Fun, Effective Book Promotion with Bublish’s Weekend Reader Marathon & Floating Bookstore

Bublish’s Weekend Reader Marathon and Floating Bookstore have become very popular weekly book promotion events for Bublish writers and readers. If you’re new to Bublish, here’s how this three-day event works:

Book bubbles created during the prior week are showcased in this 36-hour event that starts Saturday morning on Twitter and runs through Monday morning at 9:00 am when The Bublish Floating Bookstore is shared to recap the Weekend Reader Event across multiple social channels. The Weekend Reader event uses the #SampleSaturday and #SampleSunday hashtags as well as other hashtags on Twitter to get every book bubble in the event as much exposure as possible.

To participate as an author, simply create a new book bubble before noon EDT on Friday afternoon. We’ll take all the new bubbles created during the past week and share one every 15 minutes during the Weekend Reader Marathon. Each bubble is tweeted at least twice—once on Saturday and once on Sunday. If you don’t know what a book bubble is, click on the image below to view a live bubble or follow us on Twitter @BublishMe where you’ll see book bubbles shared every hour of the day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 8.29.53 PM

By the end of Bublish’s Weekend Reader Marathon, we’ve introduced the latest book bubbles to thousands of book browsers on Twitter. On Monday, we take the stream of Book Bubbles and turn them into The Bublish Floating Bookstore. This takes all the book bubbles shared over the weekend and turns them into a single piece of content that can be shared across multiple social networks by all the participants in the Weekend Reader Event. Everyone who is included in our Floating Bookstore is notified on Twitter, so they can share the Bookstore with their followers. This “network effect” gives every author mentioned in our Floating Bookstore exposure to a large number of potential new readers.

Because the event has become so popular and there are so many bubbles created each week, we do have a two rules:

1. We can only share one book bubble per book.

2. If you have multiple books on Bublish, we can only share one bubble from up to three books.

So get those book bubbles ready and join us for Bublish’s Weekend Reader Marathon and Floating Bookstore. It’s fun, effective book promotion that can have a big impact on the number of readers who see and engage with your work. These events are just one more way we help writers meet their readers through Bublish.

If you have questions about our Weekend Reader Marathon or The Bublish Floating Bookstore, email us at info [at] bublish [dot] com or use the “contact us” button on any screen on the Bublish platform. And if you haven’t already tried Bublish, take a two-week free trial (no credit card required). Click the banner below to learn more.

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