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F*ck the Bucket List for the Soul


Are you ready to live a more intentional life in which you consciously decide what is uniquely healthy for your mind, body, and soul, and let go of what is unhealthy? If you are, life will never be the same. The journey will be intense. It is not for the faint of heart. But as you learn how to access and trust the universal wisdom within your own heart, your life will begin to shift dramatically. These book are not for everyone.They're for anyone ready to start questioning everything, and to simply say f*ck it--or whatever words you choose to use, when something in life no longer serves you. It will help you become more aware of the choices you make, and your responsibility as an architect of your life, not its victim. F*ck the Bucket List helps you realize that this is a time to listen to the whispers of your soul. As the Universe insists: Letting go means making space for your wildest creations. Come discover the wonder of you.

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Sparking Ourselves with Awe

We would be delusional to imagine life as a never-ending ordeal, but that doesn’t mean we should not feel our frustrations and disappointments. This whole notion of being happy and positive all the time is not healthy for anyone, as there are real bumps along the path that are here to teach us how to truly be human.

Breaking Cycles by Building Bridges

Human history, as recorded in our history books, calls for the death of one leader, one regime, one paradigm to usher in a better one. Much energy goes into discrediting the evils of one simply by replacing it with another. And yet, despite all the revolutions, uprisings, genocides, and efforts to save the world, our history simply repeats itself over and over. We could be in an unhealthy relationship with a partner or a boss, and dream of a new person who will better appreciate us—but we might just keep bringing the same person, with a different face and body, into our lives. Just changing the deck chairs on a sinking ship is not enough. It’s time to go deeper in understanding the root causes of our situations, and get back in harmony with nature’s intelligence and our own power sources.

Do You See Possibilities, or Problems?

Problem mindset is where we’ve been. Seeing everything as a problem to fix. Wanting to be saved by some power outside ourselves. Living in scarcity of not enough. Injecting our energy in solving problems in the same story. For what? Much shifts when we step into our power and look at a problem as a gateway to opportunities. What happens when you ask yourself, What is possible? What happens when you trek into the unknown, with the mindset of an adventurer, excited about possibilities?

Hope is Always Available

Wherever you go, there you are. This saying reflects our tendency to constantly want to be going places, as though escaping to a different location will change our reality. But no matter where we go or what we do, we take ourselves and all our baggage with us. When you feel restless or stressed, it might be helpful to channel your feelings into going inside yourself rather than filling your time with external distractions. Sometimes, you may just need a change of perspective, and that’s what many of us are being called to do now. We are relearning how to embrace joy and balance in our lives. This is an opportunity to question whether you’re being true to yourself or compromising in some way. This journey asks you not to be afraid to be your true self and express yourself in whatever way feels healthy to you.

Life can be a crazy adventure

There is freedom in the attitude we choose to adopt—it can free us or imprison our soul. Our attitude determines how we communicate with ourselves, the type of people we attract into our lives, and how we’re treated once we’re aware of the role trauma and pain play in our lives. Recognizing and dealing with our difficulties takes courage. There’s no universal formula for how we address it. But attitude determines the state of our health and well-being, because self-love can do more for us than a judgmental, angry, or cynical attitude. Where can you tweak your attitude and let your kindness shine?

Are You Truly Ready to Experience Life?

We’re living in transformational times. What seems too often impossible can become possible when we step out of the overwhelming noise and fear of the modern world. There are no lists, manuals, or roadmaps to where we’re headed as we’re the ones creating them. We’ve already been given abundant tools—such as imagination, curiosity, courage, sadness, and hope—and the rest is up to us to imagine, create, and produce. Our world continues to go through dramatic change, improbable advancements, and game-changing breakthroughs. Public personalities will continue to be hailed or criticized. Internal and external wars and competitions will be won and lost. Blame and outrage will continue to dominate the reactions to the injustices of this world. And, at the same time, there will be a growing realization that people like you and me can transform our lives when we start seeing the invisible barriers that are holding us hostage through fear, anger, judgement, blame, division, cynicism, or loneliness.

Choosing to Let Go

For me, after getting lost in what was supposed to be success, the next chapter of my life started with deep questioning and curiosity to explore what is possible and why I’m actually here. That was the piece of the puzzle that led me to an understanding that it was time to trek into the unknown with the courage of an adventurer. We have literally come to a point in time where we as human beings accept the current systems as they are without acknowledging that we are the ones who created, or inherited, them. Granted, humans did not create the sun, the ocean, the sky, the earth or animals but we did create the notion of work, money, vacations, marriage, retirement, taxes, the stock market, government and the healthcare system. The human imagination is immense. And don’t forget, we also created the wheel, airplanes, pencils, music, pizza, and the Internet—and there is so much more that we can create when we reimagine what is possible. While it would be impossible to redesign the natural systems—the oceans, the wind currents, the soil, and the planets—it is not insane to believe that we can reimagine existing man made systems and develop healthy approaches and systems that would create healthier, regenerative, and more personally satisfying options for our world.

