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Nothing Like Naked


Marti is a busy TV reporter in Jacksonville, Florida building her career when her family begs her to come home to South Carolina and stop Aunt Shirley from giving all her money to the Whispering Pines Nudist Resort. Taking a long weekend, she visits her favorite auntie to check out the new place. When she meets Shirley's tall, dark and handsome neighbor, Chuck, she feels motivated to hang around just a day or two longer. Soon Marti is checking out the resort and Chuck at the same time. She discovers a plan by a TV evangelist who owns a mega-church next door. He's plotting to close Whispering Pines so he can have the land for his own benefit. Marti and Chuck work together to discover just what the manipulating minster has in mind. Meanwhile, they uncover a chemistry between that's hard to resist. Challenging each other, Chuck persuades Marti there's more to life than work, and they realize there is nothing like naked to bring a couple together.

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Marti's Auntie is a Free Spirit!

Marti's busy building her TV reporter career in Jacksonville, FL when she gets a call from her Mom to go rescue Aunt Shirley, who has bought a home in a nudist resort in Greenville, SC. Well, Marti knows all about nudist resorts - there are more than 15 across Florida. Most of the folks are retired and just want to stay cool! But, when Marti visits Auntie at the resort, she learns some news: Auntie has been diagnosed with MS. She moved to Shady Palms to be near her best friend, Paula, who is also a nurse - and a nudist. Marti promises to keep her secret, but she stays to check out Auntie's other friends, including her handyman, Chuck, who lives next door. Has Marti met her match?

A Night to Hobnob!

Marti knows if she and Chuck show themselves as a couple tonight at the MS Charity event that it will cinch her interview to be the MS Communications Director - almost twice the salary, and she gets to write her own agenda. As much as Chuck hates wearing a suit and tie, he'll do it for Marti if it means she's based in Greenville where they can build a relationship. Nothing like showing off on the dance floor to get their attention. Chuck pulls his best moves, dipping Marti and spinning her close to catch everyone's attention. Who doesn't love to see couples having fun?

A surprise for Chuck

Marti has brushed up on her German to surprise Chuck with traditional pretzels with tangy mustard sauce and German Pilsner beer. Of course, sharing it on a blanket in his private backyard is the best surprise of all. He could get used to this, and so could she! I guess it really is true that there's nothing like naked with the warm sun shining on you!

A Meet & Greet Dinner

Aunt Shirley knows how to throw a dinner party! With the tables set up outside, Marti sits across from Chuck and notices that one of the single ladies makes a beeline to sit beside him. Marti watches his manners as he politely manuvers questions away, and offers to get Marti more wine. Just like any other dinner party muses Marti. She's ready for a walk after the meal is served, and Chuck's volunteers to be her tour guide to escape, also. It's almost sunset as they stroll down the path around the park. Marti searches for anything to dislike, but it's actually a peaceful place. The only thing raising her temperature is Chuck's closeness.

Investigating Rev. Serino

After Marti discovered that the "nursing home" funded by Rev. Serino was really a shopping mall, she was even more determined to find the evidence that could stop him in his tracks so he'd leave Whispering Pines alone. Unhappy employees were a good place to start. They revealed secrets they didn't even know, like how does he hide a Gulfstream jet from his congregation? She was more protective of her auntie now that she knew more about her MS diagnosis. No way would she let Rev. Serino take over Whispering Pines. He was in for a fight, and he didn't even know it!

An Evening to Remember

Now, that Marti has Rev. Serino turned over to the IRS, she can relax and enjoy this MS fundraiser. It's her chance to shine and convince them that she's the one for the Atlanta communications job. Just think, she could see Chuck and Aunt Shirley more often, and only commute to Atlanta twice a month. Chuck does his best to hobnob with the MS ladies - even swinging Marti around on the dance floor! Sure enough, the next day Marti gets a phone call from MS headquarters. Will she take the job, and move in with Chuck?

Aunt Shirley in a Nudist Resort!

