my books. For How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech, it's loaded with them to build your success --

Everyone has a story!

What's your story? Are you in it has the central player ... or are you on the outside, and pulled in? Opportunity drops at your feet. Do you step in? Or do you step over and avoid? It's your choice ... you choose.

Tips to Engage an Audience

When speaking and storytelling, the savvy presented uses the 5 senses in every presentation. What does it Feel like? What sounds were Heard? Were there Smells? What did you See? And when you Touched it -- or it Touched you, what was the result ... the feel? Taking an audience to the "there" engages them from the get-go.

Create the buzz factor ...

For anyone who desires to speak ... you've got to create a buzz factor. Within How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech, there are 10 essential steps to do it. Discover yours!

10 Tips for Authors so that don't get Frozen out f

Speaking moves books... when books move, they don't build cobwebs in your garage or icicles in wintertime. Here are 10 tips to soar as a speaker.

Are you spooked about marketing your book?

Halloween is around the corner. Are you feeling a tad spooked about marketing your book? Know that marketing isn't a one-shot push. Successful authors create a plan and do one thing each do to support their book.

Do you dream of speaking and getting paid? Create

If you have a dream of being a speaker, a One-Sheet needs to be on your "to do" and "to have" list. It's one sheet --on the front is your "brag"-- WHY YOU? Add a few TOPICS. Include SHOUT OUTs from those who have heard you speak. Use GRAPHICS and COLOR. And, don't forget CONTACT info.

Does Your Website Have the "Right Stuff"?

Websites are essential "must-haves" for speakers. Does yours have the elements you need to satisfy the needs of a meeting planner. In How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech, the latest elements are included with graphics to illustrate what every speaker needs. Outside of YOU, your website is your global business card. Most likely, it's time for a makeover.

Speaker Truthiness

The kiss of death for any speaker is to think that he or she can speak or any and all topics. Don't. Narrow it down. Stick to what you know. Now what you've read about. What you have lived and and breathed. That's where you wisdom comes from--wisdom that delivers value to an audience.

Tips of Speaking Contracts

Within How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech--my latest book--I dissect my speaking contract paragraph by paragraph--giving the "official" then in simple language, explain why it's there and how I use it. No speaker should make a commitment without a contract--even for freebies.

To kick-start your book buzz, start here:

Discovering and following “like-minded” bloggers is an ideal way to seed your presence. When you add comments, support, and insights, your foot wedges in the book marketing door.

Rejection leads to success!

There will ALWAYS be naysayers. Should you listen ... or ignore them? Most times--IGNORE them and follow your passion. Let you intuition be your guide. If I had listen to everyone who said "you can't" or "you shouldn't", I would never have succeeded in speaking. Here's to YOU.

Why you should speak ...

Don't hold back. The light is ready to shine on YOU!

How to Create Snappy Sassy Salty Success for Authors and Witers

Literature & Fiction

#1 Best Seller on Amazon in multiple categories .... honored with multiple book awards.

If you want Author, Publishing, or Writing inspiration, this is your resource for short quotes and insights.

Authoring and Writing Can Be a Lonely Number Could you use a pick-me-up? A bit of inspiration or silliness? How about something to chew on or get you unstuck? In Snappy Sassy Salty Success for Authors and Writers, you will find all that and more. The Book Shepherd Judith Briles reveals over 400 advice tips over the years to her many author clients are included … think and write snappy, sassy and salty and surround yourself with cheerleaders for your vision, not distractors. Now you get some of her sage words—and yes, they are Snappy, Sassy and Salty. • Author and Writer Juice • Inspiration … Joy … and Your Muse • Success is a 7-Letter Word • Writing Savvy • Failure IS Not an Obstacle • Marketing Moxie A little something for every writer, every author and every author-to-be.

Book Bubbles from How to Create Snappy Sassy Salty Success for Authors and Witers

Bring Spice to Your Writing

For me, finding a recipe that has flagged me to look at it is always fun. But it's a beginning, not the end. I read them and immediately start thinking what I would add ... what I would delete. Then I start playing ... And so it goes with writing ..your creativity spices is what brings a story alive. A solution to a problem that you've identified and offering to readers. It becomes the favorite dish. Delicious.

