How to Plan & Execute a Successful Book Promotion

In today’s post we welcome Ricci Wolman, CEO of Written Word Media to talk about book promotions, which are an important part of any book marketing strategy. Ricci was our guest on Bublish’s “Lunch & Learn” Webinar Series on Wednesday, October 25. You can watch the replay by clicking the orange button at the bottom of this post. Take it away, Ricci…

Ricci headshot“How do I sell more books?”

This is the #1 question all authors ask. And the truth is that getting readers to purchase your book is hard to do. There are a variety of marketing tactics available to authors to achieve this goal. The most common, and typically most effective, is running a book promotion.

What is a book promotion?

A book promotion is the act of putting concentrated marketing activity around a title for a short period of time while the title is free or priced under $3.99.

A book promotion results in 3 very important outcomes for authors: 1. book downloads, book sales and page reads, 2. reviews, and 3. educating the retail platform (Amazon, iBooks, Nook) algorithms so they can recommend your book to readers on their sites.

Why do successful authors rely on book promotions?

Each year we interview authors who are making over $100,000 dollars from their books. These successful authors all utilize book promotions to spur sales and generate consistent income. The good news is that book promotion is available to authors at all stages of their career. Book promotion done right can be easy, efficient, affordable and effective.

To dig deeper into this topic, I’ve partnered with Bublish to create a free webinar, “How to Plan and Execute a Successful Book Promotion.” I will walk you through the basics of running a book promotion. I’ll share the strategies and tactics that successful authors are using for book promotion. I’ll also share a downloadable checklist for planning and analyzing your book promotion. And I will present the top 5 mistakes authors make when running a book promotion. Please join me. I look forward to seeing you there. Just click below to access the webinar.

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