Marti had to keep her promise to her Mom to check up on Aunt Shirley. Why did she buy a house in a nudist resort? Is it a cult that brainwashed Shirley for her money? OK, maybe Mom was overreacting, because Whispering Pines looks pretty cool as Marti drives through, and not a single nudist flaunting anything! It all becomes clear when she learns Shirley has been diagnosed with MS, and she's living right next door to her favorite nurse. But, Marti is floored when she meets Chuck, Shirley's handyman neighbor. Oh, I bet he's handy, alright!

Marti's gets the goods on Serino

Marti's research file on Rev. Serino is growing! And now she's interviewing a local TV reporter who sees Serino when he comes into the station to film his Sunday broadcasts. His outward contact with people is always charismatic, but when she tracks down his former CFO, she discovers one of his secrets. He's withholding info for tax purposes. The Gulfstream jet he uses is hidden in a separate corporation than his non-profit church. And, now, she has photos of bags of money being placed into the trunk of Rev. Serino's personal car. Why wasn't it turned into the church like the rest of the money?

Marti goes for a swim!

Well, 7am is a good time to be nude when everyone is sleeping! At least that's what Marti thought as she wandered to the swimming pool at auntie's nudist resort. And, who does she bump into but Chuck, looking like Adonis as he pulls himself out of the water in all of his muscular glory. She caught her breath and waited till he wrapped himself in a towel before making her appearance. At least now, she's got confirmation that being attracted to Chuck will not be disappointing!

Giving the IRS all the Serino data

Marti's research shows that Serino's lawyers have saved him every time evidence has been presented about fradulent bookkeeping. So, Marti is going straight to the IRS. With the evidence she has gathered, including photos of putting cash in his private car, she believes the IRS can stop him. She's ready to fight back when Serino tries to use the safety of children to close Whispering Pines. And, her mind is made up. There is nothing she wants from this investigation...just Serino behind bars.

Got to have Traditions!

Marti is afraid that she's let physcial attraction put her out of sync with Chuck. Now, she's trying to find out how many things they really have in how does he get ready for bed? Watch TV? Read in bed? She's delighted to find out that he likes the idea of traditions bringing them closer. His favorite is talking in bed before falling asleep. By the time the weekend's over, Marti is confident that her heart and head are in the right place. And, falling for Chuck is the right thing to do!

Marti Loves Traditions

While she might be a modern woman, Marti still remembers the scent of her Mom's favorite perfume, Tabu, and she uses it, also. Maybe, Chuck will be surprised to discover that she also loves traditions like brushing teeth together at night before bed. He has a few of his own that work for Marti....breakfast in bed on Sunday! So far, she hasn't uncovered any secrets that tell her to be careful with her heart, and Chuck is beginning to be someone she wants to be with more often. Can she still have her career and her man, too?

On Rev. Serino's tail!

Marti has gathered all the research about Rev. Serino's finances, His mega-church has 3 divisions so it's eacy for him to hide money! This weekend Marti gets to be with Chuck while she does night-time spying as Rev. Serino brings his jet airplane home from a crusade. Marti hopes to get on film the unloading of the crates. Will Serino take one of them home in his car? THAT would be evidence to turn over to the IRS.

Dinner at the Nudist Resort

Marti sighed when she spotted Chuck in the dinner party crowd. She kept her eyes on everyone's face, so she could concentrate, and she was surprised how many guest wore sarongs or short wraps. Looking out the window, she got to see early evening at a nudist resort. Kids riding bikes..just one die-hard nudist walking his dog. OK, Marti thought, I can handle this. As the group moved outside to the dinner tables, she relaxed and smiled when Chuck handed her a second glass of wine. "Don't get toasted," she warned herself, you're still on the lookout to make certain this place is legit.

Another side of Chuck

Marti has admired Chuck as a lover, but seeing him with Matt as a big brother/uncle takes her breath away. He's so patient answering the boy's questions. Hey, I may just fall in love with this guy, she thinks to herself. Let's see how he handles stress when we really go after Rev. Serino tonight filming as he unloads from his missionary trip. Will we get the evidence we need of undeclared cash being placed in his private car?

