A Valentine’s Day Wish for All Writers


Happy Valentine’s Day! Kathy Meis here, founder of Bublish. 

Like many of you, I’ve been a professional writer and editor most of my life. It’s a wonderful existence. Your days are filled with creativity, satisfying your curiosity, and being immersed in the art of storytelling. What more could a human want?

There’s only one downside to being a professional writer. It’s a sedentary lifestyle, and being sedentary is not good for your health, specifically your heart health. They actually say sitting is the new smoking. Yikes.

So far, I’ve been blessed with a healthy ticker, despite the fact that I work very long hours and don’t get enough exercise. I’ve been lucky. In recent years, though, a number of people I care about have experienced close calls or lost their lives to stroke or heart attack. They were young and old, male and female, Hispanic, white and black. Heart disease doesn’t discriminate.

It startles me how many people I know who have been impacted by heart disease. It has been a wake up call for me. 

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease, which includes heart disease and stroke, is the number one cause of death in the world. The warning signs are different for men and women. You need to know what they are.

My talented friend Jane Perdue had added writing a book to her already busy schedule when she got what she calls the “cosmic whack.” She was lucky, too. Read her story here. Other friends did not live to share their stories.

February is Heart Awareness Month, so this Valentine’s Day, instead of sending you a box of chocolates, I’m sending you this message. I know, I love chocolate too, but this is bigger than chocolate!

This Valentine’s Day show yourself some love. Pledge to take care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, drink more water (I’m terrible at this one…too much caffeine), and take mental health breaks. Commit to making these lifestyle changes today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Do it for yourself, and the people who care about you. Do it for your readers, who await your next amazing novel. 

There’s plenty of evidence that creative people live healthier lives. Writing is good for the mind and spirit. There’s just as much evidence that good health promotes creativity. That’s great news for writers who take care of themselves. Good health and creativity reinforce each other, so find a lifestyle balance that supports both.

Prevention and education can save lives, so study up and spread the word to other writers. 

Below is my youngest Valentine, Elizabeth. She’s 11 years old, and already an impressive distance runner. Last weekend, we participated in the Go Red Run, coordinated by the amazing Go Red for Women Team that is raising awareness and hosting fundraising events throughout the month of February here in Charleston. I’ll be attending the Go Red Luncheon on February 24. If you’re local, I’d love to see you there. If not, there are events all across the country, so check out what’s going on in your area.

The key is to get out there, raise your awareness, start taking your health seriously, and spread the word. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a heart healthy one!


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Happy Valentine’s Day! heart



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