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Expert talent developer Meredith Day has judged many events such as Casting Director Joey Paul Jensen’s prestigious “Best New Talent Awards”. Day has developed celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt (Kids Incorporated, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds), Shia LaBeouf (Even Stevens, Transformers), DiDi Benami (American Idol), Jason Castro (American Idol), No Authority (Epic/Sony), Michael Welch (Twilight/Star Trek), Margo Harshman (Even Stevens/NCIS), Adrianne Leon (General Hospital/The Young and the Restless) and young autistic singer Autumn Sky Wolfe (iTunes– AMDA). Meredith Day has guided multiple child and adult performers to great success in the Entertainment Industry. Her groundbreaking book “A.D.D. To Excellent Without Drugs” sold out upon release in 1997. Day has not only mentored individual children and adults to success, she has conducted seminars and workshops for talented performers and their managers. Having been a talent developer and talent manager for decades, Day is sharing her expertise with everyone through her ground-breaking books. Day’s phenomenal self esteem building “Subliminal Lullaby”, sung by award nominated autistic singer Autumn Sky Wolfe and renown star performer and vocal director Debra Byrd, is available on all music download sites. Day is available for speaking engagements. Booking Email:



Parenting & Relationships

*Free Lullaby Music included!* Perfect gift for new parents! Easy effortless parenting operations guide by expert entertainment child developer and child talent manager Meredith M Day. Everything you need to know to be an excellent parent and build an excellent child!

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Healthy Replacement for Formula

If you use formula and can't find it, DO NOT use cow's milk. The best natural milk for an infant is goat's milk. It is the closest in composition to mother's milk. Another advantage to goat's milk is that it does not cause diabetes which formula has been known to do. Every market can order it from a local farmer if they do not already carry it. If you cannot nurse your infant, goat's milk is a great alternative.

Before the vaccine!

Here are insructions for your child's first shot. Read this before the vaccine!

Your Child's First Shot

A fail safe way to prepare your child psychologically for recieving a shot. My "Excellent Child" method takes all the trauma and pain away and gives the power of acceptance to your child. This is very usefull information for parents who were raised to be afriad of shots by their parents!

The Perfect Instant New Mother's Day Gift!

"How To Build An EXCELLENT CHILD" is the perfect instant Kindle gift for all new mothers! Easy to read, it covers all the important things that come up in the middle of the night when you can't get someone on the phone. A distillation of decades as an expert child talent manager and mother, it's all in here. Email your proof of purchase to, and I will send you a great autographed Lullaby CD FREE to build the new child's self esteem and power! A perfect new grandparent gift! Best Wishes, Meredith I'm here for you!

Free Lullaby Music With your Purchase!

Every purchase of "How To Build An EXCELLENT CHILD" includes a FREE copy of the "Subliminal Lullaby " Music! The lullaby tells your child how great they are and builds their self esteeem. To get your free music send your proof of purchase of "How To Build An EXCELLENT CHILD" TO The lullaby is sung by Award Nominated singer Autumn Sky Wolfe backed up by the wonderful voice of the superstar Byrd!

The Perfect Gift For The New parent

Usually it takes years and several children to learn what is in this dynamic parenting guidebook. Give your new parent a head start in building an excellent child. In addition the purchase includes a free lullaby to play the child or children every night that will help them become awesome.

Want To Be An Excellent Parent?

Being an Excellent Parent is easy if you know the secrets. There is no reason for great parenting to be hard. "How To Build An EXCELLENT CHILD" will let you know everything I have learned in over 30 years watching others raise their children, rasing my own Excellent Child and managing many successful music and entertainment industry children.

How To Keep It Off!

How To Keep It Off!

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Works with any diet! This groundbreaking handbook includes many “slap your head” simple, easy tricks for weight loss longevity. “How To Keep It Off” is the culmination of years of deep research into how to maintain weight loss after the diet. Written by author, inventor, and talent developer Meredith Day, who has maintained her 50-pound loss for more than a decade using her “How To Keep It Off” method. Works with ANY diet to preserve weight loss long term.

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How To Keep It Off Update

When I published this book I had lost 50 pounds, and kept it of for over two decades. In spite of the pandemic, I have been able to loose and additional 10 pounds. I am so glad I did all the research I have put here for you. Good luck with your journey!

How To Lose Your Covid Weight

"How To Keep It Off" is a wonderful accessory for any diet. It includes secrets that make it easy to maintain or lose weight. I took off 50 pounds permanently until Covid. I am proud of the fact that even on lockdown I have only gained 4 pounds. This guidebook contains many slap your head simple guides to losing and maintaining weight. It works with any diet. Treat yourself to a fabulous guidebook for long term health.

What Causes Real Hunger?

"How To Keep It Off" can help you survive during the lockdown without packing on pounds. With the current situation it is not a mystery that a few poounds are piling on. To stay safe we need to stay home. Keep our wipes handy and keep plenty of snacks to take our mind off what's going on. Also keep "How To Keep It Off" next to you at all times for great ideas. How to preserve your caloric equilibrium. We will get through this, the sun will come out tomorrow!