A Gala she'll remember!

Marti feels good about her interview with the MS Society, and tonight is her chance to hobnob with all the executives. She and Chuck put on their best looks and begin to mingle, but nobody can beat Aunt Shirley at networking! She introduces everyone to Marti until her head spins. Maybe the icing on the cake is watching Marti and Chuck on the dance floor. They really look like a couple in love!

Spending Time with Chuck

Now that the love bug has bitten Marti, she's all in to spend time with Chuck over the holiday weekend. Marti is not a girl to rush things, but it sure does please her that he gets along with her Auntie. But, how will she fit in with his extended family? She'll find out this weekend.

The Dinner Party

Marti's at Whispering Pines Nudist Resort to save her Aunt Shirley from giving her money to a scam outfit. This dinner party will give her a chance to test the validity of the residents. She's a little distracted by Chuck, auntie's next door neighbor. He's caught her eye like no man has for a few months. Still, she can enjoy his company, and do her research, too. Marti's impressed by the warm greeting she receives, and is not too surprised to learn that the owner is a recent widow, who is lost without her husband. But, that only makes the resort vulnerable to a takeover. So, how secure is Aunt Shirley really?

Changes keep coming!

As Aunt Shirley adapts to her MS diagnosis, she's surprised by the side effects to the new meds. At the same time, Chuck gets news that things are moving on for his old army buddy's family...there's a new man in the picture now, and they won't need him as often. Maybe this is the time for him to consider a relationship with Marti. How would that be with him in South Carolina ad her in Florida?

Checking out the Nudist Resort

Marti is on a family mission to make certain her favorite Aunt Shirley is not being dragged into a scam. Of course, it's just like her open-minded Auntie to live in a nudist resort! She's the adventurer in the family. Imagine Marti's surprise when she finds a clean, family community, and her eyebrows go up when she meets Chuck, Auntie's neighbor. Maybe she'll tie on her sarong, and stay a couple of days to check him out.

Getting Rev. Serino Evidence

Now that Marti has photos of Rev. Serino placing cartons of cash in the truck of his car, she needs an irrefutable witness to speak with the IRS - someone his lawyers can't pay off to go away. His former CFO is just that person, and Marti gets to interview him. She's hoping the cash reward for turning in IRS offenders will become a college fund for Steven Bradley's children. Just as she's reaching the climax in this investigating, she's realizing that it could be her ticket to the big show - newtwork TV. But, is that what she really wants?

Exposing Rev. Serino's taxes

Marti is closing in on all the tax loopholes that Rev. Serino has used to build his megachurch and finance his 'celebrity minister' lifestyle. Now that Tom has delivered the cease and desist order directly to the ministry, Marti is focussed on turning over all her investigative evidence to the IRS so Serino leaves Whispering Pines alone. She's clear on her priority - protect Aunt Shirley's home from Serino's lawyers. This is one fight that his shell company can't win for him. Even though she realizes this could be major network news, she asks herself if being a major network news reporter is what she really wants.

A Weekend Away with Chuck

Now that they are both on board to stop Rev. Cerino from closing Whispering Pines, it bonds Marti and Chuck closer together. This trip to Savannah has two purposes - a romantic weekend and the chance to interview Cerino's former pilot. Chuck knows how details get exposed on a private jet. And, it can only help Marti's efforts to have insider info on Cerino. Even a romantic carriage ride through Savannah doesn't throw Marti off of her determination to protect her favorite auntie, and now the man who's becoming important to her.

Marti likes traditions

As Marti is getting to know Chuck, she learns they do like some of the same things, like dark chocolate, and walking on the beach. Not that she expects them to agree on sex is fun! She knows she wants a man who speaks his mind, so when Chuck offers to buy her a little black dress for dinner and dancing, she's in the game of love. A man who likes to dance, and shop.....

