Aerio: A New Platform for Authors to Sell Directly to Readers

Our “Lunch & Learn” Webinar guest on June 27, was Caitlin Churchill, who leads business development at Aerio, Ingram Content Group’s premier marketing and sales platform for publishers, authors and sellers. Caitlin gave us a great demo of the site and answered a ton of questions from attendees. If you missed the webinar and would like to watch the replay, just click the orange button at the bottom of this blog. Thanks for being our guest, Caitlin…

It was such a pleasure to talk to all of you authors and publishers about direct selling through Aerio! It really is thrilling to tap into your passion and excitement, and to be a part of this final stage in the authoring process—when all your years of passion and dedication are packaged and ready to share!

Kathy and I mentioned at the beginning of the webinar that we both served in Peace Corps – her in Morocco and me in The Republic of Georgia. Our shared history does have some relevance to today’s topic. Serving in villages across the world taught us the power of community and (at least) two important lessons:

1. To serve a community, you must respond to what it needs and wants.

2. Never underestimate the grapevine, and the effectiveness of person-to-person communication.  

You are a great example of the community Kathy is building today, and you too have a community. It is comprised of family, friends, followers, authors, academics, and other readers. Always consider what your community wants, where they gather and how they talk. Incentivize your community with sneak peeks into your book, free giveaways and flash sales – anything that lets someone online engage with your book and leave behind contact information. For more tips, see our free guide on 5 Ways to Boost Your Book Marketing.

Direct selling takes time and tactical planning, but with it you learn who your engaged fans are and you can talk to them. Ask them questions: do they have friends who would like the book, would they recommend your book in exchange for a discount, what other books do they read? All questions that help you determine where to post book pages and how to enlist your community to sell on your behalf.

Thank you so much for participating in the webinar about direct selling with Aerio! Good luck with Aerio, and let us know how we can help by emailing us at

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