Perseverance POPS the Author

It's a myth that writing is all an author needs to do. That's 10% of the job ... the rest? MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING.

Your Author Success Starts Today!

We authors and writers can wear the badges of our mistakes on a sash and wear them around. Or, we can view it as part of the learning curve ... then step out to excel. We all screw up. I know of no author who has had a perfect path ... oh, eventually, the rocks, barriers, and chasms of publishing are reduced in size and appearance ... but there are a few along the way. Your success starts in your head; in your visualizing what you see for your ... for your book. Start the journey today.

The truth to selling lots of books ...

Most authors think the work is in creating the book. That's a NO ... the work is in MARKETING your book.

Writing creates heroes

You have amazing ideas. Awesome stories. Will you share them? As in really share them by actively promoting them ... or will you let them limp along?

Dance with your book!

For book success, the author needs to bring the rhythm to party. WIth rhythm, ongoing passion and vision for the project stays in place. A good thing!

Has your writing turned into an iceberg?

Yes--you want to write a good book. But, are you frozen in your drive for perfection? If you are ... you one in a one for the money; two for the show; three to get ready .. and you never go. Perfection can be a poison pill for a writer and author.

For Publishing a Book ... it's NEVER too late!

I love the thought of new starts and new beginnings can happen at any time in your "life" cycle. So what if you are 80 ... if there is a book in you..let's get it out!

Turn your writing dreams into reality!

Dreaming and imagination are joined at the writing hip? What are yours? Take them ... turn them into a gift for others ... and yourself.

I love this book for authors and writers!

Sometimes the best is in small packages ... Snappy Sassy Salty is one of those gems. Over the years, I created sayings--quotes--that my clients would say: what was that you said again? Here are 250 of those "repeats" ... as in: Don't do well what you have no business doing ... a huge yes for authors to grasp. Snappy Sassy Salty is my gift for authors. Read it, chew on the words ... you will love it... and them.

The Art of the Word ...

Crafting your words; the re-tweaking as they slip into the sequence that creates the snap, crackle and POP in a sentence is pure bliss for the writer. A happy dance that will make the day so much better.

Books--is yours the Flight of the Bumble Bee or A

All books have a rhythm to them. What's yours? Know it, embrace it, and weave it throughout. Your reader will thank you.

Delete the Kiss of Book Death attitude!

Books don't sell themselves. Marketing does--it it will primarily be done with you, the author, creating and implementing the push. Get over the "I just want to write" attitude. If you don't, you will experience the "book kiss of death syndrome." You've got a book. It's your product. Learn how to sell it to the person who desires it.

Author and Writer encouragment

I love quotes for inspiration ... and reminders to stay on track. With my 30 plus years writing and as a published author, I've created my own to keep me going, amused, and on track ... and now they are yours in Snappy Sassy Salty--enjoy.

Marketing eyes wide open from day one for authors

Smarts for mean a reality check when it comes to book marketing. Yup, it means your eyes need to be very wide open from the get-go. My two bits.

Embrace the Joy of Authoring

All of us come to authoring via different routes. Some know early on that they want to be writers; others are clueless. I was in the latter--the only hint was that I always, and I mean always, got in trouble because I wrote notes to other kids in second and third grade. How about you?

Author Mantra: Commit to Commitment Starting Now!

Commitment is a 10-letter word ... a word that separates success from failure for authors and writers. Commitment sharpens writing; creates the page-turner; connects with the reader; generates book sales; and yes, so much more. Make it your new mantra.

How to you feel when you get a copy of your book f

There's nothing for an author like getting the first "real" copy of his or her book from the printer. Nothing. It's joy ... pure joy to see, feel, experience your mega hours of work ... now in your hands. Yes ... JOY!

The PERFECT gift for authors, writers an self

Do you have friends who are writers and authors? Snappy Sassy Salty is the perfect "I'm thinking of you" gift. It's insightful, inspirational, full of tips, and fun ... all from my years fo writing--40 of them--and working with authors at all stages of their work. Snappy Sassy Salty is a personal favorite of mine and the book I love to give to my author friends. Get your copy--it's the perfect host/hostess gift -- a gift of encouragement and so much more. And get a copy for yourself..

