Can We Talk?

Even before the national spectacle of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress this month, the social behemoth was once again making big changes to the way they rank and display user content.

One of the major updates announced in March was Facebook’s new emphasis on content that generates discussion. Going forward, posts with more comments will rank higher. Likes and shares will still play a role, but comments will carry more weight.

Facebook is asking you to start conversations with your followers…and maybe that’s a good thing.┬áSo how do you get started? Here are a seven ideas to start a conversation on social media:

  1. Ask your followers a relevant question.
  2. Share a thought, idea or quote and ask your social community what they think of it.
  3. Talk about an experience you’ve had and ask if others can relate.
  4. Comment on other people’s posts with conversation starters.
  5. Try some humor. It’s a great icebreaker.
  6. Post a short video (or live stream) in which you talk to your followers and let them ask you questions.
  7. Create book bubbles that are conversation starters.

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