First Visit to a Nudist Resort

Marti feels cautious as she listens to her favorite Auntie describe the Whispering Pines Nudist Resort. Sure, Marti has seen them in Florida where she lives - it's the nudist capital of the world! Now, here she is walking into Aunt Shirley's bungalow. But, she hasn't seen a nudist, yet! The place looks pretty well kept. "Love your little home," Marti says as she follows Shirley into the backyard full of bird feeders and a hot tub. "Oh, I couldn't have done this without Chuck, my neighbor. You'll meet him tonight at our dinner party."

An Unexpected Offer

Marti is surprised when Auntie's friend mentions a great job at the MS Society. She could live in Greenville, yet, would have to travel to Atlanta for monthly meetings. Wow! That would let her be closer to Shirley and Chuck, too. But, how would she feel not being part of TV news anymore? Maybe she could be a news maker with MS special events, raising funds and awareness. Wouldn't she love having her own YouTube channel where she interviewed doctors who were developing new treatments for MS? And, best of all, no 5am camera calls!

All weekend with Chuck!

Now that Marti has all the parts of her Serino strategy figured out, this weekend is the icing on the cake for gathering the evidence she needs to stop the mega-ministry from closing her auntie's home resort. The best part of it all is the support she's gotten from Chuck, auntie's neighbor and Marti's partner in crime! She loves how well they work together, and play together - it's been a long time since a man captured her attention! Is she willing to walk away from her TV career to have a relationship with Chuck?

A lovers weekend in Savannah

Marti and Chuck are still in the throes of attraction as they have their first weekend away together. Marti has planned surprises to spice up their attraction, like lacy lingerie under her clothes. And, Chuck shows his appreciation! Will they remember that they came to Savannah to investigate Rev. Serino and his corporate jet, or will their attraction be a major distraction? Why can't they have both?

An Evening to Remember

Marti is hobnobbing at the country club to get a high profile job with the MS Society, and Chuck is right beside her offering support. Now that the IRS is after Rev. Serino, Marti can focus on her life, and that means getting closer to Chuck and Aunt Shirley. A girl has to know what's really important! Cross your fingers that's she has learned there really is more to life than TV reporting.

Chuck Visits Marti

Marti's enjoying having Chuck visit her at the beach. She needed to leave work behind for awhile, and he's just what the doctor ordered! He's an easy-going man who can take her high energy and not be threatened by it. Of course, the secret test is tonight. He's taking her to a dance club, and can he dance? Marti's got to have her slow dance before her heart can go pitter-patter.

Chuck & Shirley face issues

Chuck was looking forward to Matt's birthday party, and hoped his playset would be a hit. But a new man is on the scene when he arrives, and he's getting serious with Matt's Mom. That means less time with Matt...but maybe more with Marti. Maybe both of them are needed to check in with Aunt Shirley. He was surprised to see she had a dizzy spell with a new medication. He was going to have to tell Marti when she came this weekend. The important thing right now was Shirley.

The Dinner Party

Marti felt more at ease after a glass of wine. Sure enough, these were regular folks who just believed in living au naturale. Each to his own Marti thought as she watched everyone finish their meal. Time to walk the grounds and see what else her reporter instinct could find out about Whispering Pines. Inviting Chuck to join her, she never expected that he'd have to save her from a tree spider, but creepy crawling on her bare shoulder was a surprise! And, of course, the hero got a kiss. She just wasn't prepared for his kiss.

Closing in on Rev. Serino

Nothing motivated Marti more than watching Rev. Serino place suitcases full of cash into the trunk of his car and drive away. Clearly, all the other church equipment was placed in the van to return to the church. There should have been a clear path to log and record the donations as well. Skimming off the top for his own personal use really fired up Marti to contact the IRS. Only Tom's cool thinking kept her in line as the group discussed how to best use the evidence they had on Serino. It also helped that Chuck was there to distract her!