Upgrade Your Frequency

Being positive and staying in balance is a powerful energy source—but being programmed to fixate on the positive and disregard the whole gamut of what it means to be human is a constant reminder of what we are missing and what we lack. It is not very useful, as each one of us is a little bit imperfect and has lessons to learn throughout our lifetime. It’s kind of funny when we really stop and think about all the programming that we’ve been exposed to, and how hardwired it has made us to not question the source of these beliefs. We have a choice. We can choose to have an opportunity mindset as our vibration and attract positive energy into our lives.

It's Time to Step into Your Power

The world is changing fast and providing you with opportunities to become a leader of your own life when you understand that leadership is not outside yourself. Conscious, self-aware leaders are starting to emerge around the world. Some are rewriting the established code to create healthy lives and some are also creating purposeful systems to generate industries that can contribute positively to sustain communities. Universal law teaches us that healthy people flow and don’t need to control others or the environment. The more you fight the current system, the more you are guaranteed to lose. When you get real with the opportunities in front of you and create, the more you evolve into a healthier existence. What if instead of being the first or the best in a crowded market where everyone craves the spotlight, you dedicated your life to becoming a healthier version of yourself?

And the Point Is to Live Everything

Our opportunity is to tap into our own heart—not with the dreams and visions of other people, but by tapping into our own wisdom. Sometimes letting go is an act of greater power than hanging on and defending our choices. In these books, you will discover how the old is becoming new again, and why self-trust is at the heart of everything. The question is, are you in tune and listening to what your heart is telling you and driving in directions that speak to your vision of the world you want to live in? Are you bursting at the seams to bring your vision to life and experimenting with all that is possible? It’s easy to follow someone else, hoping for a break, but there is much beauty waiting for you to experience inside of you.

F*ck the Bucket List for the Health Conscious


Book Bubbles from F*ck the Bucket List for the Health Conscious

Healthy Living is Up to Us

Whatever beliefs you hold create the destination of thought and your day-to-day reality, and yet there is also a physical reality you need to be increasingly aware of. It’s not like you can snap your fingers and transform your physical reality with a thought. A Tesla or a soulmate won’t magically appear at your front door. It requires conscious effort, choice, intention, and the flow of pure energy. You stand at a crossroads of possibilities. You can choose to allow in a healthy thought or an unhealthy thought, each directing your life. That’s how powerful you are. When you’re aware of your power and energy source, you can open your heart to fresh opportunities. Every action you take and every thought that comes before it connects you to possibilities and outcomes that were not available before.

Becoming Aware is the First Step

We live on a fine line between the very sad and the extremely humorous aspects of life. In many respects, the choice is yours whether to fall into the dark side or jump onto the bright side. Even in a dark situation, you have an internal light shining to guide you. However, it is essential to develop the muscle of self-awareness and an understanding of how to use it. It begins when you can commit that you are here to experience and cherish the celebration of every moment of your life, whether or not you perceive it as good or bad, right or wrong.

Becoming Conscious Healthy Creators

The best revenge is no revenge; the best revenge is living well by learning to understand that our energy and attention are our most valuable assets, and how we invest and use them is up to us. It takes forgiveness of ourselves and courage to find our own path in our own way. Otherwise, we simply relive our history over and over with reruns and sequels of the same story

It's Always A Choice: What Are You Choosing?

Sometimes our biggest gifts are disguised as what society calls failures and disappointments. Challenges become problems when we allow ourselves to react without taking the time to think and feel through situations. Sometimes our heart is calling us to weed out what is obstructing the energy at our core, and many of us have learned not to listen to its call. But strength comes from facing our challenges and moving away from the norm by transforming them into our greatest opportunities. When we can look at a challenge and examine its root cause, we take a step toward self-awareness and mastery. We are always free to choose our own experience and adventure, even at times when the external world is calling us to take sides and fight for our lives—which is the current story of our times.

