Top Five Reasons to Socially Market Your Book

1)    Connect & Engage with Readers. Your readers are online. They use Twitter, Facebook and other social sites. The way to reach your readers is to share relevant content where they “play” online.

2)    Increase Recall Through Consistent Interaction. The more times readers see information about something or someone — like an author — the greater the chances that information will be remembered. This places the onus on you to consistently share social posts that engage your audience in your creative journey.

Book Signing3)    Grow Your Fan Base. Research shows fan loyalty is the number one sales driver. The bigger the fan base, the greater the sales potential. Grow your fan base by consistently engaging and gaining exposure with new readers. Reach out to them socially by commenting on the social posts of well-known authors and sharing their social posts through your social channels.

4)    Build Your Author Brand. Studies have shown that readers are 15 times more likely to purchase a book from an author whose brand they recognize. Build your author brand by consistently and transparently sharing the story behind your story and why you write what you write.

5)    Increase Fan Loyalty. Once you’ve earned a new fan, don’t lose them! Thank them and communicate with them often. Fan loyalty helps drive sales growth, especially as you introduce new books. Newsletters are a great way to keep connected with your fans.

6)    Automate Social Sharing. Streamline your efforts by using a social platform, like Bublish, to help you accelerate your book marketing. You don’t have to figure this social marketing out on your own. Bublish is designed specifically for authors to share engaging author insights and book excerpts that connect with readers while increasing sales. Unique metrics track your success, so you can see what is working. 

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