Are You Ready to BLAB?

Generating word-of-mouth recommendations is the most powerful book marketing strategy on the planet. Bublish helps generate word-of-mouth about you and your books through social engagements with your book bubbles.

Word-of-mouth is also how Bublish has grown so quickly in recent years as a must-have platform for thousands of successful authors around the world. It’s the secret book-marketing weapon that authors don’t want to keep to themselves, so they BLAB it! That’s right, they Blog About Bublish. In addition to dozens of BLABs in the U.S., we’ve read BLABs from Australia, Germany, Italy, the UK, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and India.

To say thank you and encourage all our authors to spread the word, we’ve turned BLAB into an ongoing rewards program at Bublish.

Here’s how the BLAB program works:

You BLAB (Blog About Bublish), and we give you a free month. It’s simple!

  1. Write a blog post about Bublish on your website, and share it socially with your network of followers.
  2. Remember to include Bublish when introducing your post. On Twitter, include @BublishMe in your tweet.  This way, we can see your BLAB.
  3. Send a link to your BLAB to info [at] bublish [dot] com, so we can give you a month free. (If you’re an annual subscriber, we’ll add the free month to the end of your year. If you’re taking our free trial, we’ll add a second month free.)
  4. Authors can BLAB and earn one free month of Bublish per year.
  5. Of course, we’ll feature the best BLABs on our social channels, which will drive extra traffic to your blog and website. It’s a win/win!

We can’t wait to read your BLABs. Let us know if you have any questions. You can reach us at support [at] bublish [dot] com.

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