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Bublish’s Authorpreneur Dashboard—powerful book creation & marketing tools

Market With Book Bubbles

Share book bubbles (see below) — like a "Director's Cut" for books — across multiple social channels.

Promote While You Write

Write in the Bublish Cloud. Convert manuscripts to ePubs. Share "rough cut” book bubbles with readers. Gather pre-orders.

Track Reader Engagement

Learn from real-time metrics that show you which book bubbles are driving traffic to your website and social channels.

Build Your Brand

Use your Author Profile to share all your book and writing projects across multiple social channels with a single click.

Improve Discoverability

Enhance your search engine ranking effortlessly by sharing book bubbles, which are optimized with keywords and metadata.

Learn Social Marketing

Access exclusive tutorials. Become a more effective and efficient marketer of your books and your author brand.

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Rochelle Richley

“My sales are soaring since I’ve started using Bublish. So many people have shared that they want to buy my books because they’ve read my book bubbles. Bublish has changed so much for me. I’m able to reach a broader audience.”

Rochelle Richey New Author
Christine Nolfi

“Today’s market is highly competitive. You need to have a platform like Bublish. I’ve seen more sales because readers can browse my book bubbles and purchase immediately. It’s also very powerful that you can create ePubs within Bublish and test out concepts while you write.”

Christine Nolfi Bestselling Author
Terri Ann Leidich

“The Bublish Authorpreneur Dashboard lets me see real-time social metrics, including book bubble views and conversions. Bublish saves me time. I can quickly reach and engage my readers with book bubbles. Bublish is an effective and user friendly book marketing solution.”

Terri Ann Leidich Author & Publisher
Jeff Shear

“I don’t think there’s a better resource to help authors promote books than Bublish. Great exposure is what we all want and Bublish makes that incredibly affordable. The Authorpreneur Dashboard offers a way to be human and accessible to your readers.”

Jeff Shear Author

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Book Bubbles

book bubble

This is a book bubble. It’s like a director’s cut for books. Book bubbles allow you to share excerpts of your book across social networks. They are designed with powerful branding elements and optimized for search engine discoverability. They also allow you to share “the story behind your story,” which is a powerful way to build social proof with readers.

Rough Cut Book Bubbles

book bubble

This is a “rough cut” book bubble taken right from the pages of a writer’s manuscript. Build your audience while you write your book(s). Then, collect pre-orders when your launch date gets nearer.

Authorpreneur Dashboard

Bublish Authorpreneur Dashboard

Manage up to five books with unlimited book bubbles from your Authorpreneur Dashboard, which offers real-time social metrics to help you learn what’s resonating with readers on various social networks. You’ll also receive exclusive tutorials to help you become a better marketer for your book. Finally, your Author Profile will enable you to share all your book projects, both published and in progress, with a single click.