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The book summarizes my experiences with cannabis along with some serious, interesting and (hopefully) humorous observations I have had while under the influence of cannabis.
The first half of the book really focuses on a brief history of the plant, a brief history of my use of the plant, the benefits to me from consuming cannabis, my connections with others that seemingly occur while I am high and a walkthrough of how other people can try to connect to those they want to when they are high.
The second half of the book gets a little deeper into concepts like third-eyes, souls, simulation theory, God and other random and (hopefully) funny thoughts and observations. These were deep concepts that I try to succinctly work through but they are a bit "out there "for sure!!

We hope you enjoy the overall message of the book, which is forming deeper and more meaningful connections with those around you and how cannabis may be able to help!

Book Bubbles from Higher Connections

Panic attack

This was one of the most intense connections I have had while high where I ended up having a panic attack at (we think) the same time as my son. While Alexandra and I don't believe the cannabis caused the panic attack, we had a very interesting discussion about whether I did connect to my son and felt his panic attack in real-time.

What happens to me when I am high

For people that have not used marijuana before, this chapter was to help people understand the impact on me when I am high. There are a few different things that generally occur, which I wanted to summarize as a way of helping people understand the impact that THC has on my brain, my body and my general well-being. Hopefully this helps give people a sense of what it may do to them if they do decide to try marijuana in the future.

Third Eye Concept

Some people believe in the concept of the third eye or "sixth sense". Count me in as one of those people. In this chapter, I get into the concept of the third eye and how that concept may relate to the experiences I have had when I am high. I get into some scientific detail about our brains and whether the third eye may actually be able to allow for these connections to occur.

How bad is cannabis...really?

When you compare cannabis to other things humans consume on a regular basis, how bad is it? The bottom line is that there is still more research to be done but in this chapter, I list out other things we all consume that are potentially worse for you than cannabis. These things include alcohol, cigarettes, sugars, fatty foods, red meat and social media. You can make your own decisions but it is certainly food for thought. Now I am hungry!

Random observations

The last chapter was dedicated to completely random and funny (At least to me) thoughts I have had while high. These are likely only funny to me but that is okay - as long as I laugh at them that is all that matters :) Just kidding - hopefully a few others found them funny, or at least amusing. Hope you enjoy!

What happens when we die?

I certainly will not claim to know what happens when we die. I would be no better than any preacher or rabbi that claim to have the answers to the afterlife. In this chapter, I summarize what my theory is about when we pass on and it surrounds the disbursement of our energy to those close to us and the universe in general. Is it correct? I wont know that until I pass on but I think it is as good as any current theory out there. You are free to disagree though :)

Plan your own funeral

When the grim reaper does visit me, I want to be in total control of my funeral. In this except from a chapter towards the back of my book, I summarize how I want my funeral to be, what I want the attendees to wear and what I want to be said during the funeral. Everyone should do this so you are in complete control of how people remember you. Enjoy!

History of cannabis

While the book doesn't dive into a long history of cannabis in the United States, I wanted to support the fact that the illegality of the plant was not really based on any scientific proof the plant was dangerous. In fact, it was based on xenophobia against Mexicans and THAT IS IT! Maybe when people realize why the plant was made illegal, it will help give them comfort that there really is no reason the drug should have been made illegal in the first place.

Panic Attack!

This connection with my son was one of the most intense because of the physical reaction I had from the connection (a panic attack). Could this have been a coincidence that, without knowing, I had a panic attack at the same exact time my son did? Of course - I guess. But this begs the question of if this was NOT a coincidence, how would a connection cause a physical reaction similar to another human? That I cannot answer, but I will say after freaking out about the panic attack and calming down, Alexandra and I both agreed this was one of the craziest connections I have had, especially once we spoke to my son the next day and he confirmed his heart was racing and he was scared. Creeeeeppyyy

Spirit of Christmas Eve

This experience was a very intense connection for Alexandra and myself. We had other connections that were cool and interesting, but this was probably the deepest one we have had yet and it involved us talking about a personal and very emotional topic for us - the loss of an unborn child. Alexandra had held feelings in for several years and we never really talked about them - until this night. The overwhelming feeling of warmth and positive energy I had that night was something I had never experienced before and it has stayed with me almost 10 months after this happened. A really cool experience from a tough subject makes this something I wish others could experience as well.

Simulation theory

Wouldn't it be great to eventually find out we are living in a simulation? It would give us free reign to whatever the heck we wanted to! There are several famous people that have said we are likely living in a simulation; but what does that actually mean? In this chapter of the book, I go into some experiences I have had while high that led me to believe we MAY be in a simulation while diving into some questions about how a simulation would work. It gets a little trippy so I hope you enjoy the ride!

How you can try to connect to others

A large reason why I wrote this book was to help people to try connect more deeply with those in their lives. My connections are awesome and intense feelings and I would LOVE if others were able to experience the same feelings that I have. Here I lay out how others can (hopefully) attempt to connect with others while using cannabis. While I am aware that others may not feel like cannabis is a way to form these connections, that is okay. All I can do is lay out the steps and see if others are lucky enough to experience this on their own!


While the concept of a God is always a sensitive topic, I think human beings need a sense of something greater than them to be comforted in life. That concept has turned into what most of us consider God. But does the concept of God actually make sense? There are several questions I ask that you can answer yourselves. One important thing to remember is that no-one knows the truth about God and until the day comes where proof of God can be shown, we all continue to have faith that God exists or does not exist.

The Soul Question

The concept of a soul has been around forever. Some people have been trying to prove a soul exists since the beginning of humankind. But there are many questions about souls that need to be asked and some of these I thought about while high on cannabis and lay out in the book. They are not easy or simple questions and I certainly do not profess to have the answers but hopefully they give you all something to think about!

Experience summary

To say the connections I have made while high are surreal would be an understatement! Its awesome and empowering to feel how others are feeling in the moment. It helps me understand them and relate to them on a much deeper level than I ever could have imagined. What is it about cannabis that allows for this? I have no idea - but I love it!

Summary of my experiences

The connections I have had during my experiences are similar to an empath where you can sense or feel how someone else is feeling in that moment, or in general. The interesting thing is that I am not always looking at the person or talking with the person when this occurs, which means something else is happening. What is happening? I do not know for sure but try to explain what I think is happening later in my book.

Introductory bubble

In the opening to my book, I introduce myself (and my wife) and how cannabis helped my life. I also summarize how my experiences with cannabis started me on my journey to writing about them and what I thought was happening to me while high. Cannabis is a controversial topic for some but I hope this book helps put others at ease and helps them understand the potential benefits of the plant on their lives.

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