How and Why Authors Should Use Google+

Google+ is a social network run by the same people who run Google search, Gmail, and YouTube. Aside from the mind-blowing global reach of this company, the integration of search, social and email — all in the hands of a single service — makes Google+ a social network you can’t ignore.

Why Google+?

Social posts on Google+ are highly ranked in Google’s search engines. If you share high quality content regularly on Google+ this could increase your ranking in Google’s algorithms and lead to better search results. Also, integration with Gmail and live chat is a powerful feature. If you have both a Gmail and Google+ account, you can email posts to followers, instant message them or have a live video chat, called a Google Hangout.

How Google+?

  • Define your circles strategically. Google+ is organized around circles. For example, if you write in more than one genre, set up circles for readers in both genres, and a third circle for writers with whom you can share ideas.
  • Join communities where readers hang out. Engage and share. Communities offer the best way to meet new readers.
  • Host monthly Google Hangouts for your readers. Use Google+’s video chat feature to create your own virtual book club.
  • Share your book bubbles on Google+. Bublish will have direct integration soon. For now, you can: (1) Go to your dashboard (2) Click share (3) Click the Twitter icon (4) Copy and paste the link in the Twitter pop up box into your post on Google+ (5) Optionally, you can add an image of your book cover or book bubble to make your post visually pop.




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