The Holiday Antidote

With the pandemic, it is likely we have all treated ourselves to way too many goodies. Use "How To Keep It Off" as the antidote to help peel away the residue of the debauchery in the new year. It will easily help you keep all your well intentioned resolutions. I know 2021 is going to be so much better than 2020, it will be worth it!

Hydration Helps You Lose!

Hydration helps your body move nutrients through your system. Often you will think you are hungry when your system is actually asking for water. Without water your system can't break down and use the good calories and get rid of the "dead weight". Get rid of toxic materials that don't belong in your cels. An interesting side effect to good hydration is that your hair and fingernails will become much stronger and grow thicker. Knowing the difference between food craving and water craving takes some experience. Bottom line is that you will crave input as long as you are dehydrated. A common reason many people overeat. they confuse thirst for hunger.

Strange Days!

"O-M-G! In a nutshell, that's the best diet book I've ever read and I've read them all! In the whole 2 days and after only skimming your book, you've saved me from 1000s and 1000s of nervous eating!" ... 5.0 out of 5 stars- "Insightful and helpful! Should be mandatory reading." ... 5.0 out of 5 stars- These have been dark days for sure. I'm probably not the only person who eats for every reason, happy, sad, hopeless and have been putting off, 'taking care of me.' I highly recommend this book, I have been following and within a week, I have ankles again!" This is a daunting time for those of us who watch our weight. It is so tempting to wear out the rug between the couch and the refrigerator. This "How To Keep It Off" handbook will help you keep your status quo, or lose a few pounds easily. It works with any diet or you can use it on it's own. There are so many things to consider right now, the chapters on hydration for your brain health is esoecially important! We need to be thinking clearly right now! BTW Old Navy has great face masks!

Covid Weight Maintenance

This is a challenging time. We are stuck in our house with a refrigerator for comfort. We are sleeping in and eating later. We need to turn that around. wake early, grab a bite to get your engine firing, then chill out. Don't deprive your system of it's daily kick start! If you start your meals later in the day your body may think you are in starvation mode and sut down. Do your body a solid and be sure to eat early in the morning for maximum burn!

Nobody's Perfect!

"I don't care what your weight is, everyone should have a copy of this book!" Eileen D...I agree, Even I need it, and I wrote it! Thank goodness for "How To Keep It Off"! I used the regimen in this handbook to loose 50 pounds over ten years ago. Everything was fine, I kept it off. Wrote this handbook about what I did. Then the plague hit! I'm sequestered, bored out of my head. In three months I gained 12 pounds back! I caught myself on June 2nd, 2020. Today is June 12th, 2020 and I am now back down 7.14 pounds. It has been easy to chip off the covid weight. I may keep going after I remove the whole 12 pounds! Who knows! A big thanks to my friends and readers Eileen and Jen. You guys have really been an inspiration!

Battling Thin Hair?

The hair Loss chapter in my workbook can mean a whole new crop of hair for you without having to pay for expensive serums and apparatus! Worth looking into! Everything you need to know is in this chapter. My hair started to thin when I was around 25. For years I just accepted it as genetics. Little did I know that I was actually causing my hair to thin! I had no idea that it is easy to fix through proper hydration. My geneology is european so I will never have the thick hair of the warmer countries geneology, but I now have enough hair that I don't have to be embarrassed about lack of hair!

Keeping Covid Weight Off!

This is a trying time. Between the unexpected loss of friends, inactivity, boredom and depression, it is tempting to self medicate with food. This "How To Keep It Off" handbook helps you satisfy yourself while not impacting the good work you have done with any diet. The tecniques are simple, easy to follow. A wonderful diet partner you will use for life with any diet.

Last Chance Texaco

I lost 50 pounds over a decade ago and have kept it off ever since. This workbook will help you, just like it did me, shave off years of failed diets. It will help you successfully retain loss from any diet forever. It is simple to read, easy to understand. For real people who would like to diet once and keep it off forever.

Last Chance Texaco

This guidebook works with any diet, after the diet is done. It will enable you to keep your loss as long as you want, and to take additional weight off whenever you want. We are in a strange time. Sequestered, frustrated and looking for the solutions. This guidebook will help you survive this time successfully!

Adding Exercise

Adding exercise to your diet regimen should be done in a very thoughtful way. Otherwise it can backfire on you when you are done with your diet. Best to have your whole strategy in place first.

How To Keep It Off During Covid

We are all sitting at home, doing our social distancing, bored as all get out. This is the prefect time to do a deep dive into "How To Keep It Off"! A great way to distract yourself from the refrigerator and take out delivery. Learn how to make this all work for you, helping you retain your weight loss.

Your Brain

"How To Keep It Off" helps you heal your brain as well as your body. Clearing the way for you to retain your weight loss long term. This handbook will enable you to have a much happier life. You can leave the guilt and creeping weight gain behind. "How To Keep It Off" works with all diets!