Off to the Nudist Resort

Even though Marti lives at the beach where she sees a lot of almost naked folks, it still makes her nervous to enter the nudist resort where everyone is in the buff! She wraps in a sarong for the resort tour in a golf cart, and sure enough everyone's as natural as can be. When they stop by Tom's house to get a drink, Marti gets to watch he and Aunt Shirley together. She feels so much better seeing how well they get along. Maybe this was a brilliant idea that Shirley had. When she answers the door for Tom, and comes face-to-face with Chuck, Shirley's neighbor and handyman, Marti is certain that there is nothing like naked!

Researching Serino

Marti had worked carefully to build her plan to expose Rev. Serino's hiding cash from his busy preaching schedule. Her TV photographer, John, agreed to come to Greenville and set up a telephoto lens so he could capture everything that happened from 500' away. She prayed for no rain! When Serino's plane landed tonight, they had to film everything that happened. If Serino made one wrong step, Marti wanted it on film!

Marti's Traditions

Marti and Chuck are getting to know one another. Now, he's in Marti's condo, and she's got traditions, like which side of the bed does he sleep on. Of course, coffee in bed every morning while reading the paper. So far, Chuck is cool with Marti's traditions, and he's persuaded her to try one of his - sleeping au naturale. It makes it so much easier to snuggle. Marti's beginning to think they are two peas in a pod?

Getting to know Chuck

Getting to know Chuck intrigued Marti. She pried some details from Aunt Shirley, but she was going to have to use her reporter skills to really understand why she was so attracted to him. Maybe, it had just been a long time since a mature man had crossed her path. She realized that he didn't say a word about sports! So, what was his schtick? If she let nature take its course, she knew her auntie would be plotting to get them together...maybe she would just sit back and watch things unfold. At least, in this nudist resort, she'd already had a peek at his body, and it was something else!

Investigating Rev. Serino

Marti knew she had to dig deep to find the mystery of how Rev. Serino could afford the $4,000,000 price tag just to buy a corporate jet. And, then he'd have the $1,000,000 budget to maintain and staff it. How could a small town minister afford such an expense? He'd have to be on the road, and broadcasting world-wide to get that volume of donations. Her endorphins kicked in...this was what she loved about investigative reporting! Marti was on the hunt to find the truth, and she was sure that Chuck could help her.

The Dinner Party

After two glasses of wine with dinner, Marti was feeling no pain, and loved the idea of a walk around the grounds with Chuck. They stopped at the pond on the grounds to watch the stars come out. As Marti leaned against a tree, Chuck had to rescue her from a spider nesting on the trunk. It was a sudden movement that shocked Marti, but she was grateful for his fast thinking. A quick thank-you kiss turned into something more, and she was surprised again at the electricity that pulsed between them. That sure had not happened in a long time!

Putting Heat on Rev. Serino

After Marti's team got photos of Serino putting cartons of cash in his private car, it was easy to get the recently departed CFO to share his accounting stories working for the tele-evangelist. And, the tax fraud reward would make a good college plan for his kids. Saving Whispering Palms was Marti's prime objective. Now, she could turn all her research over to the IRS, and get on with her life. She had to admit, it was exciting to track down his hidden investments, but she was certain the IRS team could find more. Her idea of a good time these days was hanging out with Chuck and Shirley. How could she make that happen?

The Dinner Party

Marti didn't expect a nudist dinner party on her first night with Aunt Shirley. She was surprised by the nudist clothing - colorful sarongs, sheer wraps. It made her more comfortable, especially watching the older ladies flirt with Chuck, Shirley's handyman. Sitting across from him, she could see his patience was being tested. He looked at her, wanting to be rescued. Well, what's girl to do! Wouldn't you rescue a gentleman?

Off to the Nudist Resort

The last thing that Marti expected when she went to investigate the nudist resort was a tall, dark, handsome man. She really thought it would be older hippies who needed affordable housing! But, Aunt Shirley was clever. She found a community that would give her support as she aged, and Marti couldn't argue with that. No one had captured her attention in a long time. She had to find out why Chuck was living here behind these gated walls.