The Writer's Enemy

It's foolish to think that if your book doesn't sell or your articles isn't picked up, that an author or writer has failed. Nonsense. It could be a wrong fit; wrong timing; maybe your thoughts have changed ... or just the general environment. Failure happens when you stop writing. Don't ... keep writing. That's success!

Writing Failure happens

There isn't an author or writer who hasn't hit a roadblock ... or words just are the fit ... or deadlines are missed. It happens. Move on ... it always gets better ... I promise.

Authors and Writers Need Juice!

It's easy to get pulled away from what's important. It's easy to get side-tracked, even sabotaged by friends, family and gulp--self when it writing, marketing, authoring is the goal. Knowing what is the writer and author "driver" is crucial ... do you know what inspires you?

How to Create Crowdfunding Success for Authors and Writers

Education & Reference

#1 Best Seller on Amazon in multiple categories .... honored with multiple book awards.

If you want crowdfunding success, you want this book!

It’s Your Time to Embrace the Power of OPM!

You’ve written a book … and now you need money for design and printing; money for marketing; money to develop a website; even money for a PR campaign. Money. If your resources are low, there’s a way to get it.

You want the odds to be on your side. You want to be in the 35 percent minority that succeeds if you are an author or author-to-be. Not the 65 percent that don’t. It's the power of OPM ... Other People's Money!

How to Create Crowdfunding Success for Authors and Writers will show you how to:

•Create rewards that your donors want.
•Identify timelines: pre, during and post a crowdfunding campaign.
•Determine which crowdfunding sites are best for authors and writers.
•Pinpoint the essentials that every successful crowdfunding campaign has.
•Get hot tips for creating momentum and the final push.
•Structure a social media checklist that’s ideal for your project.

Here’s the guide you’ve been looking for that is easy and understandable—one that shows you how to set budgets and limit costs. Does crowdfunding work? Yes. Is it doable? Absolutely … with some help.

“Judith provides a great resource to her author community. By
spreading awareness and educating on new trends, she's providing
the needed resources for authors to learn and be prepared for
success in publishing. Bravo to Briles; she has done it again.”
–John Kremer, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

With How to Create Crowdfunding Success for Authors and Writers, you’ve got Judith Briles at your side. As The Book Shepherd and publishing expert, all her crowdfunded authors have been overfunded. You can be too.

Book Bubbles from How to Create Crowdfunding Success for Authors and Writers

Increase Your Success Ratio when Crowdfunding

Most are visual--when I work on ANY project, it's sticky note time--all I need is paper, a wall--you name it--and of course a pen. My project unfolds--timing, what is needed, etc. Try it ... you will increase the probability of success!

Are you Ready to Be a Hero to Others?

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to bring in moneys to support a book project and campaign. And, it's ideal to let others know what you are planning; to bring in early marketing support ... to set the stage to be there for others with your ideas, concepts, solutions. To be a hero and solve problems that they are looking for answers for.

Yup ... crowdfunding takes planning and work

Why do the majority of crowdfunding strategies fail? Two things to start with--they take planning and then work to pull them off. The Crowdfunding Guide for Authors & Writers is the ideal tool to start ... and finish your journey successfully. Short, concise and with all the how-tos to get you across the finish line.

Author insight for Crowdfunding Timelines

Show some love for your book project that you are thinking of a crowdfunding campaign... put a realistic timeline together. Much better probability for success.

Why Crowdfunding campaigns freeze out

When it comes to publishing crowdfunding campaigns the majority fail. One of the essential components is to have an email list--your own email list to start the seeding for your success. Most fail because they don't. Start building now.

Get Essential Crowdfunding Success Tips

If you want crowdfunding success--your written pitch needs essential elements. Less than 30% succeed in raising the funds sought. Use these tips to be in the minority!