Diet Roulette

The truth is all diets work. What doesn't work is what comes after the diet. This book is the key to long term success. "How To Keep It Off" is your survival guide to weight loss retention. More important than the diet itself. The information has helped me retain my own weight loss for over a decade, It can help you too.

"How To Keep It Off!"

The information in this book helped me retain a 50 pound weight loss for over ten years. Simple, easy solutions to keep your weight loss forever. A must have handbook for anyone on any diet. Help retain your loss with these easy solutions!

Why isn't this well known!

Once you appreciate how your body is constructed, how it operates, it is much easier to lose weight and maintain the loss. I have simplified years of research into easy to understand and easy to use weight maintenance methods. Hydration is the key to moving calories through your system, but it is not treated with the importance it deserves. We are over-focused on food and under focused on water, the lubrication we need to move the nutrients through our system.

"How To Keep It Off!"

Have you been on many diets that didn't last? I have maintained a 50 pound loss for over ten years. Long after my diet was done. My weight loss maintenance system can work for you too! Very easy tricks and secrets to make your weight loss last forever.

Surviving Your Child's Puberty

Parenting & Relationships

For the busy parent. An easy to read, groundbreaking, expert guide to successful and effortless parenting by Celebrity Entertainment Child Talent Manager and Developer Meredith Day. Book purchase includes beautiful audio recording of “Subliminal Lullaby” to help build your child’s confidence and self esteem by Award Nominated singer Autumn Sky Wolfe and renown singer, vocal coach and talent developer Debra Byrd.

Book Bubbles from Surviving Your Child's Puberty

What is The Best Way To Toilet Train?

In prehistoric times parents did not use diapers. Children were cleaned up with leaves. They ran around unclothed so it was not a big deal if they dropped a load here or there. Unfortunately these days we need to be politically correct and not allow our children to leave packages of poop and pee wherever they like. There is a quick way, and a long expensive way to toilet train. It is up to the parent to choose how they want the quality of their life to be. How the parent chooses to toilet train directly affects quality of life. In this chapter we discuss the different ways to train so the parent can make an informed decision.

How Do You Build An Excellent Child?

Building an excellent child is much easier than you think. by the time you've had a few children grow up you will know what works and what doesn't. the challenge is knowing what works before you had any experience! I have not only raised my own wonderful song, but prior to that I watched all my friends raise their children. By the time I was expecting my first child, I had a whole childrearing beta test experience under my belt. In my book I am gifting that expertise on to you. In a nutshell: Your child will treat you with the same love, respect and attention you give to them. Goes around, comes around. Close your eyes and imagine you are frail with old age and can't reach the top shelves any more. Your child or children will be your knights in shining armor when you need them most if you raise them right!

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Bullying is a hot current topic. We see in the news that another child has committed suicide triggered by bullying. We do not see that those responsible are sought out and punished. This has to change. - LABOR DAY SPECIAL! Purchase your copy of “Surviving You Child’s Puberty” during the Labor Day weekend and receive 1 year of FREE parenting coaching by Meredith Day personally. To sign up, email your proof of purchase to

Surviving Your Child's Puberty Gauntlet

The most critical time of child rearing is during your child’s puberty. This is the time that, with the wrong prior input, and the wrong trigger, your child can literally go crazy. When the Menendez sons killed their parents they were in puberty. Their minds blew up due to the abuse they had suffered for years. Parents many times don’t realize what a dangerous ticking bomb a pubescent child can be with the wrong external stimuli. If the parent carefully considers cause and effect in this critical time the result can be wonderful, though daunting at the time. The short definition of surviving your child’s puberty is “What you give is what you get”!

What Should I Do When My Child Lies?

Every child lies at some point. Usually because they don’t want to admit doing something they are not supposed to. The art of excellent parenting is catching the child right away and applying good technique to encourage the child to admit to the lie and express what really happened. If the parent makes this a really negative experience, the child will dig in, and in the future not admit the lie. With the right technique, the parent helps the child learn the value of the truth. Not an easy challenge for a busy parent. Keep in mind at all times, you are building the life your child will have in the future. Whether they will be a success, or not so much. Whether their friends will trust them, or not. The parent drives the car on this.

Why Your Child Won't Eat

There are very good reasons that your child will loose their appetite from time to time. Having full knowledge of why this happens helps a parent make the right decisions for their child’s optimum, long term health. In this case, ignorance is not bliss. A parent can ruin their child’s future if they do not know why the child looses their appetite occasionally. The parent needs to know when it’s important for the child to clean their plate and when it is not necessary.

When Should your Child Have A Pet?

Commonly a parent allows their child to choose a pet to teach them responsibility. This is a wonderful way to develop good work ethic in the child. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t consistent in holding the child accountable. The parent finds it easier to assume the task of taking care of the pet. The parent finds that overseeing the child in developing consistent care of the pet may be too time consumptive for a busy life. This does a great disservice to the child. Instead of training the child to be responsible, the child is being trained to shirk responsibility and assume others will pick up the slack. This is a very bad life habit to develop. This chapter assists in developing the right training for the child.