An Evening to Remember

Once Marti turned her investigation over to the IRS, her work on Rev. Serino was done. Now, she could focus her attention on her new career interview with the MS Society. Her head was spinning with ideas but first she had to impress everyone at a fundraising gala. With Chuck by her side, she worked the ballroom, and even got him out on the dance floor to impress the ladies with his moves. Will Marti get the job, and the relationship of her dreams?

Marti checks out the Nudist Resort

Marti promised she would use all of her investigative skills to make certain Auntie Shirley was in a safe place. Nudist Resorts didn't mean much to her living in Florida where walking beaches guaranteed a lot of skin was on display! Her first impressions were good - clean, no exhibitionists, and she immediately liked Tom, Shirley's new boyfriend. Nothing could have prepared Marti for Chuck, Shirley's neighbor!

Getting Facts on Rev. Serino

Marti has finally found the one witness who can provide evidence that Rev. Serino took cash from his mega-ministry, and used it for personal benefit. Serino has dodged two IRS audits because the investigators did not secure evidence that would stand up in court. But, Marti's got photos now, and she just needs to connect them to something specific.

Getting to know Chuck

When Marti arrived at the nudist resort, she had her investigative cap on, whatever it took to protect her favorite auntie..if this was a shady place. But, at the cocktail party she discovers everyone is chill, except her..she's warm from seeing all the tanned bodies, especially Chuck's. No man has spiked her interest in a long time! What's special about him she wonders.

An Evening to Remember

Just as Marti comes off the high of finding evidence on Serino, she's offered an opportunity that sure would mean a lot personally. So what it's not in TV, she would get to work for a cause, and be closer to Shirley...and Chuck. Can she pull off the interview in the middle of a fundraiser? She's got lots of help from her crew.

Marti's Traditions

Marti may be a career girl at work, but at home she likes some tradition so it connects her to her family. Chuck finds most of them brushing their teeth together at night, sleeping on the right side of the bed, cuddle time before falling asleep. Now, if he can just break her habit of wearing PJs to bed!

Getting to Know Chuck

Now that Marti's recognized her attraction to Chuck, she turns on the charm with a new dress that makes her a "Bond girl" for their 007 movie date. Of course, working in the kitchen together is another chance to rub more than elbows! Can she keep her hands off Chuck long enough to solve this mystery of why Rev. Serino is so bent on buying Aunt Shirley's new home?

Marti & Chuck in Savannah

Marti likes to multi-task so she's up for a romantic weekend with Chuck while they also investigate a pilot who flew Rev. Serino for years, and knows some of his secrets. Maybe she is a little surprised at the chemistry growing between she and Chuck. It's hard to keep her mind on business! But, aren't carriage rides under the stars supposed to be romantic?

Marti sets a trap for Serino

Marti has worked hard to secure evidence against Serino. Now, she's got to get something on video for it to stick in court. Pulling all her resources together, she's got a plan to catch him when he unloads his private plane after a weekend crusade. With Chuck in her corner, what can go wrong?

Marti's long weekend with Chuck

Marti's ready for a break from investigating Serino, and it's a holiday weekend with Chuck. Things are just heating up, and it's been a long time for Marti! She's had her head in her career so it feels like she needs to make up for lost time. How will they handle four days together?

Getting to know Chuck

Marti has come to rescue her Auntie from the nudist resort. She's checking out the place when she meets Chuck, Auntie's next door neighbor. What a surprise! She's been so busy with her career, the man dept. was been empty in her life so meeting someone who makes her pulse race is spinning her head around. Why can't I meet someone like that at Starbucks? So, Mom is worried about this place taking Aunt Shirley's money, but it looks pretty peaceful to Marti. Maybe Chuck will have some answers.

Marti's Traditions

As much as Marti is a career girl, in her personal life she loves traditions, like pancakes on Sunday mornings, reading the paper in bed. Chuck uncovers a few more traditions when he spends his first weekend with Marti in Florida. She loves getting ready for bed together, and Chuck caught on fast to make it even more fun!

