Bublish Book Promotion & Author Branding Success: 10,000 Book Bubble Views!

What if you could get 10,000 eyes on your work…for free? We were crunching some numbers here at Bublish the other day, and discovered that thriller author Cynthia Michaels has hit 10,000 views of her book bubbles! We thought this was news worth sharing.

Cynthia has three books on Bublish – No Fear, Bill of Human Wrongs and Cross Roads. Much of Cynthia’s success has to do with her commitment to using the Bublish platform consistently. She “bublishes” new book bubbles weekly. (Click the screen shot of her bubble to view it live.)

Cynthia Michaels book bubble 889

“Each day, I cycle through my novels, creating a new book bubble for the day,” says Cynthia. “I try to select chapters that contain hooks to entice someone to want more. I give it a short and snazzy title before sending it off. Then the fun begins. The Bublish folks are great for tweeting the day’s bubble, but I also get it out there on Facebook and add my own tweets.”

Cynthia Michaels book bubble 884

One of Cynthia’s main goals is to establish name recognition as an author, to help build her author brand. Bublish is helping her achieve this goal. “I want my next novel to come out with folks saying, ‘Hey, C. Michaels has got a new book out!’ Bublish is helping with that,” says Cynthia. “I get lots of retweets and likes on Facebook and the exponential flavor of these social networks makes the book bubbles travel fast. It only takes minutes each day. The folks at Bublish are wonderful to work with, the program is beautiful. Personally, I don’t understand why all authors aren’t using it.”

We agree! If you’d like to learn more about how the Bublish social book discovery and commerce platform works, just visit our home page and watch our short video.

“I admire innovative people and ideas. Bublish has both. The platform is simple to use and complete. Just before I discovered Bublish, I had been brainstorming with a friend to do exactly what Bublish does. And, may I say, my version was going to be quite crude compared to Bublish. It’s a brilliant idea – give the reader a flash of the book, the same way a movie trailer does for a flick.”

Congratulations, Cynthia! The team here at Bublish is excited to have helped you get your books in front of so many readers. Here’s to your continued success!

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