Bublish’s #NaNoWriMo Celebration: Writer Pamela Fanara Wins!

Last week we announced our first National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) giveaway winner, Pamela Fanara. Pamela won a free, three-month subscription to Bublish’s powerful Authorpreneur Dashboard.

Here’s what she’ll have at her fingertips:

·       New ePub Creator for writing, converting and promoting her book before it launches

·       “Rough Cut” Book Bubbles to build buzz WHILE she writes—right from the pages of her manuscript

·       Public Author Profile that travels with all her bubbles and allows her to share all her work socially with a single click

·       Real-time social metrics to measure her success and see what’s resonating with readers

·       Step-by-step tutorials to help her maximize her Bublish experience

·       Exclusive content to help her become a better marketer and brand builder

We also got the opportunity to talk with Pamela about her writing journey.

Bublish: Is this your first book?

Pamela: I have been writing and telling stories on and off since childhood. Last November was my first NaNoWriMo.  I won!  NaNoWriMo helped me with goal setting and self-accountability.  What worked for me was that it was all very personal and non judgmental.  Is this my first book?  I can only say the is the second time in my (long) life I have spent every day of one month focused on one story (that commitment thing again).  I don’t know if I would’ve done that without the gentle push of NaNoWriMo.

Bublish: What is the book you’re writing during #NaNoWriMo about?

Pamela: This time I thought I might try the young adult genre. It is a basic story of “young woman encounters challenges (both internal and external) and overcomes them”.  No title yet. I am determined to write mostly cliché-free. Although, if it translated well, I might throw some in for humors sake.  I think there is a great need for young adult – true literature.   Some of the YA stories I have picked up recently are too hokey for my taste.  When I find myself eye-rolling too often, it is time to put the book down.  But, I do have to give these authors some credit.  They made a commitment, wrote, edited and got published.

Bublish: Do you hope to publish the book you are currently writing?

Pamela: At this point with this book, I do not see myself publishing it. We are in the beginning stages of our relationship (the story and I). With a little more time I may be better able to say if there can be a long-term commitment.  If it isn’t something I would want to read, I will not want to spend the time writing it.

Bublish: Why do you write the stories you write?

Pamela: I find it interesting when the seed of an idea takes hold, your heart beats faster and your fingers type faster (to hell w/ the typos, I say). Or when working on a story, you need to make a note (even though you can’t see a thing) in the middle of the night.  Because you don’t want to forget that thought and you won’t be able to sleep until it’s out of your head and on paper. I like that when you focus on the story and let it become part of your life, it moves itself forward.  This may all sound a bit cliché (yes, the very thing I am fighting), but it’s true. Why does one do anything? It feels good. And when it gets challenging along the way and you move past the hard parts, it feels even better and more rewarding.

Be sure to look out for Pamela’s book bubbles on Bublish soon. For your chance to win a three month subscription to Bublish’ Authorpreneur Dashboard, share photos of your special writing space with us @BublishMe on Twitter or on Bublish’s Facebook page. Here’s the photo Pamela submitted to us via Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 8.20.30 AM (1)

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