Webinar Replay: Attract 400 New Twitter Followers Every Day

On Tuesday, June 23, Crime thriller & non-fiction author Ian Sutherland presented “Attract 400 New Twitter Followers Every Day” via GoToWebinar.

In the webinar he covered how to:

  • Drive more people to your books’ storefronts 
  • Consistently attract up to 400 new followers
  • Compress your Twitter activity into 15-min/day 

​Check out an audio replay of this webinar by clicking the image below. You will also need to download the PDF with the slides from the presentation to follow along. 

As you may know, we’ve experienced extreme technical problems with GoToWebinar – a Citrix Company – with this webinar. This includes the recording of the webinar, which did not align the audio with the slides. Our temporary work around is to allow you to listen to the audio while you review the slides. Please know that we’re working on finding a different webinar vendor for the future and trying to use software to realign the audio with the video. Stay tuned…

Visit Ian’s Book Bubble on Bublish to read an excerpt, a personal author insight and purchase his book.

Attract 400 Cover

Download the slides: Attract 400 New Twitter Followers Every Day_PPT.

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