Bublish’s “2020 Publish From Home” (#PFH) Trainings

With millions hunkered down around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Bublish brainstormed on ways we could help writers and authors stay creative, productive, and connected. The result was Bublish’s #PublishFromHome Training Series (#PFH).

Each week, we cover a new topic for indie authors who want to learn how to self-publish books professionally, market those books effectively, and become successful “authorpreneurs” in today’s competitive book marketplace. The trainings are hosted by Bublish Founder Kathy Meis, who has more than 30 years of editing, media, and publishing experience. We’ll release a new training every Wednesday at noon ET. Sessions will be recorded, but spots for the live training are limited.

Below is a list of previous and forthcoming trainings in the series:

Training #1 (March 18): “5 Steps to Successful Publishing” (replay) — (Note: In this first episode, there were minor audio issues that resolve about 7 minutes into the training.)

Training #2 (March 25): “Book Marketing: 5 Foundations & 5 Strategies” (replay)

Training #3 (April 1): “How to Build a Powerhouse Author Brand” (replay)

Training #4 (April 8): “Email Marketing for Authors” (replay)

Training #5 (April 15): “7 Steps to a Successful Book Launch” (replay)

Training #6 (April 22): “Writing & Editing for Commercial Success” (replay)

Training #7 (April 29): “How Authors Can Capitalize on the 2020 Reading Boom” (replay)

Training #8 (May 6): “How to Write, Publish, Promote and Sell with Bublish” (replay)

Training #9 (May 13): “Print, eBook or Audiobook—Which Format Is Best for Your Book?” (replay)

Training #10 (May 20): “How to Make Social Media a Highly Effective Marketing Channel” (replay)

Training #11 (May 27): “Book Design: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!” (replay)

Training #12 (June 3): “Create a Winning Content Strategy for Your Book” (replay)

You can follow the #PFH hashtag on Bublish’s Twitter and Instagram channels where you’ll find updates, publishing tips, inspiration, and more.

Stay healthy and keep creating! xo, Team Bublish

Here’s what attendees have to say about Bublish’s #PublishFromHome Trainings:

“The Bublish #PublishFromHome Webinars are EXCELLENT! … They are jam packed with information. It really sets direction and goals for writers that are both new to publishing and veterans. I look forward to them every week.” —Author Janet Gregory

“The training on email marketing was fabulous and taught me key skills and tools to improve my newsletters, social media, and everything else about self-promo. The most recent training on the 7 steps to a successful book launch gave me a cohesive structure to use as a roadmap to success! As an author who likes lists, from plot outlines to ways to keep busy during the quarantine, these trainings are a goldmine. Can’t wait for the next one!” —B.B. Swann

“I attended several of these sessions….Each one was informative and a valuable use of my limited time (ie. time spent not writing). The Bublish team goes above and beyond to make sure that authors have all the knowledge and resources available to make their books and careers a success.” —Author Daniel C. McWhorter

“Solid info on the 7 Steps to a Successful Book Launch. I use those very steps in my own business as a book publicist.” —Author Gail Kearns

“I’ve attended two of your webinar trainings so far. I want to focus on the email one because it was really strong. I’ve been in digital marketing since its beginning in the early 1990s, and I’ve overseen teams doing email campaigns to millions of consumers. So I thought I knew it all (or most of it). But you reminded me of solid fundamentals as well as introduced me to some new technologies I should consider. Excellent work. Thanks for the help!”  —Author John Young

“Great take-aways….The Brand Building presentation gave me the best tip, which is so simple but powerful. Create a Reader Persona.” —Author B.H.

“I have attended two training events so far, one about the 5 foundations of marketing success, and the latest one about the 7 steps for a successful book launch. It became immediately obvious to me that Kathy Meis, who delivers these trainings, really knows what she is talking about. Her advice is very solid and grounded in years of experience of the publishing industry, but she also knows the ins and outs of the Indie experience. Her webinars are a great place to start for any indie author who feels overwhelmed by the whole daunting aspect of how to promote and market and sell their books.” —Author Alan Hesse

“I’ve attended about 3 trainings so far. Kathy’s breadth and depth of book publishing and marketing expertise is amazing and relevant to more than just book publishing.” —Author Mike Ososki

“I attended ‘Build An Author Brand’ and ‘Email Marketing’ from Bublish. The sessions contained a plethora of useful information in an easy-to-follow format. I completely revised my mission statement as a result, and am in the process of writing my first newsletter. Thank you Kathy Meis and Bublish—I’ll be back for more!” —Author Gifford MacShane

“All of the online webinars were excellent. I particularly liked ‘7 Steps to a Successful Book Launch,’ as I am launching another book soon. Kathy Meis has a wonderful way of delivering information in a concise, comfortable and highly concentrated format. Couldn’t believe how much value I got out of just one webinar.” —Alexandra Hamlet

All of Bublish’s #PublishFromHome Training’s are helping me understand the publishing process. The marketing and branding are filled with great information I didn’t know anything about. I love that they send replays. I can go back and review the material as needed to understand and remember the next step….I highly recommend Bublish’s #PublishFromHome trainings.” —Author Pam Field

“I really respect and honour what Bublish and Kathy in particular has developed and it makes me feel that it might be possible for me to be published and marketed in a supportive way…the marketing being the most challenging and daunting for me because it is an ongoing process using social media. I really appreciate and thank all the people at Bublish who are making this possible for those of us who are new to writing and to publishing.” —Author Anne Mason

“I garnered a great deal from the ‘How to Build a Powerhouse Brand.’ The concept of ‘branding’ had proven elusive and vague to me. I liked Kathy Meis’s approach to the notion, her definitions, and her concrete steps to formulate one’s brand. So very useful!” —Author Cathy Parker

“Kathy’s presentation, ‘7 steps to a Successful Book Launch’, was excellent. She delivers information in an ‘easy to understand’ way.” —Author S.R.

“I think Kathy’s training sessions are excellent. She explains everything in detail and answers our questions. She also seems like a very kind and considerate person who truly wants to help us write and sell our books. Yes, it is a business for her but she also cares about authors and helping them be a success.” —Author Britt Lind

“I have attended at least three of the #Publish from Home series of webinars put on by Bublish and enjoyed each one of them. I specifically enjoyed the Author Branding session, as I’ve worked very hard on my author platform and brand over the past 10 years but haven’t achieved the results I wanted as I haven’t been applying some of the techniques revealed in the webinar. I see I still have much to learn!” —Author Doreen Pendgracs

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