Bublish Webinar: Find & Connect with Social Influencers for Your Genre (Jan. 28)

WHAT: Join Bublish Founder & CEO Kathy Meis as she presents a free webinar: “Find & Connect with Social Influencers for Your Genre.”  During this lunch & learn webinar, attendees will learn: 1) Strategies to Identify Social Influencers in Your Genre 2) Tips to Connect & Converse with Influencers 3) How to Turn Conversations into Action A […]

Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

There are only a couple of weeks left in the 2014 holiday shopping season. Typically, holiday sales drive more than 20 percent of a retailer’s annual sales volume. What can you do to increase your holiday book sales quickly? Conduct a Holiday Countdown. Create a sense of urgency by counting down the number of days until […]

How and Why Authors Should Use Google+

Google+ is a social network run by the same people who run Google search, Gmail, and YouTube. Aside from the mind-blowing global reach of this company, the integration of search, social and email — all in the hands of a single service — makes Google+ a social network you can’t ignore. Why Google+? Social posts on Google+ […]

New Bublish Feature: Facebook Comments in Book Bubbles

Bublish has integrated Facebook Comments into book bubbles! This is an exciting new feature that will encourage conversations between authors and readers and help spread those conversation to a wider audience. Using this new feature, authors can talk directly to their readers right through their book bubbles. With a single check in the bubble, everyone who participates in the conversation — both […]

How Publishers Innovate with Bublish — an Interview with Belle Books

Today, we’d like to talk about some of the innovative and successful campaigns publishers are creating with Bublish. Danielle Childers, marketing coordinator at BelleBooks, Inc. and Bell Bridge Books in Memphis, Tennessee has been kind enough to join us to talk about some of ways they’ve used book bubbles to engage readers. Bublish: Welcome Danielle. […]