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Tricia  Copeland

An avid runner and Georgia native, Tricia now lives with her family and four-legged friends in Colorado. She believes that magic infuses every aspect of our lives, whether it is the magic of falling in love, discovering a new passion, a beautiful sunset, or a book that transports us to another world. You can find all her titles from contemporary romance and fantasy, to dystopian fiction at


To be a Fae Guardian

Science Fiction & Fantasy

She may be the only fae standing between her realm and the evil lurking below. Will Titania be given the power she needs? Titania defeats a group of creatures threatening to colonize Middle Earth. In ending them she broke not one but two edicts of the High Council. But justice may fall on the only person holding the key to her ability to defend the fae. The evil spirits manifesting the terrorists lurk below, lying in wait to strike again. With loss of a much-needed ally, she lacks freedom to learn what the realm may be facing. Worse yet, many, even some most trusted compatriots, distance themselves from the reckless Queen she’s painted to be. Her power shackled and left alone, Titania loses faith in her once clear path. Can she find her footing in time to save them all from eternal darkness?

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Titania's advisors are at odds

Quinn and Holden are Titania's most trusted advisors. Quinn is her cousin and holds no title. But Holden is a prince and someone Titania has feelings for. Titania feels she needs them both, so she doesn't want Quinn to be unhappy in her kingdom.

Has Titania finally found the one?

Prince Holden has confessed his love for her. And he is a prince, someone her father would approve of her marrying, someone equal to her status. Can their love stand the test of time?

As Queen, Titania juggles many burdens

...Not the least of which are caring for her aging parents. Her mother hasn't spoken in years, except on rare occasions when she professes premonitions, what they believe to be omens. But what if she dies without Titania knowing whether she truly is able to hear and understand her daughter's words of love and gratitude?

She escaped them but they haunt her dreams

The dark spirits of Lower Earth haunt Titania's dreams. Will they invade her realm as well? Her dreams pervade her psyche and she lives in fear they will become real. But the sinister plan the dark spirits have cooked up is even more devious than imagined.

Dark angels haunt her dreams

Titania invaded the realm of the dark angels, trapping monsters threatening her realm. But now the dark angels haunt her dreams. Are these angels speaking to her, invading her thoughts, or are these visions just nightmares?

to be a Fae Queen

Science Fiction & Fantasy

With an endearing yet fierce female protagonist, fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jenna Wolfhart will love this epic Fae fantasy. The last of her line, a faerie princess prepares to take the throne. But multiple forces plot against her, some trusted friends… After losing her brothers Titania trained and studied to rule Aubren. But she hadn’t planned on becoming Queen at fifteen. Now with her reign challenged from within the castle walls she must decide what is best for her country. Should another rule in her stead? Or has fate led her to this moment? Only she can decide a path that becomes littered with choices. Should she marry to shore up her reign? Will naming a successor be enough? And what of the creatures of the deep and a tale of one who can end all evil? Faced with a decision of aiding beings of Upper Earth she must weigh whether to follow her gut or side with tradition. Can Titania trust that her inner power will be enough to stop the looming evil? Or is she damning them all to a life of darkness? To Be a Fae Queen is a magical journey into the realm of Middle Earth. If you like fearless heroines you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s tantalizing fantasy. Get To Be a Fae Queen to descend into a new world today!

Book Bubbles from to be a Fae Queen

Titania is frustrated

Her father won't let her help look for the enemy kobold threatening their kingdom. But she can't just sit back and do nothing.

Titania shares her strategy

As princes, Titania's father seeks to protect her. But Titania wants to help protect her people. And yet, she is hindered sometimes by fits of anxiety.

Titania struggles with anxiety

Whether in her make up or from the trauma of losing her brothers to monstrous creatures, Princess Titania suffers from anxiety attacks. To calm her reactions she performs soothing tasks like shooting arrows. These skills may serve her well in the future.

The enemies have returned

Their prior enemies seemed to have developed new powers. And they're using smart tactics to trap the fae. If the anchor crystals are stolen their people will be trapped like sitting ducks.

Creatures that killed her brothers return

Three years prior evil kobold creatures invaded their kingdom to try to take Middle Earth for themselves. Princess Titania's three brothers were killed in the battle. Now these monsters seem to be back. And it seems they aim to trap the fae, block their escape. But what can Titania, a 15 year old princess, do to stop them?

Titania's mother hasn't spoken in three years

Titania lost not her brothers when they were killed in a battle with the evil kobold, and her mother hasn't spoken since then. She only has her father and, as the sole heir to the throne, wears a heavy weight.

