Our New Partner Pubslush, Crowdfunding for Your Book

Once in a while we get to know the team at a fellow start up that really impresses us and can add value to the Bublish community. We like their mission and we trust them. One such company is Pubslush, a crowdfunding platform for books and authors. We’ve just created a custom Bublish page on […]

How Bublish’s #SampleSunday Marathon & Floating Bookstore Work

A couple of Bublish authors recently inquired about how Bublish’s #SampleSunday Marathon and Floating Bookstore work. This blog post is meant to answer their questions. #SampleSunday is a Twitter hashtag that allows readers to view book samples that are shared on Sundays. It’s popular with readers, so it’s a great hashtag to use when sharing […]

How Publishers Innovate with Bublish — an Interview with Belle Books

Today, we’d like to talk about some of the innovative and successful campaigns publishers are creating with Bublish. Danielle Childers, marketing coordinator at BelleBooks, Inc. and Bell Bridge Books in Memphis, Tennessee has been kind enough to join us to talk about some of ways they’ve used book bubbles to engage readers. Bublish: Welcome Danielle. […]

Are Writers’ Conferences Worth It?

Today, we are pleased to welcome Martin Crosbie, a self-published author of the Amazon bestseller My Temporary Life and the follow up novel, My Name Is Hardly. He also has a collection of short stories entitled, Lies I Never Told. His next self-publishing workshop takes place in Vancouver, Canada in September 2013. Details can be found […]

Authors, Social Success Requires Creativity & Commitment

Social tools and platforms are only as effective as the people who use them. Twitter and Facebook are career changers for some authors and a dead end for others. Why the difference? Some have learned to use these platforms to achieve their goals. Others have dabbled, failed to set goals, perhaps become frustrated and either […]

Author Interviews Help with Discovery

Interviews are an easy way for authors to share their stories, their voice and the reasons that they write. This type of authentic sharing is much more powerful than an advertisement or a generic “buy my book” tweet or post. Interviews helps readers connect with authors in a very crowded online book marketplace. The author […]

Book Bubbles Are Designed for Book Marketing in the Age of Content Abundance

There is no bigger issue facing authors today than discovery. You pour your heart and soul into your manuscript, publish it either traditionally or independently, and enter into a digital marketplace that is absolutely saturated with content. Unless written by a bestselling author, even the highest quality work struggles to rise above the noise. In […]

Holiday Book Discovery

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” or so goes the song. It’s also one of the busiest and most exhausting. In addition to everything consumers already have piled on their very full plates, they now need to find that perfect gift for Aunt Martha, and get it shipped across the country asap. As […]

Promote Your Book on Twitter with Hashtags

We had our first #SampleSunday Marathon using book bubbles last Sunday. It was a blast! We love sharing the work of our amazing Bublish authors. You can check out the Storify version in our Twitter stream @BublishMe. #SampleSunday is a hashtag on Twitter. Hashtags are topics with the “#” symbol in front of them. They […]

Bublish’s First Book Chat with Author Lorna Suzuki

The Bublish Team interviews Lorna Suzuki (@LornaSuzuki), author of the Imago Chronicles, for Bublish’s first ever Book Chat. What makes our chats unique? Book Bubbles (hashtags: #bublish #bookbubbles). Check it out!    http://storify.com/bublishme/bublish-s-first-book-chat-with-author-lorna-suzuki