The Courage to Commit and Create

According to a widely cited survey, “81% of Americans say they have a book in them.” Based on today’s population, that means there are 267 million people in the U.S. who want to write a book. Unfortunately, there’s another statistic about authorship: 97% of the people who start writing a book never finish it. There […]

Bublish’s “Goodbye 2020” Holiday Special!

No doubt about it, 2020 has been a year to remember…just for all the wrong reasons! As we look toward a brighter 2021, we think you deserve something special for making it through this challenging year. Announcing Bublish’s “Goodbye 2020” Holiday Special! You can lock in saving today on Bublish’s most popular publishing package and […]

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The Top Two Things Award-Winning Books Have in Common

In today’s crowded book marketplace, winning a book award can help an indie author catch a reader’s attention and indicate to that reader that this book is worthy of their time. A book award can also convince booksellers and librarians that a title is worth adding to their collections. Book awards help indie authors stand […]

Book Publishing Timeline

The Development Phase: Book Publishing Timeline Builder Series—Part II

Whether you’re still in the idea stage of your nonfiction business book, frantically working your way through a tough plot twist in chapter ten of your thriller novel, or saving the final draft of your historical fantasy YA novel…it’s time to congratulate yourself for actually writing your book. It’s a big achievement. Take a moment to take stock in what you […]

Webinar Replay: Accelerate Your Book Marketing Success with Bublish

At the beginning of every month we offer a Lunch & Learn Webinar called “How to Accelerate Your Book Marketing Success with Bublish.” This webinar is designed for authorpreneurs who are new to Bublish or just want a refresher on how to use the Bublish platform. You can listen to the webinar replay on When […]

Webinar Replay: How to Avoid Common Self-Publishing Mistakes

On Wednesday, July 29, Bibliocrunch Founder and CEO Miral Sattar presented “How to Avoid Common Self-Publishing Mistakes” via During the webinar she covered how to: Spend money wisely Invest time carefully Publish smartly ​We experienced audio echo at the very beginning. We recommend you start listening at 1:57. Click the image below to view […]

Lunch & Learn Webinar: “How to Avoid Common Self-Publishing Mistakes”

Join Bibliocruch CEO Miral Sattar as she presents our next Lunch & Learn Webinar: “How to Avoid Common Self-Publishing Mistakes” WHEN:      Wed., July 29, 2015 at Noon ET WHERE:    Your desktop or mobile device via WHAT:      During the webinar attendees will learn how to: Spend money wisely  Invest time […]