Bublish CEO’s 2023 Self-Publishing Trends and Predictions

As the founder and CEO of Bublish, I like to kick off each year with an overview of current indie publishing trends—and a few predictions. What’s ahead for independent authors in 2023? Exciting innovations and opportunities along with a dash of uncertainty. Here’s what I see: Trend #1: Despite controversy, artificial intelligence (AI) is here […]

How to Optimize Your Book’s Front and Back Matter

Many authors don’t realize that effective front and back matter can boost a book’s discoverability and sales. It’s not a topic you hear about often, but well-presented front and back matter are important finishing touches that can help your book stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. This guide to front and back matter will help […]

Boost Book Discovery and Sales with a Cover Redesign

Do you feel like your book cover is letting you down when it comes to sales, discoverability, and brand building? If you said “yes,” a book cover redesign may be just what you need. Is Redesigning Your Cover Worth the Effort? Yes, it definitely is! A professional cover redesign can give your book a fresh […]

Boost Fall Book Sales with a Stellar Marketing Plan (Free Webinar)

Our good friends over at Lulu invited Bublish CEO Kathy Meis to do some training on how to boost fall book sales. We know it’s hard to believe but the fall book selling season is right around the corner. Now is a great time to start planning. This webinar will walk you through the steps to […]

Benefits of Legal Vetting of an Author’s Book Manuscript

Today, we have a guest post from Attorney Carolyn Schurr Levin and law student Catherine Gumarin on the benefits of legal vetting for book manuscripts. We have referred several clients to this process in recent years and wanted the Bublish community of authors to more fully understand the benefits and what is involved. Here’s their […]

What Does a Professional Publishing Timeline Look Like?

If you want to publish a book in 2022, it’s time to get started. Here’s why: The professional publishing timeline below has a March start date for an October 1, 2022 book launch. Take a look at this list of major publishing milestones: March 2 – April 14 — professional copy editing, proofreading, and author review […]

Writing Is Your Gift, Especially Now.

There are always plenty of reasons not to write, right? Not enough time, too many responsibilities, don’t know how to get started, overwhelmed by the idea, and so on. Such concerns present themselves whenever we humans consider new paths or projects. Here at Bublish, we coach many writers and authors. And, trust us, these negative […]

5 Top Ideas to Sell More Books for the Holidays

Did you know books were among the first commercially produced holiday gifts? It’s true! Publishers practically invented modern-day holiday gift giving. To this day books remain extremely popular gifts. Why? Well, there are millions of choices and books are affordable, easy to ship, and can be personalized. Choosing a unique title for a friend, family […]

Free Training: How Book Distribution Can Make or Break Your Book Sales

If you’re a self-published author, it’s important to understand distribution. The choices you make regarding distribution can make or break your book sales. In this free webinar—part of the ongoing training provided by the Women in Publishing Summit hosted by Alexa Bigwarfe—Bublish CEO Kathy Meis will talk about about the major distribution channels for each […]