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Dante Bayless Kun

Hesper's Wizard

Science Fiction & Fantasy

With the emerald Dragonsight of Hesper

Fierce Nyber surveys the land

Over swaying fields of poppies blood red

And a deep blue lake ringed in silver sand.


Over mossy, ancient fir trees

Whose gnarled roots house gentle Gnomes

Over a magic singing stream

Where fair Water Fairies keep secret homes.


All is well in the emerald forest land

Watchful Nyber’s eyes shine glee

For no human has crossed the boundary land

As far as young, proud Nyber can see.


Hesper’s Wizard is a mythic tale designed to help people transcend the two-camp continuum of “them” and “us” that always dominates bigotry, intolerance, and conflict. It focuses on the power of “Right action” and embraces the idea of acceptance and hope when faced with adversity. Written in quatrains, it is a tale for campfires, gatherings, and outdoor adventures.

Book Bubbles from Hesper's Wizard

Truth to power

Resisting tyranny is hard work. learning to trust your inner promptings is a skill that takes effort. We all take freedom of choice for granted. Sometimes we have "freedom from choice." Nyber is experiencing this in this excerpt. Things look hopeless but he is undeterred. To allow slavery for Hesper allows slavery for all, so he resists and refuses Bracken's proposal. The only "choice" that doesn't crush his heart is already made.

Help from unknown sources

When you choose right action, the universe will align its force with you. Nyber chose to resist Bracken and oppose Hesper's enslavement. He did the right thing with no hope of winning. yet here we are, Dragons are coming to his aid. The tide has turned, and it all started with speaking truth to power.

Life challenges

Sometimes the answers to our most perplexing challenges are hidden within the very challenge we are facing. Serviel wants to free Hesper, but the riddle seems unsolvable and the penalty for failure is death. The riddling bird is there to help him see what he cannot see, the obvious answer hidden within the cruel riddle itself. We all have a riddling bird on our shoulder to help us, it goes by many names. Intuition, insight, prescience, or even "sixth sense." We just need to tap into our foresight and trust ourselves a little bit more.

Right action

When you chose to speak truth to power you are choosing right action. The path of truth is almost always instinctive, and the path is never mapped. We make the map as we follow our heart. This map will become the way for those who also follow truth. Truth to power is a force multiplier. Bracken thinks he won the battle, but Kell won the war. "For truth to power is always the way, to bring in the freedom of a brand-new day. Truth to power is the temple where courage lives, the more it is spoken the more freedom it gives."

Within so without.

Outside pressure and influence will often reveal our true nature. Even though Hesper is forced into a new form and way of being in the world, the innermost truth of her being still shines proud.

Prisoner No More


It's time to take back your life—one step at a time. Many individuals face setbacks and life-altering obstacles. This self-help workbook allows readers to reclaim their lives from dysfunction and pain. 

It's no surprise that inmates face these turmoils and challenges in the extreme. Prisoner No More helps readers find solutions to their anger management, depression, and anxiety through spiritual, financial, and relational discovery.

Dante Kun's 15 years of experience teaching anger management, conflict resolution, and pre-release classes at Pelican Bay State Prison and his current position as Clinical Supervisor of a drug treatment facility allow him a unique perspective into the struggles many people face—especially those who are down on their luck. Focusing on the exercises presented in the workbook allows readers to delve into the solutions that will help them grow. This guide is for anyone who is willing to do the work to create change in his or her life. Get ready to journey within the world of you—and learn who you're meant to be.

Book Bubbles from Prisoner No More

The past is dead.

Allowing guilt over past decisions to crush your new growth will stop meaningful change to manifest in your life. You cannot change the past, but you can change your future. Positive outcomes are the result of healthy choices. It is far better to work on healthy choices in the present than to dwell on what cannot be changed. Guilt is a life lesson. Learn the lesson and move on.

Find your bliss.

Your true happiness will be found within something that you can lose yourself in while doing it. This pastime will only be found by you and only with your good effort. It may be as simple as a cup of coffee while surfing the web. A friend of mine at work loves paragliding. The spectrum of happiness producing pursuits is a wide one. You are not limited in scope at all. You may find several bliss inducing pastimes or one all-encompassing one, (surfing for example.) It is all up to you. The most important thing is to get started and find that pastime that allows you to lose your mind in mindfulness.

Regret: The only action you can take in the p

An old way of life that does not serve your higher good will become invalidated by new growth. Yet therein lies the challenge, how is new growth possible when you live in the past? The answer is acceptance. The past is over, and all is said and done. It only lives in your thoughts. New growth starts the minute you move on from the past. When you see the past as lessons learned then it becomes a gift, not a burden. Think of the past as lessons learned from the university of life. Tools in your tool chest. Use them to build new thought structures.


