How Many Book Bubbles?

A number of authors have asked us how many bubbles they should create for each of their books? For those of you who don’t know what a book bubble is, here’s an example from

The answer? As many as possible! If you have an interesting story to tell, you should tell it. Here’s why:

  • Social discovery is a numbers game
  • Fresh, quality content is a powerful marketing tool
  • Strong social profiles enhance your website’s search ranking

In other words, to gain traction and get your writing noticed, you need to post new, engaging content across multiple social sites on a regular basis. We hear your collective sigh, “How can I make time for all this?” Don’t worry, Bublish makes it possible to achieve this goal in minutes a day. The Bublish platform was designed by writers who understand the demands on your time.

Here’s how we know more is better. Bublish launched its live beta on June 4. Though we’ve only been collecting data for for a few weeks, patterns are already emerging:

1. Social discovery is a numbers game. Our numbers show that the more book bubbles an author creates and shares through Bublish, the more readers discover and explore their work. Here’s a quick case study:
Author A created and shared 2 bubbles and received 800 total views in 20 days. (40 views per day)
Author B created and shared 3 bubbles and received 972 views in 16 days. (61 views per day)
Note: Of course, the number of share and posts a bubble receives influence this number too. However, we’ve observed a high correlation between the number of bubbles created and the number of views per day.

2. Fresh, quality content is a powerful marketing tool. Readers are spending an impressive amount of time exploring book bubbles, an average of about 3:00 minutes per bubble. Book bubbles that tell a great story, get viewed for even longer. On the other hand, bubbles with short excerpts and minimal storytelling, led readers to spend less time with those bubbles, on average less than 1 minute.

3. Strong social profiles enhance your website’s search ranking. We don’t have enough data to speak directly to Bublish’s influence on your search rank yet. However, some interesting trends are emerging around this topic.

Our data shows that more readers are viewing bubbles through visits to than by clicking links on social networks. This speaks to the important interplay between social, where content is constantly in motion, and websites, where content typically stays put for a longer period of time. (Think of a tweet in your timeline versus a weekly blog post on your website.)

For example, the book bubble with the highest number of views on, 500, was viewed only 110 times via a social link. Why? Because when you share a book bubble, it simultaneously posts to the social site you’ve selected and the bubble stream on Posting links to bubbles socially draws readers toward where your other bubbles can be viewed by more readers over time. In other words, your social posts become the crucial point of discovery, drawing readers toward more in-depth exploration of your work on More social posts magnify this effect. And since every book bubble contains an author website link, we’re confident you’ll see an increase in traffic if you create and share interesting bubbles on a regular basis.

How many book bubbles should you post? As many as possible. You’re a storyteller…tell your stories! Readers want to learn about your books, characters, writing life, choice of details, deleted scenes, fascinating facts, literary influences…the list goes on. Share the stories behind your stories with Bublish, and you’ll start to understand the power of social storytelling.

If you’ve had an experience with Bublish that you’d like to share or questions you’d like to ask, we’d love to hear from you in our comments section. Happy Bublishing!

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