How Influencers Can Help with Book Promotion


There are many types of influencers in the book community: bloggers, podcasters, reviewers, thought leaders, power authors and readers — to name just a few. What defines an influencer is that they have grown a large, loyal, engaged community around what they do and say. When an influencer shares or recommends something, people not only listen; they often act.  

It takes incredible commitment and a long time to become an influencer. As an author, you can learn a lot from influencers in your genre. They can:

  1. Teach you how to build a community that can spread the word about your and your book(s).
  2. Give you and your writing exposure to a large number of readers outside your own network.
  3. Lead you toward your target audience.
  4. Strengthen and legitimize your author brand.

Join our upcoming lunch and learn webinar, “Find & Connect with Social Influencers for Your Genre,” on Wed., Jan. 28 from Noon-1 p.m. 

Webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Research and identify influencers in the book community
  • Engage with influencers genuinely and productively
  • Gain readers through engagement with Influencers


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