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Write your book online with Bublish’s eBook Creator and generate a beautiful digital book with one click. While you’re writing, share “rough cut” book bubbles—enriched excerpts from your manuscript—to your social media channels and grow your audience before you launch. Great for pre-order campaigns, too!


Engage readers, build your author brand, improve discoverability and drive book sales with our award-winning book bubbles. Your dashboard metrics show you where and when readers are engaging with your book content and which online bookstore they visited as a result. 


We strive to empower “authorpreneurs” with the tools, services, support, resources and programs they need to succeed in today's competitive book marketplace. Enjoy free webinars, online courses (coming soon) and marketing events like our Weekend Reader Marathon.


Grace Allison
Author of Einstein's Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure
I've had 150,000 people read my book bubbles before my book Einstein's Compass even launched! Bublish is like social media rocket fuel to promote your books. It's affordable and it works.
Ivan Thompson
Author of The Air Forces Black Ceiling and other books
Bublish is such a powerful tool for me. It's my blog engine! I post my bubbles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social channels. I tie most of my marketing efforts to my book bubbles.
Mark David Gerson
Award-winning author and writing coach
Bublish has definitely grown engagement and interest in my books and increased my sales. People respond to the book bubbles I write and share socially. I share bubbles almost every day.