Keys to Writing a Bestseller

By David Farland

Many new authors don’t consider how to reach the bestseller list until after they’ve written a book. It’s not hard to identify those stories most likely to be bestseller—they all have one thing in common.

In my upcoming webinar: Keys to Writing a Bestseller, I’ll talk about these “keys” and how you can turn each one to your advantage.

David FarlandWe’ll look at the importance of transporting your readers to another time and place. This isn’t for fantasy writers, only–in fact, it’s especially important for contemporary writers. Readers don’t want to read about everyday boring lives–because they’re own lives are everyday and boring. Even when reading contemporary stories, readers want to be swept away … we’ll discuss how you can do just that.

Recently one of my employees saw the new movie, The Intern. (Maybe I’ll take my wife, Mary, to see it this weekend.) From what I hear, The Intern does a great job of appealing to a wide audience, with something in it for women, men, seniors and boomerangs. Writing to a wide audience is another important key.

The trick in writing for a wide audience is each group has their own emotional needs, so appealing to each of them is nearly impossible. However, you can combine your efforts by aiming for high points on the emotional Richter scale and knowing the right emotional draws to include–like wonder, horror, romance, adventure … as appropriate for your story.

There’s so much I have to tell you about what it takes to produce a bestseller–I hope you’ll join me for my webinar, and come prepared with your questions, too. I look forward to talking with you!

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