How Important Is Your Child's Hydration?

Hydration is possibly the most important factor of your child's growth. If the parent knows how hydration works, they can help their child build a healthy body and brain. This will help the child be a success in all endeavors. Proper hydration from birth can also prevent obesity, the number one epidemic in the United States today. This ground breaking information is a must have for any parent who wants to raise a healthy and productive adult.

What Is School For?

FREE! (While they last!) Purchase "Surviving Puberty and Other Death Defying Acts Of Excellent Parenting" today and receive my "22,600 Rhyming Words" database reference guide for FREE. Email your proof of purchase to This chapter looks at the reasons you child is in school. There are reasons that are highly debated. In particular, the fact that your child is in school to learn how to actually work for a living! This chapter includes ways to assure your child's alter success. Something every "Excellent Parent" wants for their child!

How To Manage A Tantrum

It's easy to get tied to a manager or agent who doesn't have your best interest in mind. Too many good performers’ careers are ruined by bad representation. If you know what to look for going in, you have a chance to prevent aligning with the wrong team. If you fear you have mediocre representation it's not too late to rectify it. Also there are specific things you can do to attract a good agent.

How To Drive your Child's Car

Remember you are the one who trains your child how to eat based on what you put in their mouth. Like a puppy, they will chew on anything you give them. Make sure you develop good eating habits while you have all the control. Early on you have to decide how you want to build your child. You must remember...YOU ARE THE PARENT. You are the one with the WALLET. You are the one with the CAR. You are the one who trains your child, develops their GOOD EATING HABITS. At all times remember that what others think of you is trivial compared to what kind of a child you are building. Direct your relationship with your child based on how healthy you want them to be and how you want them to treat you when you are too old to fend for yourself. That is when your children become really valuable. Say no when you need to. 0 to 5 are the years of their biggest brain growth. That is when you have the most power. The years where you can mold them into the kind of human being you want them to be. These years are gold.

Surviving Puberty

Life saving secrets for handling your child's puberty. This whole book is geared to saving your sanity and helping you succeed as a parent. Many of these magical techniques were learned while I managed and developed child performers. I am lucky to be able to pass them to you! I am passing on wisdom given to me that was magical in saving my relationship with my child. I cover all areas that are critical to your parenting success.

Easy Toilet Training Tips

Around the advent of "Stay Dri Pull Up" training pants, nursery schools found that children were not toilet training until 4 or 5 years old. This chapter offers an alternative to falling down an expensive rabbit hole with your child. This chapter offers a very positive, and less expensive alternative toilet training method. Affordable cloth training pants are very hard to find currently. Some parents I have talked to have put their children in regular underpants. They have found that once the child experiences discomfort when they have an accident they train very quickly, almost without help. Kids are smart after all!

How To Break Your Child Actor Into Stage Film Television and Commercials

Parenting & Relationships

An expert guide to successful “Guerilla” marketing of your child actor to Stage, Film, Television and Commercial Advertising. Includes many short cuts, secrets and top access points developed over the years by the author, Meredith M. Day, during her career as a top talent manager and developer in the entertainment industry.

Book Bubbles from How To Break Your Child Actor Into Stage Film Television and Commercials

Could Your Child Be A Star?

There are a lot of predators waiting in the wings to take advantage of hopeful parents with talented children. What a parent needs is a way to find out if their child actually has a chance of success before spending money on pictures and classes. My book is based on over 30 years of managing and promoting child performers. It will help you assess your child’s chances and determine what is a real legitimate opportunity and what is a scam. The parent needs to know if their child actually has a chance of success, or if you are being “mined” until your wallet is empty. If you read my book and determine you child has a chance, all the information is included to tell the parent what to do next. My book is a true path to tangible success.

Does Your Child Have The Gift?

Promoting your child actor is very expensive. You need wardrobe, pictures and acting workshops so your child is properly trained. You may even need a different vehicle to get to auditions. In light of this, you need to determine, in an unbiased way, if your child will truly prosper in the arena. The closer people are to you, the more adorable they will find your child. Their love of you transfers easily to your child. Keep in mind that every child has a special gift. It may be math, sports, acting, dancing, science... etc.. The art of a great parent is to put all kinds of opportunities in front of their child to determine what their true gift or dream is.

Should You Listen to Grandparents and Friends?

Many times over the years as a talent scout I have looked at groups of talented young actors. I have been asked to Judge top industry talent events. Sometimes I will see a child with great promise, a dark horse that everyone else has missed. Conversely, often I have seen young talent that would much rather be out playing soccer. They don’t want to be there. Their parents bribe them to behave. In this case, usually the parent is trying to fill their own dream rather than listening to their child’s dreams. A child that is fulfilling their own dream will achieve much greater success than one who is forced to fulfill their parent’s dream. Before going further please make sure your child is as passionate as you are about their chosen path. If you are helping your child fulfill their own dream, move heaven and earth to help them!