Are you dreaming of publishing ... do you need mon

Can you publishing on a shoestring? Sure. Do you want it to look like you did it on a shoestring? Nope. With a plan ... and yes work ... you can publish a quality book with using OPM--other people's money. The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors

Timelines Are a Must-Have for CrowdFunding Success

When planning any crowdfunding campaign, pin "timelines" to your vision. You need time. Thinking you can "whip" up a successful campaign in just a few days will put you into "la-la" land... it's not going to happen. Think a few months out--even six!.Can you do it in a month? Yes--but you need to be highly organized; can move fast; have your social media set up; commitments in line; video, etc. There's lots to be done. Get The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors

Any Crowdfunding campaign has timelines-do you kno

To be successful in any crowdfunding campaign takes a Plan. With the Plan, comes timelines--before, during and after. The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors

Crowdfunding Tip- So-So Communications will create

When it comes to any crowdfunding campaign--it's all about communications. What you do in the social media worlds as well as what you create in your "visual' presentation. AND, it's not a one time shot--it's over and over again. If you take a passive approach, your results will be so-so at best.

A little fun can create cash flow!

If you are thinking of doing a crowdfunding campaign, move "humor" to the top of your list to get the attention of potential visitors to your online pitch--in written words, in your pitch and in your short video. Humor is a hook. Treating your visitor to something that is "fun" can soften contributor resistance.

Is Crowdfunding for you and your book project?

OPM-Other people's money may be the perfect path for you and your book. Or, it could be a dead end. Get the essentials so you are the former, not the latter.

Crowdfunding for Authors and Writers

Not only does it take a village to create a book ... it also takes money to pay for the village. Crowdfunding is one way ... and it takes planning and work. But really, what doesn't?

When God Says NO ...

Biographies & Memoirs

Winner of 14 Book Awards ....

#1 Best Seller on Amazon in multiple categories ....

Judith Briles reveals her roller coaster life ... resilience is at her core. Embracing the Hope Factor ...

Does your life feel that it’s too long, too hard, and not fair? Have you experienced hurt, betrayal, fear, failure, critical illness, tragedy, or loss of a loved one? Have you asked or thought: “Why?” or lamented, “If only …” or “Why did this happen to me … to us?” If yes, When God Says NO is written for you. Broke and broken when two of her children died, Judith Briles had to start over … one step, one breath, one heartbeat at a time as she wove through her life path littered with NO. Within her inspirational memoir, she reminds YOU that you are not alone when bad times surface. Resilience became part of her DNA. Get ready to embrace the joy of living, even when tragedy is in your midst. When God Says NO will change how you think; how you act; and your life.

Book Bubbles from When God Says NO ...

Creating a Clean Slate

More times than not ... a "start over" is exactly what one needs to do. Too often, we hang on to the familiar, the safe, the non challenging ... when what is needed is a clean slated. Yup, it's uncomfortable. It's challenging. It can leave you wondering. But in the end, it's just what is needed.

You Are Never Alone ...

I know, it feels like it. But you are connected with others. When awful stuff happens, you can be wrapped in a cocoon of hurt ... overwhelm ... even a "screw it" and you no longer give a damn attitude. Hang in there. Others care. And most important, you need to care about YOU.

Roots Always Have a Beginning

What you do today may have been seeded decades ago--you just didn't know ... or comprehend where it could lead. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger ... time for you to be BOLD, be COURAGES, be CURIOUS ... and think back to what you love to do. For me as a kid, it was jabbering away and passing notes. No career counselor ever encouraged me to be a writer ... an author or a speaker. That was my 6-year-old self lighting the way to my future. How about you?

what happens when your beliefs are betrayed?

In these days of most things upside down; of falsehoods vomiting out of "leaders" mouths ... how can you protect yourself? Not by putting on blinders. The more you do, your silence condones the behavior. Gather "your" facts. Speak up.

It was over ... doing the unexpected.

Sometimes, getting to "the end" of a task creates a huge sigh of relief. It is over ... you can move on. But sometimes, there are dangling ends that need to be cut. If you don't, going on because difficult, if not impossible.

One voice does make a difference ...

When my soon died, a chain reaction started with a tap on my shoulder. "Did I know that other kids also went there to goof off?" No, I didn't. But at that tap, I knew that I was going to lead the charge to prevent another accident ... another death. A year later, I watched a huge bridge collapse into the San Francisco Bay, just as my son had fallen unconscious. An event that wouldn't be repeated--at least not there ... and because I decided to step out of my routine and fight for other kids ... and parents. Your voice always counts.

