It’s National Library Week! How Are You Celebrating?

It’s National Library Week!

How are you celebrating your local library and librarians?

It’s the 60th anniversary of this annual event that celebrates libraries and librarians. This year’s theme is “Libraries Lead!” If libraries are important to you, as they are to us here at Bublish, then show the world some Library Love! Here are 7 ways to celebrate National Library Week.

1. Drop by your local library and say “thank you” to the librarians who serve your community.

2. Participate in the America Library Association’s “Sumbit a Star!” Program by nominating a librarian in your community for recognition.

3. Celebrate National Bookmobile Day, which is today, April 11, 2018. If your community is served by a bookmobile, share some photos and stories.

4. Write a blog about how “Libraries Lead” in your community or how libraries and librarians have impacted your life as a reader and a writer. To inspire you, here’s a blog Maria Popova wrote a few years ago:  “The Public Library: A Photographic Love Letter to Humanity’s Greatest Sanctuary of Knowledge, Freedom, and Democracy.”

5. Build awareness. Post about libraries, librarians and National Library Week on your social channels. Popular hashtags for this week’s event and libraries in general include: #NationalLibraryWeek  #LibrariesLead  #LibrariesTransform  #NLW18. You can also tag @ALALibrary in your posts. And, of course, if you include @BublishMe in your tweet or Facebook post, we’ll be able to see your library posts and share them with our community. Here are some post ideas:

  • Post a blog you’ve written about libraries.
  • Post a picture of yourself at the local library.
  • Post an image of your local librarians (with permission, of course).
  • Post a quote about the importance of libraries.
  • Share a link (with an image, if possible) to the American Library Association’s “State of the America’s Libraries Report 2018.” 
  • Post about how libraries have impacted your life.

6. Follow a top librarian blog to learn more about library initiatives, challenges and opportunities.

7. Help the American Library Association advocate for laws that advance libraries and protect library funding. Celebrate National Library Week by asking policymakers to pay attention to issues affecting libraries as well as library workers and users. Tomorrow, April 12, 2018 is “Take Action for Libraries Day” so it’s a perfect day to get active!

Find out more about National Library Week and access fun graphics you can share via this link.

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