Authors, Social Success Requires Creativity & Commitment

Social tools and platforms are only as effective as the people who use them. Twitter and Facebook are career changers for some authors and a dead end for others. Why the difference? Some have learned to use these platforms to achieve their goals. Others have dabbled, failed to set goals, perhaps become frustrated and either given up or failed to commit. That’s a missed opportunity.

There are basically two things an author must do to use a social tool or platform successfully – be creative and be committed. Like any other social platform or tool, Bublish can be a career booster or dead end. The result is all up to you, the user. So here are some tips on how to “bublish” creatively and consistently so that the Bublish platform can be a game changer for you!


Creativity Tips for Your Book Bubbles:

  • Choose an excerpt that draws people in. For example, a scene that showcases your voice or a plot turn that leaves them hanging. Your excerpt doesn’t have to be an entire chapter, just long enough to give readers a taste and leave them yearning for more.
  • Use your Author Insight to share “the story behind your story.” We can’t emphasize this enough. Bublish is a storytelling platform. People love to learn about your “why” as an author. Show readers who you are and what you’re about! Check out the bubble stream on and see which stories capture your attention.
  • Write a fun and informative bio and engaging book synopsis. These are key elements of your book bubble. Readers explore them for context and social proof. Make them rock!
  • Include a great looking photo and book cover image. Photos are better than avatars. You’re not just an author, you’re a person. People want to connect with you as a human being. A great looking book cover also makes a HUGE difference! The importance of these two elements in your book bubbles can’t be overstated.
  • Post bubbles with a tease. When you post book bubbles to Twitter or Facebook you can change the language that introduces the link to your bubble. Please do this! Make your tweet or post so interesting that the reader is compelled to click the link to your bubble. Ask a question or use a line from your excerpt or insight. If you’re on Twitter, make sure to include pertinent hashtags. (for example: #mystery, #fiction, #romance, #scifi, #suspense)
  • Use bubbles in interesting ways. Have a friend interview you and drop in some bubbles. Create a trivia game for your fans about your books (use bubbles as clues). Ask readers to select an excerpt. Tell the story behind the most popular one in a bubble. Get creative!

Commit to Using Bublish Regularly:

  • Create a schedule for posting NEW bubbles. Authors ask us all the time: how many bubbles should I post and how often? That’s up to you. But understand, one bubble – like one tweet or Facebook post – does not an author platform make! You need to be present on a regular basis in order to engage with new readers. Let Bublish help you start conversations. Post new book bubbles regularly for each of your books. Optimally, to take advantage of all the free promotional programs we run at Bublish to help our authors, that would be once every week or two.
  • Create a schedule for posting OLD bubbles. Think of bubbles like mini blog posts, only with evergreen content. That means the content isn’t dated and can be shared over and over. If you’ve created ten or fifteen bubbles for each of your books, you have a plenty of interesting book content to mix into your ongoing social interactions. Make a schedule for this. Decide how many book bubbles you’ll share each day on the various social channels you frequent as well as in your newsletter and on your blog.

Remember creative and commitment are key to success! We’d love to hear how authors and publishers are using Bublish to engage with readers, please share your ideas in the comments section.



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