Secret Sauce to Life-Perseverance

No one has a perfect life. No one. Bad luck happens. Tragedies surface. Friendships get broken. Setbacks occur. The secret sauce is the magic word: perseverance. One step, sometimes tiny ones, at a time. A regrouping. An evaluation. A reality check. Forward.

Have you been stuck?

I sure have. Sometimes it felt like a tsunami had hit me out of the blue; others, almost like an encroaching shadow. It happens ... and you can move through it and out of it. Breathing once again. It will happen.

It's a new day ... a day for JOY

Often, when rotten things happen, amazing opportunities come your way. Be open for them to happen. It's time for you to experience joy once again.

Patience is a gift when it comes to writing.

I'm an author, now of 37 books. This past weekend, the FIRST Authors Hall of Fame event was held in Denver CO, something that has been in my heart and mind for years ... and it has happened ... and there will be more--every other year! Where it took me 5 years to write the first edition of When God Says NO--a book that has now had FOUR editions ... this one seeded and reseeded over and over. Sometimes it takes time ... don't rush yours as the author. The right words and stories will come ...

Memories create memory muscles

I'm a firm believer in learning something new--not just over the summer months when many seem to have extra time to "work on something new" -- you need to incorporate into your ongoing life. Some new items won't be a fit... but heck, it expands your knowledge base. To turn "wishes" into realities ... it usually starts with a stretch. This past weekend, I hopped into a canoe with a friend--she thought it was my first time and I would learn a little about canoeing. Ha--my memory muscles kicked in--I forgot what a strong paddler I was--and thoughts of vacations over 45 years ago with the kids when we took an annual river vacation--the canoe with 3 kids and rapids. Fun!

Kids do dumb things

Kids think they are invincible; they do dumb things ... I was no exception. I wonder if that's the fueling of the helicopter parent--overprotective from the get-go?

YES ... you can!

Your past carries your core ... and it shapes the future. The people in it ... and you are heroes to the power of perseverance and living.

Sometimes, a birth family is the wrong one.

I was lost as a little kid. Picked on. Unwanted. Bullied by brothers. I got found when a neighboring family took me under the wings--guiding me, protecting me as I grew up. Just because you are born into a family ... doesn't mean that they have to be permanent. Be open to connecting with another ... a "heart" family.

You choice is the answer ...

When hard times hit--whether bad news, personal loss ... whatever ... you have the choice of your reaction and action. Bad times are never easy ... but they happen. And rarely are they isolated --over a lifetime, multiple may arrive at your doorstep. You will have pain in life ... you don't have to choose to me miserable in perpetuity.

My remedy when tough times land ...

Everyone ... and I mean everyone goes through bumpy times. My new book, When God Says NO will be published this month. It's my "heart" book--as one beta reader said, "Do you really want to reveal all this?" Yes, yes I do.

Have You Ever Held a Mountain?

Arts & Photography

Mountains inspire ... With perfectly crafted words and breathtaking photographs selected to compliment each line of this multi-award winning book, the reader becomes exhilarated by the majesty of both. Have You Ever Held a Mountain? is a book that is read over and over again. From the elegant cover to the interior layout, this is the perfect gift.

Book Bubbles from Have You Ever Held a Mountain?

Poetry and Mountrains Create Connectedness

Spring is coming to the mountains in Colorado. Weave through the four seasons as John Maling captures it all in a single poem with stunning photography in Have You Ever Held a Mountain? Treat yourself ... and share with others.

The Alphabet Menagerie

Children's Books

The Alphabet Menagerie is a delightful book for young and old, entertaining and educating with humor and clever rhyme. Kids will love "critters" like Vaquita, Xiphosuran and Quetzal--"my name is hard, twisting tongues like a pretzel." or the moose-"we live in the North, where we run loose!" The verses are fun to read aloud, filled with interesting descriptions about origin, history and habitat.

Book Bubbles from The Alphabet Menagerie

For Kiddos ... it's cool to be a Squirrel!

Kids love rhyme, limmericks that make them giggle and offer insight. So do parents. The Alphabet Menagerie is smart and fun. Perfect.

The Squirrel Dance

Summer time brings out the squirrels--fun to watch for all ages ... along with dogs and cats. Thomas the cat was part of our household for many years. His form of exercise was watching and moving his head when he climbed on our roof; perched himself; the moved his head up and down plus sideways as the squirrels zipped up tree trunks and moved from branch to branch. Squirrels happy in their dance. So was Thomas.

