How to Create a Killer Book Marketing Plan


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By Guest Blogger Sandra Beckwith

Raise your hand if you have a book marketing plan. If you’re like most, your hand isn’t up.

And that’s a shame, because Benjamin Franklin was correct when he said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

A book marketing plan is the roadmap you follow as you move forward on your author journey. Without that roadmap, how will you know where you’re going—and how will you know when you get there?

If you have no marketing background or experience, though, just the phrase “book marketing plan” might be a little intimidating. After all, you’re a writer, not a marketer. But whether you’ve got a nice contract and advance from a traditional publisher, you’re working with a small press that provides no marketing support, or you’re self-published, if you’re an author, you need to be a marketer.

Creating your book marketing plan is probably easier than you think. It’s just a matter of setting aside time to think about the “right” things, then organizing your thoughts in a way that results in that essential roadmap.

Let me simplify and demystify the process for you. I’ll walk you through the seven elements of a strong marketing plan—explaining each of them in detail. And, to make sure it’s easy for you to create your own marketing plan, I’ve created a downloadable template with instructions. Click the orange button below to access my webinar, "How to Create a Killer Book Marketing Plan." 

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Sandra Beckwith is an author and national award-winning former publicist who now teaches authors how to save thousands of dollars by doing their own publicity, promotion, and marketing. You might have seen her on “The Montel Williams Show,” or “CBS This Morning,” or read about her in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, or USA Today. Her website,, has been named a top website for authors and writers three times. 

Please note: Sandra's webinar is previously recorded. Some offers mentioned in the webinar may no longer be available.


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