Drops of Sunshine


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. -Buddha What if people could hear your thoughts? There would be nowhere to hide. Working as lifeguard at a camp for the blind seems like the perfect escape for Nina. But campers seem to know what she is thinking. Can embracing her truth help her heal and reveal possibilities she never imagined?

Book Bubbles from Drops of Sunshine

Her campers know things they shouldn't

Nina assumes her camper must be working through some of her own problems. But the truth is far from that.

Magical forest?

Has Nina entered an alternate realm or does the remote woods just seem other worldly? Discover the truth about her campers and the need to keep them safe.

Nina wants nothing but distraction

She decided to take a lifeguard job in the middle of the woods to escape her family drama. Being busy keeps her from thinking about it.

Nina wants an escape

She picked a job in the middle of nowhere and it wasn't to make friends. It was to escape.

Nina wants an escape

She's ditched her hometown for a summer in the woods to escape drama at home. But she can't shake all the issues swirling in her head.

Nina feels threatened from the first minute

Nina feels tension with her coworkers from the beginning and given that she'll be living with them the whole summer, it isn't ideal. Can she forge friendships with this bunch or not?

Nina has tons of issues to escape

But her new friend Brittney doesn't make it easy with her constant stream of questioning.

Take me back to summer camp!

Nina feels apprehensive about a summer in the woods but relieved to be away from her small hometown full of judging eyes. She's not there to make friends, just escape!

Nina debates wether to play it safe

It's really tempting to accept an offer to hang out with the people who seem to be the fun crowd. But with being new at the job and not wanting to get stuck in a dangerous, or worse yet illegal situation, she opts to stay at the camp for the night.

Nina feels she needs to take care of her mom

But maybe she's moving past the drama of the prior year.

Does her camper have super hearing?

Read minds? Is she psychic? Impossible, right?

Brittney tells Nina some campers read minds

It can't be true right? The other counselors have to be playing tricks on her.

The other counselors question her background

Nina's signed up to be a counselor at a camp for the sight-limited. It may be a stretch, but she's determined to prove her worth.

Her camper knows what she's thinking

Is that possible? It can't be right?

Nina is definitely a rule follower

But she's not in it for the money. She just wants to be left alone.

Nina wonders what she's signed up for

Nina takes a job as a camp counselor at a remote campground. Should she heed her trepidation?

Nina can't be attracted to her boss

He's a teenager too but Nina figures dating your boss could never end well. Plus, she won't win friends by getting close to Jacob.

Nina isn't there to make friends...

and she doesn't hide the fact. I've had several readers say, "I didn't like Nina at first." It was hard for me to write a "mean" character but Nina has had a lot of trauma and she's pushing people way so she doesn't get hurt again.

Nina's camper knows things she shouldn't

It's weird that Nina's camper tells Nina about her mom and brother. How could the camper know these things? Something is up with these kids.

An alternate realm?

Nina flees to a summer camp job deep in the forest of central Wisconsin. Soon, the campers have her wondering if she has entered an alternate universe...

All Nina wants is an escape

Sometimes we want to pretend our problems don't exist, forget them entirely, stick our head in the sand like an ostrich. In Drops of Sunshine Nina is dealing with a year's worth of family drama and wants a break from her life.

is this me?


She had it all planned out. But her freshman year goes off-course on the very first night… New student Amanda Avery would rather have her nose in a book than a drink in her hand. So when her best friend drags her to a frat party, she knows her GPA will appreciate the hot guy giving her the cold shoulder. But when their paths collide on the volleyball court, she’s left with a debilitating injury that jeopardizes her studies. With her scholarship on the line, Amanda has no choice but to accept recovery aid from the same hottie who turned her down. Though she endeavors to keep up appearances, she struggles with academic pressure and a growing friendship with her dreamy caregiver. And it doesn’t help that his buddy is trying so hard to win her over… Can Amanda survive the turmoil of college and come out with her heart intact? Is This Me? is the first book in the fun and fresh Being Me clean new adult women’s fiction series. If you like believable characters, emotional coming-of-age stories, and sweet romance, then you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s poignant tale. Buy Is This Me? to grapple with campus life today!

Book Bubbles from is this me?

Amanda definitely likes Doug

But he's the hot fraternity president and a senior. There's no way he'd be interested in her, right?

All Amanda is focused on is school...

Until she meets the tall, dark, and handsome Doug.

Amanda is a rule follower but...

Sometimes rules are made to be broken. And what college kid doesn't participate in underage drinking. But her infatuation with Doug may be an even bigger issue for Amanda.