F*ck the Bucket List for the Adventurer

Religion & Spirituality

At a certain point in your journey, you may not know where you’re headed but you become more curious and courageous to experience life and all it has to offer. Your heart knows when you’re ready to take the first few steps. And once you do, nothing will ever be the same. No one can do this work for you; it’s your job to become fully aware that you are standing at a juncture of possibilities. Are you entertaining thoughts about a healthier direction in your life? Are you ready to experiment and try things on to see what actually fits you? Through all of the knowing and unknowing, the visible and invisible, facts and mystery, loss and gain, sanity, and insanity of it all—you are here. Trekking into the unknown takes courage because it forces you to realize how much you don’t really know. F*ck the Bucket List inspires you to ask questions, dig deep, and create your own meaning. The story starts and ends at your own pace.

Book Bubbles from F*ck the Bucket List for the Adventurer

Exploring the Unknown is Our Opportunity

As adventurers, humans have explored the moon, distant galaxies, faraway lands, and the depths of the oceans. We are curious about how things work and celebrate our technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs. But how curious are we about exploring ourselves? It is much more acceptable to go to war and annihilate other people in distant lands than it is to understand the source of our own suffering and destruction. We’ve been conditioned to look in the mirror and only observe our physical image reflecting back at us, wondering if we look presentable enough to the outside world. Psychologist Carl Jung observed that, “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.” And, indeed, we are experts at strategizing against the enemies outside of us and mostly avoid facing the enemies looming within us. Our history shows us that it is much easier to blame and be victimized than honestly look within ourselves.

Can You Step into Your Power?

There’s no integrity or compassion with a conflicted outlook on life. Healing our conflicts as to what is healthy or unhealthy takes a great deal of soul searching and honesty with ourselves. While our egos may punish us for being wrong or doing something “stupid,” there are only consequences for our actions and inactions at any moment. We each have the capacity to choose how we allow anyone to treat us, what we believe and don’t believe, what we tolerate or don’t, and whether we’re ready to listen to our internal compass and flow with life rather than show up every day to fight it with everything we have. We are being invited to observe and know ourselves: what food, people, and beliefs are we consuming, how are we spending our time, what are we thinking about, and what we’re experimenting with. This is an opportunity to sift through unhealed relationships with ourselves and those around us, what we have not done but have longed to do, what our calling and purpose is and why we may have not answered it, and all the ways fear blocks us from living in our power.

Connecting with YourTrue Self

How we react to every situation matters, and so does how we pay attention to the lessons that life is here to teach us. The world can change when you shift your perspective and realize you are on an inner journey and the adventure is personal. It’s your biggest opportunity to explore within so you can become whole and learn to fully trust yourself—and only then, connect and trust others. You can also become aware that it’s not your fault that you made mistakes or “failed” along the way and forgive yourself. From a young age, most of us have been taught to trust others, especially authority figures and older people, more than our own instincts. When we experienced our parents fighting from an early age, and then that rage turned to us, we learned to comply with how the world in our home played out. And when we are older, we may have had relationships with abusive people until we were able to break the cycle of pain and abuse. How could we have known any other way when we weren’t brought up in a musical?

Trekking into the Unknown

Have you—or someone you witnessed—ever thrown a temper tantrum, stamping your feet, flailing your arms, crying out against the injustice of it all? Have you been told that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? We’re taught to dream and set goals, to continuously aspire for greatness. We’ve been trained to get our way—and we get used to having what we want, when we want it. That’s why we stamp our feet when we feel unsafe or outraged, and when things don’t go our way. And we may freak out when everything that used to represent normalcy suddenly gets swept aside and becomes uncertain.

A Dose of Healthy Hope

The fear of unknown consequences keeps us rooted in old patterns of the past. Many of us have understood stability through the consistency of our living situations, relationships, paychecks, or the familiarity of nationalities and sports teams. We’re now being asked to become healthier, more courageous, resilient, and stronger. Isn’t it time to reconsider the meaning of stability, comfort, and safety, and develop a healthy foundation?

Is it Your Time To Question Everything?

In a noisy world—within yourself and outside yourself—it’s easy to fall out of balance. It can be challenging to get a hold of yourself when you feel everything is changing quickly or falling apart. And yes, things do fall apart. It’s natural to get a bit lost when everything is out of whack. What many of us are witnessing is fear and anger spilling out everywhere, and our individual and collective inability to accept what we now truly see when we question everything in healthy ways—which is actually possible when we choose to trek into the unknown. What if we bring more play into our lives and take ourselves less seriously? It doesn’t mean we’re less responsible and accountable—it means we let go of unhealthy beliefs that keep us chained to stuff that makes no sense. It's our time to question everything.