You will never measure your success if you cannot manage your life. Setting goals is a part of life just as breathing is a part of living. Using your precious and finite moments to set and accomplish goals creates a momentum that will nourish your soul. Self-esteem comes with every goal you set. Accomplishing a goal is the small by-product of the effort. The real value to your self-esteem comes from the journey towards the goal. The journey is the magic. Set those goals, start your journey, chase that magic.

Guilt is a lesson learned.

Your time on Earth is finite. We all have an expiration date. Guilt is a time bandit. If you allow it, guilt will steal your precious present moment without you even being aware of the theft. Dump guilt and focus on present moment growth and accomplishment. Guilt is a reminder of a life lesson so use it wisely. Lessons are teachers not tyrants. The past is dead, the present is now so making the most of your "now" should be your focus. Every precious day that is gifted to you is another day to do your best with lessons learned.

Humanity is a miracle

The two-camp continuum of "them" and "us" is a learned belief. I would go farther and say it's a false construct, a mind virus that only separates us from the truth of our being. We are created from literal stardust, the debris of comets and fallout from an ancient and endless universe. When we accept the miracle of humanity, we also accept our connection to each other and our part in the natural world. Whenever a patient is wrestling with racism, I help them address three questions: Is my belief my own? Was I taught this belief? Does this belief help me grow? Babies are not born racist; they learn the two-camp continuum from the culture and interpersonal climate they are born into. In truth we are the Earthtribe, true miracles.

The Tale of The Earthtribe

There is a self imposed prison that comes with bigotry. I wrote this section to show the miracle that is humanity. Myamoto Musashi wrote that everything comes from the void and returns to the void. I call the void "Source" and we are the miracles that came from Source. Our creation is really beyond word connected thought and is a true miracle regardless of spiritual orientation. Loving self protection can take many forms and sometimes fear can twist people into a life of lack, limitation, and hatred. I wrote this chapter to show that we are all one "Tribe" the "Earth tribe," and we cannot be separate from our Source. We become something greater than ourselves when we remove bigotry from our reality.

The Tale of The Earthtribe

Everything starts with thought. Learning to choose for yourself may take some effort and work when you have allowed others to choose for you. When I ask you to "listen to the whisperings of your heart" I am asking you to pay attention to the messages coming from your higher self. That part of you that wants the best for you. The part of you that wants to find purpose. The part of you that drives your humanity. Make some "quiet time" in your life and just listen. Sometimes I get up at 3 A.M. , make some cacao and sit quietly in my living room just watching my cats run, climb, and play with each other on their climbing structure. Their bliss inspires me and I come up with new poems for my journal. Find your quiet time and listen.

The List Exercise

Learning that you have suffered from "freedom FROM choice" rather than accepting the fact that you have "freedom OF choice" is a huge win in the quest for personal freedom. Everything starts with thought so start using your freedom of choice muscle.

Let go of lack and limitation

Sometimes we struggle to keep those things that hold us back. It can be hard to let go of the destructive habits we have accepted as "reality." Embracing the idea of "service to others " will add purpose to your life in the present. It will bring you happiness, joy, and reduce stress. You will feel empowered as you help others feel empowered. You will discover your own personal gifts and talents that you never knew you possessed. Your service to others will be a catalyst for your own positive growth and development. This realization will only add to your future happiness. Try it and see! Volunteer at a crisis center, animal shelter, or wherever you feel drawn to serve.

Look Truthfully At Your Life

The ability to willingly seek out new experiences exercises your "Freedom Of Choice" Muscle. When you live in a self-imposed isolation brought on by dysfunction you learn to operate with "Freedom FROM choice." New experiences will be a challenge but it can start small and grow big quickly. Baby steps can include visiting a bookstore or walking in a new park. Using your phone to take pictures. Going to a restaurant with new food choices. Eventually operating from a mindset that encourages Freedom of Choice will lead to to new and beautiful adventures, different people, places, and things.

The Tale of the Earth Tribe.

We are many cultures but only one race, the human race. We are one tribe. We are the Earth tribe. While environment and culture shape us, at some point we must learn to see past skin color and cultural bias.

Don't doubt your new growth, ever.

When you argue with people who refuse to accept your new growth it is always a negative situation. Becoming independent of other people's opinions is true freedom.

Guilt, Anger, Regret

We sometimes forget that we are not our emotions. We are spiritual beings having physical experiences. Emotions pass through us but they are not "us." We are the sacred source of the Universe out picturing itself.

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