Your Child Star

My book is a great operations guide. It helps parents identify the legitimate things that need to be done when developing a child performer. More important, what not to do! I keep my eyes open for talented children. It can be while judging a Best New Talent Awards show in Hollywood or in a Taco Bell in Minnesota. I am blessed to be able to help young performers. Children I have helped over the years are now adults with awards and long lists of significant credits. I have seen promising children crash through no fault of their own. My book prevents that.

Attention Deficit Disorder - Triggers and Easy Cures

Health, Fitness & Dieting

This controversial, groundbreaking book identifies the triggers that cause attention deficit behavior and gives easy cures. Written by Meredith M. Day, whose visionary book "ADD To Excellent Without Drugs", sold out upon publication in 1997. Day has developed celebrities and children for the film, television and music industries that are living with ADD. A groundbreaking listing of environmental triggers that result in the appearance of Attention Deficit Disorder and easy to apply cures that can in many cases delete the need for pharmaceutical regimen. Written by talent development expert Maureen M. Day who has spent decades working with many celebrities, both adults and children.

Book Bubbles from Attention Deficit Disorder - Triggers and Easy Cures

Diet antidotes, Keeping Your Child Healthy

Most parents want to be their child’s hero in their child’s eyes and heart. The challenge is to build your child in a way where they have good health, while retaining a good mentoring friendship. It is so tempting to buy your child’s affection with treats and addictive snack foods. The parent must look toward the future and carefully plan what will act now to enable your child to have a long and healthy life. The parent needs to consider that when they are old and no longer able to take care of themselves they will rely on their child to be healthy and strong enough to assist the parent. Often these days I see parents in good health with children that are obese or borderline obese. These children may not even be around to help their parents in their parents elder years. It is very hard to dial back an obese child. Much easier to guide the child from the start to healthy eating habits at the age they develop their ingrained habits.

Is It ADD Or Is My Child Just Smart?

One of the biggest misdiagnoses for ADD or ADHD is the child with high IQ. The IQ can be genetic or environmental. Generally ADD - ADHD is diagnosed by schoolroom behavior. The child may be acting up and creating a disruption in the classroom. For the child with high IQ, it is very boring to be in the classroom. Even pre school children that are very active may have elegant brains that require more input. It is a crime to put these children on behavior masking drugs, rather than helping them reach their full potential. The child may already know how to read, already knows the grade level mathematics. In the classroom, the child may already know the curriculum being taught. Even children that are not blessed with Hi IQ genetics can be taught well by the parent and arrive in the classroom very ahead of the class. When your child is diagnosed by school staff as being ADD or ADHD, be sure to ask for them to be tested. It is your right, and the school is required to do it when requested.

How To Manage Your Child's Puberty Rage

"Attention Deficit Disorder, Triggers and Easy Cures", is designed to save the sanity of the parent with a new adolescent. Originally, eons ago, puberty served a very specific purpose. It was time for the young adult to leave the nest and start their own family. When the raging hormones of puberty caused friction in the family unit, the child was motivated to leave that unit and find their own space, form their own family unit. Nowadays, in most parts of the developed world, 12 year old children are not considered old enough to leave the nest. In many cases now puberty is starting even younger than 12. The parent must learn how to deal with the very different, volatile brain chemistry that causes rage and friction. Find ways to ease the struggle and nurture the child as they pass through this right of passage. The thing to remember is that how you interact with your child in these turbulent times will be how your child interacts with you when you are too old to take care of yourself. This is a time to make a very important investment in your child and your future.

Attention Deficit Triggers

When your child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, the first thing to do is rule out all the external triggers that can be changed in your child’s life. This needs to be done before administering behavior-masking drugs. Once your child is taking behavior masking drugs it is hard to detox them, hard to roll that back. If you delete all the external triggers that cause the behavior and your child does not improve, then they do need the behavior altering drugs. In the long run it is much healthier for your child and cheaper for you to rule out all the external triggers.

How Important Is Your Child's Hydration?

Your child's hydration is rarely discussed. It is the foundation of proper growth. Hydration carries all the other nutrients to your child's brain, skeleton and muscles. Proper hydration is the car that carries all your child's crucial building blocks to their garages. The first thing to rule out when your child is exhibiting behavior or physical abnormalities or obesity is lack of hydration. With the right hydration your child can grow properly, evenly. With proper hydration your child can process their nutrients. It can be a very simple cure for what might seem to be a serious malfunction.

About The Metabolism

The parent has the opportunity to properly guide their child's eating habits based on the metabolism. To determine the metabolism in your child, look at both partner’s metabolism. There is a 50/50 chance the metabolism will be that of one parent or the other. Close relatives also may impact by you passing on their metabolism genetic properties. If you determine early what your child's metabolism is you can train your child to eat the proper amount of nutrients and calories to maintain a healthy body. This can be challenging if you as the parents do not control your own intake based on your metabolism. The nutritional environment in the home determines a large part of body health.

How to Create Your Own Nightmare!