Amanda is close to her family

Amanda is excited about college but will miss her sister, mother, and father. Unfortunately this changes as her college life drags her psyche further and further from her family core.

Amanda is a little nerdy

She loves languages and learning almost anything. She'd rather have her head stuck in a book than be at a party.

Doug v. Zack

Amanda is totally crushing on Doug who seems inconsistently into her. But Zack also appears to want her attention. And they're best friends. Amanda is caught between a rock and hard place ith these two guys.

Amanda's sister thinks she is too serious

And to credit Marissa, Amanda probably is. Perfect student, perfect daughter, perfect sister, but being perfect quickly unravels when she meets Doug Taylor.

I love new beginnings!

I always loved the start of a new school year. Even with the anxiety over new classes, I loved to possibility of meeting new people and opportunity to do new things. Amanda is at the start of her freshman year at college and meeting tons of new people, one in particular is very interesting... Doug!

Their meet-cute

Have you ever met someone and hit it off immediately? Like the stars are aligned and you're the perfect match, soul mates? Captivated by his charm, warmth, and sharing mutual travel and photography interests, Amanda is definitely attracted to Doug. But she's not ready to divulge that information to her best friend, Lila.

Bit city life appeals to Amanda...

And she can't wait to start her college life in Evanston, just north of Chicago.

From my dedication

At the start of any journey you have no clue what you will discover. My experience with anorexia, fictionalized and retold in a series that starts with this book, opened up a whole new world of connection as has being an author. I am truly grateful for both of these opportunities.

Amanda can't decide who she likes more

Both Doug and Zack are being very attentive and for the moment Amanda is just going with the flow.

Her sister is lovingly critical

Isn't that what sisters are for? Amanda's younger sister becomes her biggest advocate in this series.

Dedication page

I dedicated this book and series to my daughter. I hope that is never afraid to be herself, stand up for what she thinks is right, and reach for the stars!

Amanda tries to avoid Doug

He tells her he doesn't have time to be her friend but it's hard when he's always around.

What do you do to mark milestones?

In my family we always make a homemade chocolate cake or other favorite desert of choice for birthdays and celebrations. At Christmas we have tons of cookies. At Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie... What things does your family do to mark milestones?

Amanda and Lila discuss Doug

He seems totally unattainable. Still, Amanda can't help thinking about him.

Both Doug and Zack seem to be into Amanda...

Are they friends or is it more? Amanda can't decide how Doug or Zack feel about her. But her concussion left her brain fuzzy and it's too much to think about.

Amanda meets Doug her first night on campus

Doug is the fraternity president and biggest catch on campus, and a senior, and Amanda feels like no one compared to him. Still, she can't deny the connection she felt with him. Did she just invent it in her head or was it real?

Amanda doesn't want to admit...

that she's attracted to a seemingly unattainable guy. He's a senior and president of the student body. Why would he ever be interested in her? Yet, he's gone out of his way to be nice. Maybe he's just doing it because her dad is an alum.

Amanda talks guys with her roommate

She is already captivated by Doug but isn't ready to admit it.

Amanda's sister gives her a hard time

College move in day finds Amanda getting advice from her younger sister.

Perfect Always


A girl aiming for a successful big city career. But what if her heart belongs to a small-town rancher? Chloe dreams of leaving her tiny hometown behind and landing a job in an exhilarating metropolitan city. Toughing out her sophomore-level college business classes, she’s frustrated with the challenges of long-distance-dating her high school sweetheart, Adam. A chance encounter with Isaac, a hunky big-city-bred basketball player, leaves her confused and when Adam lays out a plan to move into his family’s ranch estate she worries her goals may be trampled underfoot. Realizing following her passion means leaving Adam, she makes a clean break. Isaac waits in the wings and with Chloe’s growing affection for him, he wins her heart. But a school abroad program, San Francisco internship, and his drive for a professional basketball career complicate their relationship. Can she find happiness in a big city with an on-the-rise basketball star or does her heart lie somewhere else? Perfect Always is a standalone contemporary romance. If you like spark-filled moments and a dreamy love story, then you’ll be enchanted by Tricia Copeland’s addition to the Perfect romance series. Get in line to throw your hat into the ring in the big city/small town debate!

Book Bubbles from Perfect Always

Long distance relationships?

Chloe and Adam have been in a long distance relationship for two years, but the strain is starting to wear on her. Will their love stand the test of time?

Chloe's mom isn't happy

Chloe grew up in a small hometown to a mother who was kicked out of her home at age sixteen. Pregnant, she seeks refuge with her sister in America. They own a restaurant in a small Kentucky town. To Chloe's mom nothing is more important than family and reputation. Should Chloe rethink her decision or stick to her guns?

