Book Bubbles Are Designed for Book Marketing in the Age of Content Abundance

There is no bigger issue facing authors today than discovery. You pour your heart and soul into your manuscript, publish it either traditionally or independently, and enter into a digital marketplace that is absolutely saturated with content. Unless written by a bestselling author, even the highest quality work struggles to rise above the noise. In addition, abundance has pushed the price of content down. Authors now need to write and sell more books over time to make up for this lost income. This requires establishing a long-term relationship with readers who can advocate for you and your work throughout your writing career. In short, today’s transformed book marketplace requires a completely different approach to book promotion, and an innovative new set of tools to be successful. In response to these new realities, we’ve introduced Bublish, the award-winning book discovery and social commerce platform. Read the entire guest post at IndieTribe via this link:

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