Checking out the Nudist Resort

Marti laid her sarong on the passenger seat as she followed her Aunt Shirley into the nudist resort. Coming from Florida, Marti was no prude. She'd seen almost naked people at the beach every day! But, she was impressed by the grounds, lots of palmetto palms, and not a single nudist in sight. Knowing she had to check out everything, Marti volunteered to put on the sarong and take a look around. Boy, was she surprised to meet Chuck, Shirley's favorite handyman. Talk about tall, dark and handsome!

An Evening to Remember

Now that Marti's got evidence on Serino, she can relax and enjoy the MS fundraising with Chuck. If she gets the MS Pub. Information job, that would just be icing on the cake. It wasn't rocket science to choose between a great corporate job versus big-time reporting with 4am morning wake-ups to cover a hot story. She wanted time with Chuck, and to be with Shirley as she fought her health issues. Coming to the nudist resort taught Marti a lot of things about life..don't take anything for granted!

Going to the nudist resort

Marti bolstered her courage and drove to Aunt Shirley's new home in a nudist resort. Living in Florida, Marti saw nearly nude people every day at the beach, so how could this be so different? She had to admit as she drove in that it looked like a well-kept place, and Auntie's place was nestled under palm trees with a patio in the back. swinger parties on the lawn. It looks more like the Garden of Eden, she thought to herself. Let's see how the weekend goes.

An Evening to Remember

Now that Marti's made her decision, she can relax and enjoy the MS fundraising event with Aunt Shirley and Chuck. What she didn't expect is a bidding war, but it sure made for a fun evening. A new life is on the horizon, and all because she discovered there's nothing like naked!

An Unexpected Offer

While Marti's bearing down on Serino to stop his action against Whispering Palms, she meets a Director of the MS Society. As they chat about MS education, Marti realizes she could be a reporter for MS, doing podcasts, international medical interviews and get TV coverage for MS fundraising. She didn't expect her ideas to be accepted by the MS board. So, now she has to decide - what's more important right now, her relationship with Chuck and Aunt Shirley, or making it to the big time with the Serino expose?

Bearing down on Serino

Now that Marti's got real evidence from Serino's former CFO and photos of Serino's staff moving cash boxes, she feels that Aunt Shirley is safe, and that Whispering Palms has the ammunition to stop Serino from his harassing them. But, what will she do with this information? It's the kind of story that makes the evening news, and builds a career for a TV reporter. She has to decide what's more important to her...spending time with loved ones, or hitting the big time.

Savannah's a romantic town!

Marti loves it on sight...the carriage rides, the old trees strung with lights. She has surprises planned for Chuck, but after they interview Rev. Serino's pilot. Gotta get the job done, then have some fun! Of course, it helps that Chuck picked a romantic B&B. It even has a friendly ghost!

Closing in on Serino

Marti is interviewing a reporter from the TV station where Serino films his tele-evangelist broadcasts. As much as she hopes to get dirt on Serino, the reporter is more interested in flirting with Chuck! Marti's shocked at how jealous she feels. But, she keeps a clear head, and hears the best news of all...Serino's CFO quit two weeks ago. Now, there's a story. She knows to follow the money. Maybe the TV reporter wasn't a waste after all!

Chuck and Marti's weekend

Marti is hot on the trail of Rev. Serino's extravagant traveling in his corporate jet, and she's got an important interview coming up. Chuck's determined it won't be all business. He lures Marti into the backyard hoping to seduce her under the stars. Something she can add to her list of romance traditions!

Nailing the evidence on Serino

Chuck and Marti are partners in crime now...gathering evidence that will expose Serino and save the nudist resort. They have two key interviews with his former CFO and a reporter at the news station where he records his broadcasts. Things are heating up at Whispering Pines, in and out of the bedroom!

A weekend trip to Savannah

Marti and Chuck get a weekend in Savannah to work and play. Marti is checking out Rev. Serino flight records from his pilot. Chuck is checking out Marti's bustier. He likes the lace and silk! It's Friday night date night, and they share take-out in their hotel room. Anything could happen on a full moon night in Savannah.

