The Dos and Don’ts of Approaching Booksellers

By Christine Munroe

As the U.S. Manager of Kobo Writing Life, I bring together local authors and bookstores at events across the U.S. to foster partnerships. Along the way I have learned a few tips regarding best practices for approaching booksellers. Some key strategies for success:


  1. Be professional. Remain focused and organized. Treat this relationship and your sales like a business.
  2. Respect the bookseller’s time and needs. 
  3. Make yourself available for signings and events. 
  4. Support your local bookstore. Point customers their way, attend other authors’ signings, and become an integral part of the store’s community. Give the bookseller every reason to want to support you in return.
  5. Link to on your blog, social media, Facebook, etc. 


  1. Drop off a big box of books and expect a bookstore to sell them. Begin by fostering a relationship. Ask about opportunities to promote your hard copies or eBooks, and then supply the materials they specifically request.
  2. Expect a bookseller will say yes right away. This month might not be the right time for an event or promotion. Follow the list of “dos” above, and eventually the answer will (hopefully) become a yes.

Kobo is unique amongst eBook retailers because we partner with bookstores around the world, enabling them to sell eBooks and eReaders online and in stores. Customers can buy eBooks AND continue to support their local bookstore – a true win-win situation. And authors have an easy, effective way to sell their eBooks to these bookstore customers. Any eBook that is available on, either traditionally published or self-published via Kobo Writing Life, is automatically linked to thousands of bookstores worldwide! If you want more great tips on winning over local bookstores, check out this free podcast featuring author Nathaniel Kressen.


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About Christine Munroe

Christine Munroe is the US Manager for Kobo’s free, easy-to-use self-publishing platform, Kobo Writing Life. 

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