Turning Readers into Fans

By Christine Nolfi

Authors share many fears. Believe it or not, these beliefs, which are often subconscious, limit your opportunities to engage readers and turn them into fans. Although scribes—naturally— enjoy the writing process, many find promotion a huge challenge.

In my upcoming webinar: “Turning Readers into Fans,” I’ll discuss these shared fears and much more.

YoungReaders_Getty_400For instance, do you know what a successful author needs? A good dose of grit, tantalizing ideas, a strong command of the art of storytelling and a desire to reach book buyers.

As an author, you need to embrace the fact that your readers want to connect with you. Your readers adore learning about the person behind the persona, the background of your book that they’ve enjoyed, and about your story behind the story.

By making a deeper, human connection with a favorite author, readers become insiders with first-hand knowledge about your creative process and what you’re publishing next. These are the things that turn readers into fans.

So how do you find readers and connect with them? The ways are only limited by your creativity. There isn’t on correct way to engage people. You can learn more about what works by studying the social presence of successful authors.

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or any other online presence—don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Learn about the various tried and true tips and tricks that have worked well for those who have gone before you.

To learn more strategies to meet, engage and foster your fan base, register for this webinar now.


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