A Nude Cocktail Party

Marti's determined to meet Aunt Shirley's neighbors so she agrees to attend a cocktail party to meet them. Choosing a lacy dress that covers all the essentials, Marti is still a little uncomfortable as the room fills with people. Chuck comes to her rescue since he knows it's her first time. It doesn't take long for their chemistry to heat up!

Marti got to save her auntie!

At the urgings of her mother, Marti agrees to go visit her auntie, and rescue her from the Nudist Resort if necessary. Her investigative reporting skills are on full alert as she drives through the park. Why does it look so normal? No one cavorting on the lawn - that's good. As she tours Aunt Shirley's home, she's impressed by the privacy, and the lush surroundings. Did auntie fall for a pretty facade?

Marti's Loves Traditions

Marti may be a modern woman in her career of investigative reporting but she loves traditions in her personal relationships. In their first weekend together, Chuck learns a few of Marti's traditions like talking in bed every night before falling asleep. Or reading the paper in bed every Sunday while having croissants and coffee. He's got a few traditions, too, and his favorite is sleeping in the nude. They were meant for each other!

Chuck and Marti's weekend

Marti is happy to hear that Chuck is coming for a weekend visit. Their relationship is just beginning, and she's curious to see how it goes. Of course, her imagination kicks in. Dinner by candlelight or out on the beach? Should I meet him in the sarong he gave me? Maybe, I'll ask him to wear my sarong from Hawaii. She laughs, "He'll look good in flowers!"

Gathering evidence against Serino

Chuck and Marti are working with Aunt Shirley to investigate Rev. Serino, who is trying to takeover Whispering Pines for his mega-church. As much as they are enjoying their new relationship, right now they are focused on getting photo evidence of how Serino hides cash contributions to his church. Find out their clever plan to catch him in the act!

Setting a Serino Trap

The relationship between Marti and Chuck is just heating up. They can't keep their hands off each other! But, Marti's all business when it comes to Rev. Serino, and investigating his business dealings. Her "crew" is gathering the evidence, and she's got a TV contact who might know some secrets to tell.

Surprise in Savannah

Marti and Chuck have just started a new relationship, and they go to Savannah for a long weekend to work and play. Beyond their sensual chemistry for each other is a growing excitement that Marti has found a news story to investigate mega churches. They are researching Rev. Serino, and how he uses a private jet to travel around the world raising money.

Nothing Like Naked

This is the first weekend away for Chuck and Marti. She wants to surprise him so she becomes the gift that he has to "unwrap."

Chuck visits Marti

Marti met Chuck when she visited her Aunt Shirley, and she was intrigued. Now, he's coming to visit. Great! He's the first guy to grab her attention in a while. Will fireworks fly?

At the swimming pool

It's Marti's first time at a nudist resort, and her early morning stroll to the swimming pool gives her an unexpected view of Chuck's body as he finishes his laps. Wow! She was speechless. Will she be brave enough to try skinny dipping when he's gone and she's alone?

Nudist Resort for Aunt Shirley

Marti goes to the nudist resort to save her auntie from giving away her money. Is she in for a surprise! She finds a haven where neighbors take care of each other. And, she's drawn to Chuck, the hunk of a handyman, who has made auntie's place so special! Soon she uncovers the real challenge for Aunt Shirley when a local mega-church tries to buyout the resort to change it into a campground. Will Marti and Chuck find out that there's nothing like naked?

Nudist Resort for Aunt Shirley

Nothing Like Naked begins with Marti going to visit Aunt Shirley in South Carolina to save her from a nudist resort taking all her money. Instead, she finds a relaxed, caring lifestyle where neighbors take care of each other. And, she likes Shirley's neighbor, Chuck, who has created a haven for her auntie with his handyman skills. There are immediate sparks! Soon Marti learns that a bigger challenge threatens auntie's new home. Will Chuck help her fight to save their lifestyle? Full of sassy dialogue, sparks and romance!

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