No parent starts out to create a troublesome child. No parent does it on purpose. If you start early and drive the car of your child’s life, you will have a wonderful experience. If you let your child drive the car before they are ready, they will run you into the ground. They will crash and burn. They will embarrass you wherever you take them and in the end turn into a selfish, entitled, thoughtless brat. Remember, how you build your child from 0 to 5 will set the tone of your relationship with them for the rest of your life. Early on you have an opportunity to show them the effects of drug and other substance abuse. Put this in their head before their schoolmates tell them they are harmless. Educate them. You have the opportunity to develop good eating habits by simply what you allow them to teethe on. You have the opportunity to show them how to interact with others by example. You show them by how you interact with others. Children learn even before they can speak. They learn by watching your tone and actions. They mimic what they see you do, not what you tell them. Remember you are their hero. They want to be just like you. Classic “Monkey See Monkey Do.”!

Why No?

No is probably the most important concept I teach my child performers. No matter how talented they are, if they do not know how to stop immediately it can be very dangerous for them. It can also cost them a very good role or opportunity. Children have the biggest learning curve when really young. It slows down thereafter. If you can train your child "no" when very young you will be very thankful later! Remember, knowing the command "no' is a safety device for your child. Case in point, when they step off the curb to head into the street!

Why No?

No is probably the most important concept I teach my child performers. No matter how talented they are, if they do not know how to stop immediately it can be very dangerous for them. It can also cost them a very good role or opportunity. Children have the biggest learning curve when really young. It slows down thereafter. If you can train your child "no" when very young you will be very thankful later! Remember, knowing the command "no' is a safety device for your child. Case in point, when they step off the curb to head into the street!

Starmaker Machinery, Everything You Need To Know For Self Promotion In Film, Television and Music


Groundbreaking, 5 star rated Starmaker Machinery has been endorsed by top industry insiders as a "Must Have workbook" for aspiring Actors and Musicians. Written by expert talent developer Meredith M Day, Starmaker Machinery includes over 30 years of experience and insider secrets for easy self promotion in the Entertainment industry. A great Bible for any aspiring performer.

Book Bubbles from Starmaker Machinery, Everything You Need To Know For Self Promotion In Film, Television and Music

Time To Get Your Act Together

We are all locked down. It is the perfect time to work on your strategy for your entertianment career. "Starmaker Machinery" is the perfect guidebook based on decades of successful talent management. It is time to get your strategy togehter to take you act on the road. go for the gold. Use "Starmaker Machinery" as you guidebook for success!

The Ideal Gift For The Performer In Your Life!

My operations manual for performers is the ideal holiday gift for your favorite talented friend. A true pathway to performer sell promotion success. I recommend the Kindle version so it can be kept on the artist's cell phone and accessed any time the performer needs it. The paperback version is great to keep in the artist's briefcase with their sides or sheet music, or in their instrument case. Half of the book roadmaps success in theater/film, half roadmaps success in the music business. If you browse the chapters you will see that it has answers for every issue that comes up on the yellow brick road to fame. Break A Leg, and Rock On!

When Should You Start Your Acting Career?

It is not uncommon to want to wait until things are "perfect" to make a career change. The truth about an acting career is that the clock is ticking. There are six year olds that already have 5 page resumes. Go ahead and hit it now, don't wait. Get into the best workshop in your area and work out there weekly. that is where a lot of auditions are publicized. You will have some learning to do, some mistakes to make, and the sooner the better. Pick a side hustle that allows you to be free for auditions. The reason so many choose a job in food service is it's easy to partner with other actors and have help getting time off. Think about learning how to day trade in the stock market. If you become good at it, you can do it around workshops and auditions. Make the money you will need so you can be free to "hang in there" long enough to become an overnight success. The main thing is don't wait. don't wake up on your 30th birthday wishing you had started earlier.

What Does a Film or Music Producer Want?

Award winning writer and film Producer Ethlie Ann Vare and multi platinum music producer/engineer Dennis MacKay, two icons, talk to me frankly about what they want. Producer and best selling author Ethlie Ann Vare is best known for her books such as "Love Addict" and Patently Female", and film projects: “Renegade”, “Silk Stalkings”, Gene Rodenberry’s “Andromeda”, "Earth Final Conflict" and "CSI". Ethlie Ann's savvy advice to actors makes this chapter a must read. As a special gift, my one on one interview with Multi Platinum Music Producer Dennis MacKay "What Does A Producer Do?" is free to all aspiring producers or recording artists on YouTube. Dennis is well known for everyone from Judas Priest, Tommy Bolin, Cass Elliot, Whitney Houston, and Stanley Clarke, to this year, once again, Phil Collins. My goal is to give my actors and musicians the tools to succeed. Enjoy!

How To Be A Great Live Band

It's easy to be a great live band if you know the simple rules. Unfortunately most bands have to learn by trial and error. It can take years. This chapter is based on years of developing and managing bands that have had hits and have been signed to record labels. It contains everything a band needs to know to be great live. I have been asked time after time: "How do we know if we are great?". The answer is simple. If you are having to beg people to come out and see you live you still have wing-nuts to tighten. If your gigs are selling out with people you don't even know, and you are selling tons of merch. You are ready. All the best kept secrets are in this chapter!

