Authors … Do You Resist Book Marketing?

Would you rather go for a root canal then spend time marketing your book? Be honest! Does scheduling a colonoscopy seem more appealing? I get it, but it’s time to get over it. “I can’t market my books!” or “I don’t want to market my books; I just want to write!” are both outdated statements that have to go. Today’s crowded book marketplace demands that you market your book, so let go of your resistance.

The reality is you CAN market your book … and you might even learn to enjoy it. You—the fabulous book writer that you are—can actually become an outrageously successful Jedi Book Marketer! So how do you transition from being Chief Writing Officer to Chief Marketing Officer of your self-publishing endeavors? 

1. Think of Marketing Like Storytelling. What are you doing when you write a book? You are promoting your ideas with storytelling or, for nonfiction, sharing information to help your readers fix or solve a problem. Marketing done authentically works the same way—you simply promote your ideas and help fix your readers problems. Sounds a little less daunting when you think of it this way, right?

2. Use the Internet—It’s Your Best Marketing Tool. The Internet can help you reach places that once required a bottomless credit card to reach. Find your crowd there and connect with your fans. And it’s FREE! You already have a head start—you know how to write … and content marketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing! 

3. Make Book Marketing s Numbers Game. Choose the number of new connections you’ll make each day—challenge yourself, but make the number achievable. Make it a game. Is that number 5, 7, 20, 40? Most authors got caught up in the HUGE factor—everything they do must be off the charts. It doesn’t have to be that way. Take marketing step by step; one connection at a time. Over time, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve!

In my Bublish “Lunch & Learn” webinar on Wednesday, April 26, we’ll take a deep dive into how you can become a Jedi Book Marketer. Here are a few of the concepts we’ll explore:

  • Why your author profile can kill your book sales
  • Why quirky gets readers to open your tweets, posts and blogs
  • How authors can and should create a “no-brainer” content
  • How to ride the “draft” of your competitors
  • Why taking a contrarian position can soar media and book sales

To get these and many more Jedi Book Marketing Tips, watch this fast-paced, info-packed, free one-hour webinar. Though registration is required, access to the recorded webinar (which aired live on Wednesday, April 26, 2017) is instant. 

Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd, is a best-selling and award-winning author, having sold more than a million copies of her books and acquired international rights in 16 countries. She is also an international speaker, publisher, podcaster, book coach, and founder and chief visionary of AuthorU. 

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