The Art of Letting Go

This is a journey for each of us, with different expeditions, that sparks our willingness to bring our full self to face our challenges and opportunities. It’s a story of how you can begin to trust yourself enough to know what’s healthy and toxic for you, set boundaries, make peace with your body, mind, and soul—as well as your ancestors. On this adventure, you learn to honor your anger, heartbreaks, and disappointments by learning forgiveness for what you didn’t have the capacity and ability to know when certain events took place in your life. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to unleash your truest and wildest instincts so that you can be brave and courageous enough to create the healthiest life you can experience. You really deserve nothing less!

What's Your Enough?

At one point on my journey, I found myself asking the age-old question: when is enough, enough? And more importantly, a new question emerged, which was, “What is my enough?” When have we had enough fear, worry, or joy? How much stuff do we need? At what point have we consumed enough of the best life, the best food, the best friends? How many countries do we need to visit to feel satisfied? How many people need to validate us? How many successes do we need? How many items should be on our bucket list? And when can we let go of the stories that keep us stuck? When is enough truly enough?

Being Yourself is A Gift to Unwrap

Wherever you go, there you are. This saying reflects our tendency to constantly want to be going places, as though escaping to a different location will change our reality. But no matter where we go or what we do, we take ourselves and all our baggage with us. When you feel restless or stressed, it might be helpful to channel your feelings into going inside yourself rather than filling your time with external distractions. Sometimes, you may just need a change of perspective, and that’s what many of us are being called to do now. We are relearning how to embrace joy and balance in our lives. This is an opportunity to question whether you’re being true to yourself or compromising in some way. This journey asks you not to be afraid to be your true self and express yourself in whatever way feels healthy to you.

Our Journey to Corporate Sanity

Business & Investing

The prevailing mindset in business, which values profit above well-being and the environment that sustains us, is insane. Creating a healthy, humane world requires more than new organizational models that merely shift the deck chairs on a sinking ship. We need to entirely re-imagine the nature of business, work, and life. In Our Journey to Corporate Sanity, Ayelet Baron guides us through transformational stories from leading business pioneers who share how they are profitably creating a beautiful and humane world. We can draw from their collective wisdom to help us chart our own journey to a new mindset of 21st century leadership.

Book Bubbles from Our Journey to Corporate Sanity

In Search of Conscious 21st Century Leaders

Conscious leaders focus on continuously asking themselves these questions: • What is my life’s purpose? What does it propel me to create in the world? How will my life’s work make the world a better place for me, my community, and the world? • Why am I trusted to conduct meaningful business? • What is working well? What do I need to focus more on? • How can I help other people see themselves as trusted leaders themselves, so that they can make the impact on the world they are capable of?

Stepping into Our Power

Work and jobs as we know them are forever changing. The cracks in our business systems are starting to show, and the opportunities for change are abundant. Old employment contracts are shifting. The concept of a job for life no longer exists. We are moving into a project-based world that will transform expectations and allow people to perform more project work. Organizations will need more generalists who can move between projects, organizations, and roles, and tap into their ability to build purposeful human-to-human relationships. We will no longer separate soft and hard skills so sharply, and we will need people who are excellent community builders and connectors of people and projects. This will fundamentally change how organizations attract, retain, and engage people and bring people closer together around shared purpose. As more people declutter and simplify their lives and new lifestyle options appear, we can expect some early adopters to make different decisions when it comes to traditional careers and how they approach ownership of homes and cars, and move into sharing resources. This is already happening in many countries in the world.

It's Time to Become Whole Again

People are starting to feel that the way we run organizations, and our lives, no longer works. We have fragmented ourselves into too many pieces and separated ourselves from the natural flow of life, individually and collectively. The stories we have been fed of the leaders of powerful multinational organizations winning the game of success and leading lives we could only dream of are beginning to crumble. Trust in leaders continues to be on the decline as our collective dream of success transforms. We need to pick up the pieces and become whole again as individuals and as organizations. We seem to be in such a rush to conform to what is expected of us that we end up losing pieces of ourselves along the way. What if we had conscious leaders paired with a shared purpose? What would happen if we trusted each other and ourselves? Would we still have departments and functions inside the corporate walls fighting each other for budgets and headcount? Isn’t it time to admit we have lost corporate sanity and to become whole again?

Are You a Conscious Leader?

On the journey to corporate sanity, 33 leading business pioneers share transformational stories about how they are profitably creating a beautiful and humane world. We can draw from their collective wisdom to help us chart our own journey to a new mindset of 21st century leadership. Join the journey today by experiencing their stories and co-creating your own.

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