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Bublish’s AI Book Positioning Report Is Now in Beta

Book positioning is the most important but least understood step in the publishing process. It's about understanding where your book best fits in the marketplace so you can engage and delight those readers most likely to buy and enjoy your work.

Effective book positioning is the foundation of a strong author brand. It's our “secret sauce" here at Bublish, and one reason we're able to help so many unknown authors hit bestseller lists, win prestigious awards, and earn great reviews.

It takes experience, time, and money to properly position a book. But now, through the power of artificial intelligence, we can help you do it in minutes and for a fraction of the cost.

Get Your Book Properly Positioned!

Here is what is included in your report:

Title and subtitle suggestions
Amazon categories and BISAC codes
Keyword cloud
Professional book description
Comparable titles
Target reader demographics
Book’s top selling points
Run up to 3 reports per title

Is now the right time to position your book?

You have an idea but no manuscript

The first draft of your book is complete

Your manuscript is going to layout

Your book is ready to publish

Your book is published with low sales

How Does It Work?

Create an Account
Only two steps
Fill Out Intake Form
Answer a few questions
Upload Your Book or Manuscript
Word (.docx) or eBook (.epub)
Access Your Report
Delivered in about 15 minutes


How does Bublish’s AI Positioning Report work?

After you upload your book or manuscript, our technology analyzes it from beginning to end, then answers various questions and creates various outputs associated with the best positioning for your book. This includes: title and subtitle suggestions, Amazon categories and BISAC codes, a keyword cloud, a professional book description, a list of comparable titles, target reader demographics, and your book’s top selling points.

Will Bublish use my manuscript to train AI’s Large Language Models (LLMs) ?

No, after your book or manuscript has been analyzed and the AI Positioning Report has been produced, Bublish will not save your book or manuscript in our system nor will we use it to train LLMs. Only the reports that you produce will be saved on your Bublish dashboard for you to review.

Can there be mistakes in Bublish’s AI Positioning Report?

Yes. Artificial intelligence and Large Language Models (LLMs) are still in their infancy. They can make mistakes and misinterpret information. It is best to cross-check all information in your report.

What should I do with the information provided in Bublish’s AI Positioning Report?

We highly recommend that you read the training provided for each output in your AI Positioning Report. It provides very specific answers to this question.

The results of your AI Positioning Report can be helpful throughout the publishing process. For example, if you upload an early draft of your manuscript and the results are surprising to you, revisiting your manuscript with the report’s findings in mind might prove helpful. Book positioning is designed to help authors understand where craft meets commerce—that is, how a book will be discovered and received by a particular audience looking for a certain kind of reading experience. Additionally, if there’s a mismatch between your expectations and the findings in your report, a manuscript assessment by an editor might be helpful. The results of your AI Positioning Report can also help you brainstorm for titles, understand the best categories when it’s time to distribute your book, identify comparable titles that can be used for research or in advertising campaigns, and so much more.

Are Bublish’s AI Positioning Reports refundable?

Only if a report is not successfully generated by our system. If a report is generated, refunds will not be given. However, if you are unhappy with the results of your report, you can generate up to three reports for the same title. And, of course, if you run into any problems, you can contact us at