Big decisions

Choices alter the course of our lives. Some we make without even knowing we've made them. Chloe wrangles with the decision of staying with her high school sweetheart.

Long-distance dating...

Are long distances relationships worth it? Do they work? What say you? Yay or neh?

Chloe can't help feeling attracted to Isaac

Although she has a boyfriend she can't deny the seemingly innate chemistry she feels for Isaac. It's super awkward that he suggests hanging out and seems into her as well.



One driven woman. Five passionate paths to the perfect love. Chloe refuses to compromise when it comes to romance and success. Powering through her sophomore-level college business classes, she’s done with the effort of distance-dating her high-school sweetheart. But when he proposes just as she hits it off with a hunky basketball player, she worries following her heart could send her bright future to the bench. As Chloe matures to become a rising star in the fashion industry, love knocks another four times. But while each potential suitor eventually pops the question, only she knows her ultimate happy ending. Whose arms will embrace Chloe when she chooses her forever man? Perfect is a standalone clean contemporary romance. If you like tender moments, lighthearted comedy, and endings you choose yourself, then you’ll adore Tricia Copeland’s option-filled tale. Buy Perfect to pick your ideal walk down the aisle today!

Book Bubbles from Perfect

She has a boyfriend...

who she's been dating three years. But Isaac catches her off guard.

Is he her perfect match?

She's been dating her high school sweetheart for four years. She loves him. And now he's on one knee in front of her asking him to marry her. What do you think? Is he her perfect partner? - Read to learn more Adam and Isaac, the hunky basketball player she met the night before.

Chloe is attracted to Isaac

But she just got out of a 3 year relationship with Adam. Is this the right time to jump in with a new guy or should she play the field?

Chloe meets Isaac

Chloe meets Isaac during a night out with her friends. He's tall, dark, handsome, and even really sweet. Is trouble brewing?

Should she take a breather?

Chloe just got out of a relationship with Adam and now she's crushing on Isaac. Is it too soon? Should she play the field a bit? Give herself time to breathe?

Chloe and Isaac's meet cute

Chloe meets Isaac at a club. When he asks her to dance she can't say yes. He asks her to play pool instead. What a great guy, right?

2nd date weekend getaway?

Is it too soon to have a weekend getaway after dating someone for a month? Is meeting the parents pre-mature? But Chloe is already smitten with Isaac and takes a chance and says yes.

Is a long distance relationship worth it?

Chloe and Adam have been doing the long distance thing for almost two years... is it worth it or would she be better off looking for someone new?

Have you ever loved someone but...

been on different paths? Sometimes letting someone go is a gift. You set them free to find their perfect.

Chloe meets up with Isaac for the 2nd time

Has Isaac inched himself into her heart?

Should she marry her high school sweetheart?

Is he the one? Will living on his family ranch make her happy? Can she know this at 22?

Chloe meets her Paris roommates

Chloe takes a big leap and accepts a year-long abroad scholarship in a fashion business program. Trouble is, she knows nothing about fashion.

Chloe and Isaac's meet cute

How did you meet the person of your dreams?

How did you meet that special someone?

Chloe and Chase meet in the Paris bar scene... could it be more?

Chloe's and Isaac's meet-cute

Isaac is the perfect gentleman.

Chloe tells Isaac about her breakup

After days of moping Chloe is ready to re-enter society. It's awkward with Isaac because she has feelings for him.

Chloe considers a life with Adam

He's got it all planned out but she's not sure that's the life she wants.

Chloe and Adam got to different colleges...

three hours away and it makes their relationship challenging. In this scene Chloe is out with her friends when she meets Isaac.

Is her high school sweetheart the perfect one

Chloe's been dating Adam for three years. They grew up in the same town and their relationship has lasted through big transitions like graduating high school and going to college. Should she say yes?

Kingdom of Embers Volume 1

Literature & Fiction

Enter Alena’s world… “He wouldn’t understand. He didn’t live in a pretend world. In truth, he did. Most beings, pure humans, walked around thinking they were the only type of people that existed.” –Alena As a creature forbidden by both vampire and witch cultures, Alena traverses the country with her Vampire Chancellor mother in search of an unknown entity. When Alena finds Hunter everything changes. Their bond may be the key to answers Alena seeks. As she investigates the connection, the equally handsome, but mysterious Jude appears. Will the truth of his intentions be uncovered before it is too late? Or will her Mother’s kingdom be reduced to embers?