Special Denver Scouting Event!

ALERT!! Starmaker Machinery book-signing and talent scouting meet and greet Saturday, October 13th in Denver, Colorado! Team Meredith Day from Starmaker Machinery will be personally conducting an unannounced appearance at 12pm at the MPIBA Discovery Show at the Renaissance Hotel on Quebec in Stapleton, Denver. All applicants who stop by to meet with us will receive a special unpublished 30 minute One on One video Interview of Debra Byrd, talent and vocal developer for American Idol(r), The X Factor(r) and The Voice(r). All ages invited, both music and dramatic performers. For specific location on Saturday check in at the Bublish/Ingram Publishing booth Friday October 12th in the Mountain and Plains Exhibit hall at the event. Hope to see you there! Show Info link: MIPBA Fall Discovery Show Denver.

How Much Does An Acting Career Cost?

Reposted because of reader requests. This is an important chapter in my book. Designed to help the aspiring performer assess exactly what to do to survive and hang in there long enough to succeed. As Debra Byrd, Performance coach for american Idol and the voice, says: "It always takes longer than you think... to succeed just do the work!" Herein is a road map to surviving long enough to become and "Overnight Success"!

How Do You Manage School For The Young Performer?

Are you wondering how school works for young performers? School regimen is very different for young working performers. Whether they are actors, musicians or athletes, there are many tricks in this chapter that help a parent create an environment where the young performer can succeed with school while meeting the demands of a performing career. All issues should be considered carefully. In this book there are many tricks and tools to make sure the young performer excels at both school and in performance. With all my tools for organizing the young performer’s “Machine” they can succeed in both school and in front of the camera, on stage or the sports field.

How To Find Investment For Your Band

The illusive band investor. How do you find your angel? Who do you approach, where do you find the money you need for your project? It is challenging, but with the right approach a doable task. The important thing is to disclose properly exactly what the investor will get in return. It is not an impossible mission!

Your Casting Agent Relationship

The most important action you need to take in your performing career is to find out where the legitimate casting directors are and go there. A closely held secret is that casting directors have to refresh their talent banks all the time. Casting directors are often out scouting for new talent. Looking for the next big undiscovered talent find. The savvy performer knows how to access these "secret" events and participate. Develop their relationships with people who actually cast the projects. This is truly a ticket to "ride"! - LABOR DAY SPECIAL! Purchase your copy of Starmaker Machinery during the Labor Day weekend and receive 1 year of FREE talent career coaching by Meredith Day personally. To sign up, email your proof of purchase to

How To Audition for a TV Competition.

This chapter can help you succeed if you audition for a show like American Idol, Voices of So you Think You Can Dance. Some things you may never consider can make or break your chances, both outside in line and in the room. If you are about to audition, read this chapter several times so everything is in your mental database when you get to the audition. You will be in a highly stressed state most likely and will need all the brain cells you can muster. If you pay attention to these instructions you may jump ahead of a very talented, uniformed competitor!

How Often Should Your Band Play?

Over the years I've known bands that have very large fan bases who play so often it looks like they don't have many fans. It is sad that they don't control their performances to maximize their "draw" at each show. Bands must remember at all times why a club has live music. It’s to sell alcohol. Period, end of story. If a band does not bring a good, thirsty crowd, the club does not make money. The band has to ask themselves, do they want to be a real money maker for the club, or do they want to be a club leech? A club leech is a band that either sucks, or plays so often that their fans don’t value them, they don’t come out to see them because they can always come out. They have to beg for gigs, their phone is not ringing with club bookers begging them to play. The alternative is to become a “Jukebox Band”. This band plays mostly covers. Still, if the band plays too often then the show attendees are most likely to be the club regulars. Not fans there to see the band...

How to Sound Great in The Stuido

It can take years to develop a great sound in the studio. Starmaker Machinery includes information to help the artist save years of sound development. Often the artist doesn't have a good marketable sound until long after maturity. This can be a really big handicap when shopping the project. Music marketing organizations know that musical taste is usually developed in teen or college years. It's less likely that a young music buyer will want to identify with musicians that look old enough to be their father or mother unless they are a well established, iconic artist. An artist such as Paul McCartney, Pink, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, U2, Metallica or Kiss. The purpose of Starmaker Machinery is to help new artists shave off years of project development. I want to help you get to the finish gate fast. If you apply all the techniques listed in the book, you will be way ahead in the business of selling your music.

How to Sound Good Live

In this chapter are short cuts to sounding great live. Most bands have to figure this out by trial and error. If no one wants to come to your live gig, you probably suck. Generally other bands are not going to tell you what you are doing wrong. They want you to suck so they look better. If you apply everything in this chapter you will be fun to see and your draw will build. This chapter can save a band years of “development”.