Rhino Delight for Kids!

With rhyme and delight, artist and poet John Maling delivers fun facts and insights about nature's critters. This one is a Rhinoceros! Ideal for learning for kids seven and up.

Time for Fun and Learning about Kangaroos!

Kids like to laugh and learn. The Alphabet Menagerie is the perfect companion for both.

A Valentine for Man's Best Friend!

Dogs (and cats) are loved members in millions of households. Love Author John Maling's witty and info filled poem: It's Really Cool ... to be a Dog! Your will too! Get his book, The Alphabet Menagerie.

Don't freeze the Iguana!

Freezing temps are the friend of the Iguana ... hot-hot-hot keeps them happy!

Is Rex the Trex scary?

Kids love dinosaurs ... even the spooky ones like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Alphabet Menagerie pops with fun facts for kids about 26 critters.

Do Kids Dream of Unicorns?

Kids love to use their imagination. Unicorns are a favorite--are they real? Discovered what's behind the "horned horse" in John Maling's delightful The Alphabet Menagerie--It's Cool to Be a Critter.

Yes, it's really cool to be an elephant!

Who would have thought how cool it is to be an elephant? Why John Maling in his collections of 26 critters that roam the earth. With his own illustrations, each page bursts with fun facts in rhyme on how cool it is to be ... Ideal for kids from 5 and up.

It's cool to be a Rhino ...

Learn all about the Rhino ... from size, to eating, to playing in John Maling's The Alphabet Menagerie! Kids will love the rhyme, silliness and the learning. Ages 7 and up.

Hey Kids--it's cool to be a Jackass!

Kids love a giggle ... fun drawings ... rhyming lines ... and learning something new in the mix. Meet the Jackass!

Kangaroo Happiness for Kiddos

Hey Parents ... it's really cool to share Kangaroo fun and ahas with kids. The Alphabet Menagerie by John Maling is loaded with insights of 26 awesome critters.

Discover the Unicorn of the Sea

How cool it is to find a sea-going unicorn ... the Narwhale has an odd-ball tooth that is out of control. Yes, it's the unicorn of the sea--learn all about Narwhales in The Alphabet Menagerie.

Do you know why it's cool to be a giraffe? Do your

Giraffes are tall and lanky and are often a star attraction at zoos with kids. The Alphabet Menagerie shows why It's Cool to be a Giraffe.

Hey Parents--It's Really COOL to be an Elephant!

A new insert from author John Maling and his book The Alphabet Menagerie. Love the "info" that teaches kids about critters. Elephants love the mud and their herds ... so much to learn in just a 24 lines of wise words.

It's Cool to Be a Kid reading about Apes

Learn about apes; have fun while doing it; in rhythm and rhyme -- starting with "A's", the Ape was the perfect "critter" to lead with in The Alphabet Menagerie.

Cats are really cool.

Mice and rats are often in a cat's life ... in loafing ones! Author John Maling's whimsy is a hoot. Love all the hand drawings in this book. Great for middle school kids.

It's Really Cool to be an APE!

I love the smarts from John Maling's latest book--fun and educational for kids. Last week, our 13-year-old grandson got a kick out of the book--and was thrilled to get a personalized copy!

Stop Stabbing Yourself in the Back


Dr. Judith Briles, in her book Stop Stabbing Yourself in the Back, identifies 21 ways you set yourself up for self-sabotage. Whether it's the fear of or inability to confront another, the bloated use of ego, the art of sidestepping change, or just talking too much, Dr Briles provides clear and effective solutions. In her friendly and personal writing style, she delivers practical and useable steps to delete destructive and caree-blocking behavior that we encounter at one time or another in our personal and professional lives.

Book Bubbles from Stop Stabbing Yourself in the Back

Have you ever failed? Welcome to Life

Failure happens ... sometimes small failures and mishaps. Other times, huge and maybe even public. It happens. You will learn. You will recover.

Are you embracing CHANGE?

Yup--change can be difficult, even downright messy. But without it, things can become blah; you stop reaching and stretching yourself; you assume nothing unexpected will happen ... what? Change drives amazing results. Are you ready?