Book Bubbles from Kingdom of Embers Volume 1

Alena isn't just an 17 year-old

But she does a good job of pretending. Could you make it through high-school as a vampire-witch hybrid?

Alena saves her friend...

but will the others realize that she darted across the gym at an in-human pace to do it?

Alena risks exposure to save her friend

Alena flips over the heads of students to save her best friend from falling on the hard gym floor. But has she risked exposing herself as something other than human? Will their human eyes and minds process what truly happened or will they pass it off as impossible?

Two imaginary friends...

Or so she thought. But then she finds Chase, real and alive and now a teen like her. How can this be? There is more to this connection than she can imagine! Can she figure it out without turning her mother's kingdom into a pile of embers?

Can a vampire-witch hybrid go to high school?

Alena is a vampire-witch hybrid living in LA and attending a normal human high school. As if her light skin and auburn hair, and the fact that she can't eat human food don't make her seem strange enough, she has to fight her instincts to rip someone's head off on a daily basis. Plus, she has to cloak her magic. And that is exhausting, leaving her hungry.

Alena chooses to save Sophie

But she risked being exposed as something other than merely human. She prays her fellow students don't catch on or else her mother will yank her out of school faster than she can say skidaddle.

A witch-vampire hybrid?

Those exist? In my Kingdom Journals series, the super natural has a few different rule. First, vampires aren't supernatural, they're a different species from humans, and they've proved it genetically.

Wouldn't you want to meet your father?

Seventeen year-old witch-vampire hybrid Alena has never met her father. Supposedly it's too dangerous for them to meet. What could her mother and mentor be hiding about him and why?

Alena saves her friend with super-human move

Alena saves her friend from biting it on the gym floor but then has to convince all the humans to believe it was no big deal. Does she succeed or will others start to wonder about her super skills?

First day at a new school

Alena would love nothing more than to be back in San Ramon with her best friend Kaylie. Do you and your friends wear matching outfits? Cool or not cool?

Alena dreams Chase dies in her arms

Alena dreams she marries Chase but he dies in her arms. Is it just a dream or a foretelling of the future? When you're half witch one can never be sure. Would her best move be to stay out of his life? But what if he is the answer to everything she's been searching for?

How much training did I need...

before he trusted me. I was ready to fly.

Alena's mother is hiding a lot...

She just has to figure out what and why. Why she can't see her father? Why they are looking for a teen boy? And what it has to do with her.

Alena shows Hunter she's a witch

And Hunter may be a witch too...

Her mother is annoyingly protective

But if you were a one-of-a-kind being forbidden by vampire and witches alike, wouldn't it be necessary?

Alena saves Hannah

Alena saves Hannah from hitting the floor but has to cover her tracks so no one will suspect she did anything super human

Alena sees her once thought imaginary friend

At the library of all places. Can it really be Chase, the boy of her preschool imaginations?

Alena is not a normal vampire

This passage from Chapter 1 hints at her true nature. Vampires that walk in the sun?

Can he really be her imaginary friend...

The guy in front of her is a dead ringer for the imaginary friend she had at age 3. Is it possible that he was real?

Alena doesn't like hiding her nature...

and has a bit of a rebellious streak that doesn't go over well with her psuedo-Grandmother or Mother.

Vampires and witches under one roof?

Vampires and witches are supposed to be mortal enemies yet the Vampire Chancellor's closest advisor is a witch.

Origin of vampires

This quote hints at the origin of vampires which is only eluded to in the text. Can you guess?

Being a vampire in high school is challenging

Her pale skin and weird diet make her a target at school. If only they knew the truth about her feeding habits…

Hyrbrid vampire living among humans

Alena fights her vampire nature every second she is with humans. Her heightened emotions are difficult to tame and being awake during the day makes it that much more challenging.

Using your powers to save your friend

Alena isn't supposed to show humans how strong she is but she couldn't let her friend fall onto the gym floor.

Alena and the origin of her magical abilities

Alena argues with her mentor over which magic she is allowed to learn and when leading up to a discussion of her heritage. She regrets alluding to the fact she may be investigating who her father is.

KofE vampires

The vampires in The Kingdom Journals are a bit different from those of other series, they live and breath, and love the sun!

Alena finds the second witch of the trinity

Alena sees Hunter, the once imaginary friend she played with as a child. She realizes he may be what her mother has been looking for.

Alena's Dilemma

Alena's mother moves her every two years so on top working to appear human she has to deal with making new friends. Entering a new school her senior year is the last thing she wanted. But, there's something about LA, she can feel it, some draw.

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