Finding An Agent

This is the most commonly misunderstood area of artist self promotion. If the performer approaches the task of finding an agent with the right information, it is much easier to achieve success. Above all remember that everyone works for a living. If the agent is convinced the performer can produce earnings for the agency, they are much more likely to sign them onto their roster. At all times, whether with an agent, a director, casting agent, or producer, the performer must put themselves on the other side of the table. Put themselves in their shoes. What do they need from me to add me to their roster? If the performer can do that, they will succeed.

Band Social Media Promotion

The arena is much different now than it was in decades past. Your band can have a top hit without ever playing a live gig with the right social media promotion. The rules are there are no rules. Anything goes within the sensibility of your project. With Google advertising it’s possible to target age, gender, musical likes… on and on. You can peel the apple down to where your ad recipient is virtually guaranteed to like what you offer if you can get them to click on your link. When doing a video, think, “If I didn’t know me would I be entertained?” Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses and do your best to exploit them smartly. Your potential fans don’t know you; they don’t care about you. They just want to be entertained. They want you to speak for them. If you do; they will download you and play you on loop. They will play you for their friends. This is a free landscape for your own creativity with a no limitation horizon!

What Is A Cold Read Audition?

If you can master a “Cold Read Audition”, you are far ahead of most actors vying for the available parts. There are great actors who do not have cold read skills. Many times they miss bookings even though they are fully qualified to perform the role. Once the actor is chosen for a role, the director will give the actor all the instruction needed to meet his vision. In light of this, the most important skill an actor can develop is the “Cold Read” skill! The actor needs to get on the playing field! Cold reading is also a really good reason to perfect the actor’s improvisation skills. In a cold read it is very valuable.

How Much Does An Acting Career Cost

The most important thing an actor needs to do is create a life that allows them to persevere until they are a regular working actor who can support themselves with their craft. In this chapter excerpt we discuss what an acting career costs. It is best to go in with eyes wide open and take steps to enable yourself to stay in the game long enough to become a contender. It the actor is creative, they can construct a side career that allows you to make all the auditions until you are working enough to support yourself. Just the fact that you are reading this excerpt, means you have a much better chance than most to achieve success.

Recording Studio Guidelines

Whether you are an actor or a musician, you need to know what happens in the recording studio. For actors it can be an ADR session where you are doing a voiceover for a movie, TV show or commercial. For a musician, you record your songs in hopes of having a hit record. The studio is the most important place you will work. Expertise can make or break your career! The live show is gone once it happens. A recording lasts forever! Everything you don’t fix will come back to haunt you in perpetuity. For your sound recordings, whether voiceover ADR or Music, the more you know going in the better you can perform. As they say, "knowledge is power"!

When To Start Your Acting Career

FREE! (While they last!) Purchase Starmaker Machinery today and receive my "22,600 Rhyming Words" database for FREE. Email your proof of purchase to In this chapter, one of Hollywood's top, award winning Casting Agents gives priceless information for the aspiring actor. All of us "act". We act happy when we are not. Any time you put up with something you would rather not do, you are acting. the secret is knowing how to work it. How to create the proof to others that you are ready!

The Casting Agent Relationship

If you know how to help a casting agent help you, you will float to the top of their "submission pile". Remember, casting agents are paid to find good talent for directors and producers. Make them look good and they will send you on auditions often.

How Do I Know If My Manager - Agent Is Any Good?

It's easy to get tied to a manager or agent who doesn't have your best interest in mind. Too many good performer's careers are ruined by bad representation. If you know what to look for going in, you have a chance to prevent aligning with the wrong team. If you fear you have mediocre representation it's not too late to rectify it. Also there are specific things you can do to attract a good agent.

How To Avoid Sexual Harrassment

“Starmaker Machinery”, is about teaching you the secret stuff no one admits to. Such as how prevalent sexual harassment is for both sexes in the entertainment industry. In the entertainment industry it is the performer that thinks out of the box who gets ahead. Avoids the “Me Too”. Sure, everyone will tell you what the secret RULES are. The actors who follow the rules disappear into mediocrity. The performer who is willing to go one step further with their creativity will find the secret door! An actress came to me years ago and complained that all the producers wanted was her body. They just wanted to sleep with her. They never gave her roles. She had a producer she really wanted to develop a serious professional relationship with. Like all the others, he wanted her to sleep with him. I told her that whenever she went anywhere with him to tell all those around him how brilliant he was, mention specific projects. She did her homework on his career. Though he was propositioning other actresses, he took her everywhere and introduced her to everyone because it fed his ego. She ended up getting really great roles because she was not focused on herself. She focused on making him and other producers feel brilliant. What goes around comes around.

Impossible? No!

My book is based on years of talent development. It reveals all the secret stuff I have learned over the years that no one wants to share. I love helping performers with passion. I am proud of the success my clients have achieved over the years. My book can cut down years in your path to success. I wish you the best of luck! Break a leg! "Meredith Day's wisdom and treasure trove of sage advice has been a game changer for so many lives she has touched." Joey Paul Jensen CSA, Producer, Casting Director, Performance Coach, Disney, Nickelodeon

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