Introducing Bublish

We have some very big news to share with authors and readers. Pappus is evolving, restyling, transforming! Everything you love about Pappus, and much more, will soon become a revolutionary new book discovery platform called Bublish!

We can’t wait to show it to you because there is nothing like it! Bublish will offer free and empowering services for both writers and readers.

Here’s how the whole transformation happened…

We were brainstorming about what new features we should add to our upcoming release of Pappus. The whiteboard was filled with creative ideas. As always, our conversation was laser focused on one question: How can we help authors more effectively find readers in today’s crowded, noisy book marketplace? As the hours progressed, so did our vision. We began to design the features of a platform that would help us really understand readers’ interests and get that information back to our authors. Our new aim became to let readers easily sample the work and thoughts of authors on their topics of interest, and let them bubble up their favorites above the noise of the marketplace. Once we had that idea, the name for this new concept became obvious. Bublish was born!

We believe Bublish will fundamentally change the way writers share their stories and readers discover new work. Bublish will enrich the social conversation between writers and readers, building connection and community around content across multiple social channels. Launching early this summer, Bublish will be a fun, serendipitous and relaxing way for writers and readers to engage and learn more about each other. Welcome to the future of social book discovery. Welcome to Bublish!

To find out more and sign up for a beta invite, visit

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  1. Greetings!
    I'm planning to publish my debut novel in a couple months and was drawn to your site by LinkedIn comments on a book marketing thread. I'm unable to fully grasp from your explanations how Bulbish will work, what it does specifically, and how you'll be paid for your services. Also, will Bulbish connect readers with writers of fiction, non-fiction, or both.

    Thank you for your clarification!
    Cordially yours, James

  2. Thanks for your questions James, and congratulations on your upcoming novel. Bublish will connect writers and readers of all genres. We’ll be sharing more details about how Bublish will work in the coming weeks. Hopefully you have signed up for our emails and a beta invite either here or at We have a guest post on Indies Unlimited today, a great resource for writers by the way. It talks about some of the specific problems Bublish addresses for writers. We’ll be posting a link to that post as soon as it goes live. Thanks for your interest in Bublish. Keep the questions coming…and spread the word!

  3. Busy doing my own marketing.   Booki"on trial" at Disney–Hall of Presidents and is for sale at Eisenhower Museum/ Library- Abilene, Kansas
    Writing took lots of time—but marketing is tougher!

  4. Hi there, Bublish sounds really interesting. As the author of the Roley Moley Series of children's books plus some other titles its always good to hear of ways to connect writers and readers. I'll be signing up and look forward to seeing what you have to offer. All the best E J Gill

  5. Posted bubbles for my first book. I love this idea and hope Bublish really flies. 
    Darlene Jones

  6. So, I'm loving the idea of Bublish, but I'm traditionally-published, and I'm getting the sense that Bublish is going to be strictly for indi-published writers.  True or False?

  7. Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you like the idea of Bublish. I promise you if you start bublishing, you’ll love it even more! We have both traditionally and self-published authors on Bublish. Numerous publishers, publicists and agents work with us to support first-time authors as well as NY Times bestselling authors. Bublish is meant to be a place where the best content rises to the top no matter how it made it to market. I guess you could call it a content democracy where the best content wins. I hope that answers your question. Please feel free to email us at if you have more questions. We hope to see you bublishing soon!

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