Bublish Plus ePub Equals Magic

A number of authors have asked us why they have to upload their entire eBook into Bublish when they’re only sharing excerpts in book bubbles. It’s a fair question, so we thought we’d explain.

The first reason has to do with convenience for you as an author. Think of how long it took to build your website or write your last blog post. Bublish is a social book discovery platform designed to save you time while providing a powerful and effective platform to connect with your readers. You can manage up to three books in your free account. No one but you has access to your books or password protected account. Once you’ve set up your account, you can go anywhere in your book(s), highlight an excerpt, add an insight and share. In mere moments, you’re able to create and share a new, high quality piece of writing to draw readers toward your website, blog and books. Having your entire book at your fingertips makes using Bublish highly efficient.

The second reason Bublish asks you to upload your entire eBook has to do with the organization of the ePub file itself. The magic of Bublish is that it automatically generates beautifully designed book bubbles in seconds. Each bubble contains an excerpt, an author insight (we call this the story behind the story), an author bio and photo, a book synopsis and cover art as well as links to your website and an online retailer that sells your book. For those who have never seen a book bubble, here’s what they look like:

How can Bublish generate book bubbles seemingly out of thin air? Bublish reads the specific order of and information found in ePub files (everything from the title, cover art, excerpts, etc.). It is the standardized format of the ePub file that allows Bublish to know where to fetch each element of the book bubble when you create it. This means that you as an author don’t have to know anything about layout or design in order to create a  book bubble. Bublish automates everything for you. The standardized ePub structure is what makes this “magic” possible.

Bublish was developed with some amazing, cutting-edge technology to simplify the way you share your stories with readers. At Bublish, we handle your intellectual property with great care. We are hosted on one of the world’s largest and safest cloud environments, and monitor our site closely. Bublish was created by two writers who want to improve the online book discovery experience for both writers and readers by making it more social.

We hope this post makes clear why Bublish requires the entire eBook to be uploaded. Once you’ve created a couple of book bubbles out of thin air and seen them enjoyed by hundreds of readers as many of our authors already have, we think you’ll be happy you did.

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