The Tantalizing Teaser

Here’s a little quiz for you. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. Tell us which of the two tweets below would compel you to click the link in the tweet?

Tweet #1: Enjoy this #bookbubble bitly/123456 via @BublishMe #fiction (no image)


Tweet #2: In five short minutes it would all be over for Sam…unless… bitly/123456 via @BublishMe #suspense (with image)

Did you choose Tweet #1 or #2?

Of course, you chose Tweet #2!

There’s no contest between these two tweets.

Tweet #1 is bland and boring; it uses canned language.

Tweet #2 is interesting; it catches your attention. You want more.

That’s the power of a teaser…and if you want people to actually click your links and read your content (blog posts, book bubbles, etc), you need to use your social real estate wisely and include an interesting teaser. Images are also important teasers, so always include an image with your social posts as well. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images!

All social media channels give you a place to tease your content and add an image. Bublish is no exception. We challenge you to tease every piece of content you post, including all your book bubbles. Never post content with the canned language that is provided (the language we provide on is only there, so that your bubble link doesn’t go out without any text. It’s nothing more than a safety net.)

Though each social platform you use has it’s own steps, here’s how to add a teaser when you’re creating a book bubble:

  1. When you get to the preview screen during the book bubble creation process, click the social icon to share it—Twitter, Facebook, email.
  2. If you choose to share to Twitter, a window will pop up that has Bublish’s canned language for sharing. It says “Enjoy this #bookbubble…” Replace that text with your teaser.
  3. If you choose to share to Facebook, a window will pop up that says, “Say something about this…” Use that space for your teaser.
  4. Bublish will automatically add an image to your posts.

We make it pretty simple to add teasers to your book bubble posts, but you’d be surprised how many authors post their bubbles with our boring, canned language—about 65%. Make your bubble posts pop with a teaser. It takes only a minute.

Did you know that our social team writes a unique teaser for every book bubble that is included in Bublish’s Weekend Reader Marathon and Floating BookstoreThat’s a lot of teasers to write each weekend…but that’s how important we think teasers are!

By the way, if you want to be included in our weekly Weekend Reader Marathons, just publish a bubble by noon ET on Friday. No need to do anything else. It’s free and your bubble will automatically be included. We’ll put your book bubble(s) in front of thousands of readers, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to and create a book bubble right now!

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