Business & Investing

Do you work in Healthcare: Are you a Nurse? Are Staboteurs™ in Your Midst? • Are there bullies in your workplace? • Do you have to deal with Pit Bulls with lipstick? • Has anyone intentionally undermined you? • Does your workplace keep the disrupters? • Have you ever thought about quitting? Every workplace has them—the pit bulls that hide behind lipstick and designer clothes; snakes who flick their abrasive tongues and voice at any and all; the scorpions who sting with a slap of their heavy backhand; the skunks that seem innocent until you get in their space; and the slugs ... those who are “just there” and breathing, barely. Stabotage!™ How to Deal with the Pit Bulls, Skunks, Snakes, Scorpions & Slugs in the Health Care Workplace reveals how to effectively deal with the bad girls and boys that inhabit every environment … be it one you get paid to be in or one you volunteer your time for. Workplace pioneer Dr. Judith Briles has included her revised CarefrontingScript™ Dialogue, updates on the latest in communication techniques in dealing with conflict and toxic behavior, and the ins and outs of determining a workplaces true culture.

Book Bubbles from Stabotage

The ideal Book Gift for HealthCare workers

Workplaces are loaded with what I call "Red Ink Behaviors"--it makes them toxic and causes employees to quit or just mentally drop out. The cost? Huge amounts of month. Staborage! is for anyone who works in healthcare--after all, the sub title: How to deal with the pit bulls, skunks, snakes, scorpions and slugs in the health care workplace says it all. If you are looking for the ideal book this month, this is the one for anyone who works in health care. My two bits.

Do you work in health care? Are staboteurs in your

Conflict, undermining, betrayal, others taking credit for your work ... you name it ... the workplace is a breeding ground for it. The healthcare workplace carries unique factors --it's female dominated. Women undermine coworkers differently than men do. That's a gulp. In Stabotage, an all new way to quickly confront another who has undermined you or your work efforts is revealved--The Carefronting method. Try it... you will like it. Every nurse needs Stabotage. Every manager should have it in the office.

Does your workplace have "red ink behaviors"?

Most do ... and if you work in one; the workplace becomes the pits. If you are a manager, get ready to see productivity nose-dive. And if your are the CEO and CFO, get ready to kiss off mega amounts of money. May is HEALTH CARE time for healthcare professionals to be honored. Stabotage is a perfect gift to give to those working in it and for "self'.

Communication Reduces Conflict in Healthcare

In my book, Stabotage-How to Deal with the Pit Bulls, Skunks, Snakes, Scorpions and Slugs in the Health Care Workplace, a key chapter focuses on communications--missed, screwed up, horribly delivered--you name it. It's key in reducing conflict in the workplace. It's May--Nurse Week begins on May 6th. Celebrate what they do--who they are!

Why healthcare loses millions of dollars

If you are an employer, you should know that behavior costs an employer money--sometimes small amounts ... sometimes millions of dollars. Lost productivity; customer and co-worker dissatisfaction; increased turnover. In the health care field, it's in the millions.

Do you work in healthcare? Do you not love it at t

No one plans to work in an environment that becomes the pits. When you work in health care ... it's not expected. You expect "caring" not only for those who are patients, but for your co-workers. When the workplace feels like the "pits", it's decision time. Every healthcare worker at all levels needs the book, Stabotage. The Carefronting Script I created for dealing with conflict will become the deal breaker for anyone--especially nurse.

Do you work in health care? Do you work with pit b

Female dominated workplaces can be exciting ... and they can be a challenge. Conflict is created differently ... and it is handled differently than in a male dominated workplace or a mixed workplace. In health care, when sabotage, betrayal, undermining, coworkers who don't pull their weight, and much more are in play--morale dives, productivity gets hit, and patient safety is at risk. Stabotage created a NEW dialogue on how to deal with it.

Is Your Workplace the Pits?

Oh my ... a classic line from All About Eve that applies to workplace conflict. Yup, it's bumpy ... and it's really bumpy in female dominated workplaces such as nursing. In Stabotage, based on my latest study of the health care workplace, there is plenty of undermining going on. Learn strategies and techniques on how to deal with it.

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