Best Practices for Your Book Beta

Today our guest blogger is Paul Kilpatrick, co-founder of BetaBooks, a leading reader-management and audience-building software. Welcome to the blog, Paul. Thanks! Great to be here. Beta testing for products and services has been around for decades. It’s also a practice that has deep roots in publishing. Traditional publishers have long beta tested new books […]

It’s National Library Week. How Are You Celebrating?

It’s National Library Week and we’re celebrating by sharing best practices for indie authors who want to get their books into libraries. As an independent author (aka self-published author), there are several things you’ll need to consider if you hope to get your book on library shelves. Here are our top three recommendations: 1. Your […]

Book Marketing Basics with Bublish Founder Kathy Meis

This video presentation was part of the Self-Publishing Advice Conference at the London Book Fair. It is a free online author conference that showcases the best self-publishing advice and education for authors across the world—harnessing the global reach of the Alliance of Independent Authors, a non-profit association for self-publishing authors. Bublish Founder Kathy Meis presented, […]

The Distribution Phase (Bublish’s “Book Publishing Timeline Builder” Series—Part V)

In this fifth installment of Bublish’s “Book Publishing Timeline Builder” Series, we’re diving into the Distribution Phase of the Publishing Process. Distribution involves placing your book into various sales channels (retail, wholesale, direct, etc.) where your book can be purchased. Distribution is often the last thing authors think about when they’re scrambling to finish writing or marketing their book. […]

Happy New Year! A Fresh Start!

Happy New Year, Everyone! For many people, the beginning of the new year is filled with goal setting and resolutions. I used to be one of those people, but at some point my mindset shifted. Truth is, every day offers a fresh start. That’s what I’ve focused on the past few years. It’s a more […]

The Marketing Phase (Bublish’s “Book Publishing Timeline Builder” Series—Part IV)

In this fourth installment of Bublish’s “Book Publishing Timeline Builder” Series, we’re diving into the Marketing Phase of the Publishing Process. In the most simplistic terms, marketing involves advertising, brand building, content creation and social media. There is definitely a time when marketing takes center stage in your publishing schedule, but marketing actually comes into play in every phase […]

There is No “Audience,” Only Individual Readers

Today, we welcome Dan Blank, founder of WeGrowMedia, to the Bublish blog. Dan, who will be our webinar guest on Wednesday (12/12), has worked with hundreds of writers and amazing organizations that support creative people. His clients include Penguin Random House, Sesame Workshop, Hachette Book Group, Workman Publishing, and many more. Welcome to the blog, Dan. Take it […]

Book Publishing Timeline

The Development Phase: Book Publishing Timeline Builder Series—Part II

Whether you’re still in the idea stage of your nonfiction business book, frantically working your way through a tough plot twist in chapter ten of your thriller novel, or saving the final draft of your historical fantasy YA novel…it’s time to congratulate yourself for actually writing your book. It’s a big achievement. Take a moment to take stock in what you […]