Thank You! We Think You Are Amazing!

We’re not sure where to begin.

We’re honored. We’re humbled. We’re grateful. We’re so lucky.

Since launching Bublish sixteen months ago, we have been continuously amazed by the creativity and generosity of our growing community. You are a talented and supportive group, and we have enjoyed getting to know you.

We’ve especially delighted in your book bubbles. Each time we read one of your author insights, or as we call them “the stories behind your stories,” we’re awed. You let us and the rest of the world peek behind the curtain and see your creative process – your struggles, your fears, your experiences, your triumphs, your thoughts, your journey. Publishing a book takes courage; sharing the often chaotic journey to publication takes even more. You’ve made us smile, cry, shiver, laugh and think. Your insights have connected us to you not only as storytellers, but also as human beings.

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Thank you for everything you have done to support Bublish. From the surprise blog posts many of you have written about the platform to the overwhelming responses we have received when we’ve asked for your feedback or assistance. So many of you have gone above and beyond to help Bublish improve and grow.  We couldn’t do this without you. We appreciate your emails, phone calls, tweets and social posts, guest blogs and live author chats on Twitter.

Writing can be a solitary business, but book promotion doesn’t have to be. We’ve cheered when you launched a new book and been honored to be part of your promotional team. We’ve seen many of you get to know each other and help one another. As a wise man once said, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” You wrote the symphony. Thank you for giving Bublish a chair in your orchestra. 

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