Connect the Dots for Readers and See What Happens

Google processes more than 40,000 searches every second. Facebook sees 8 billion video views a day. Daily social media usage averages 135 minutes. In today’s mobile world, we humans are more active online than ever, and we visit dozens of different websites and platforms when we’re there.

As an author and self publisher, you need to connect the dots for readers. This means ensuring that when a reader lands on one of your pages—a social profile, your website, your book’s product page at an online retailer, anywhere you or your books are showcased—you make it easy for them to move click through to other content by you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • If a reader lands on your Facebook page, is there a way for them to jump over to your website?
  • If a reader lands on your website, is there a way for them to go to one (or all) of the online retailers to buy your book?
  • If a reader clicks on a blog post link you’ve shared on Twitter, is there a way for them to sign up for your email list?
  • If a reader opens your newsletter is there a way for them to follow you on several social media channels?
  • If a reader lands on your product page at Amazon is there a way for them to read your blog posts?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, you need to stop and connect the dots for readers. It’s getting tougher and tougher to get peoples’ attention online, so if you’re lucky enough to engage a target reader, don’t lose them! Link everything. Give them plenty to explore. Link every social profile, every blog post, every website page, so accessing the next piece of your content is just a click away.

That’s why book bubbles include links to your website and all the major online retailers where your book is available. Readers who have spent time enjoying your bubble, can click right over to buy your book or visit your website, where hopefully they can sign up for your email list.

Book bubbles connect the dots for readers. Make sure you’ve connected the dots for readers everywhere you post content. Then, head over to to create a book bubble for Bublish’s Weekend Reader Marathon and Floating BookstoreThe deadline is tomorrow (6/8) at noon. If you’ve already created a book bubble this week, you’re all set. It will automatically be included in this event, which is free to all authors on Bublish. Don’t know what a book bubble is? Start a free trial today by clicking the link below.

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