Coming Soon: Author Services from Bublish


Almost every day at Bublish, we receive requests from authors who need help.

  • Could you recommend a talented, affordable cover designer?
  • Can you format my book?
  • What’s an ePub file?
  • How do I find a copy editor for my novel?
  • I need help marketing my book. Should I hire someone?
  • Someone told me to work on my metadata. Where do I start?
  • I’ve finished my book, now what?

We offer advice and connect authors with the right professionals … and the requests just keep coming in. Over time, the Bublish Team has grown and developed a number of important skills to help authors. We’ve also cultivated a trusted network of service providers. 

Now, we’re ready to offer Bublish’s author community a variety of affordable, professional services. Better yet, Bublish’s premium annual members will receive a 10% discount off all our services!

Later this month, we’ll announce the following services:

  • Cover Design
  • Print and Digital conversion and formatting
  • Copy Editing
  • Marketing, PR/Publicity and Social Media services
  • Metadata enrichment/SEO
  • Distribution

If you need our help today, don’t worry! Many of our services are already up and running. To make a request, email us at We have affordable, professional solutions. Otherwise, look for our official announcement soon. It will have all the details.

Happy bublishing!

Team Bublish



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