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Margaret “Magi” Graziano is the founder and CEO of KeenAlignment, named an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. She lives and breathes culture. With contagious energy and undeniable candor, Magi has helped hundreds of companies build intentional, healthy, high-performance organizational cultures. Named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Influential Women in Business, Magi has more than 20 years of experience and is a pioneer in the conscious leadership and cultural alignment movements. Magi’s groundbreaking work is driven by her passion to ignite human potential at work.


Ignite Culture

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Sometimes corporate leaders forget that businesses are human systems. Revenue, innovation, and growth are all generated by human beings. Employees left Corporate America in droves during The Great Resignation of 2021 and 2022—an important wakeup call. But even when companies try to “fix” or improve their culture, a whopping 85% of these efforts fail. Why is this statistic so dismal? Because you can’t put a bandage on a broken culture.

As human systems, companies must heal or align from the inside out—one human at a time and starting at the top. The CEO and leadership team must do foundational work to understand what’s driving and shaping behaviors. Only when a culture is intentionally designed can it inspire people to fully engage in strategies and tactics that move the human system forward.

What author Margaret Graziano proposes in Ignite Culture is a fundament shift in leadership’s approach to creating an intentional, healthy, high-performance organization. Offering a unique combination of experiential coaching, evidence-based leadership tools, and actionable strategies, Ignite Culture empowers business leaders with the wisdom and insights they need to reshape their company’s culture, increase employee engagement, and grow revenue in a supportive, high-performance environment.

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Awakening the Corporate Soul: A Radical Shift

In these tumultuous times, it's undeniable that our world is undergoing profound changes. As I reflect on the challenges we face, I can't help but think that this might be the wakeup call our corporate landscape desperately needs. At the core of every organization are people, and their well-being is the heartbeat of success. As President Abraham Lincoln profoundly stated, "Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital... Labor is the superior of capital." When crises strike in the corporate world, leaders often scramble for quick fixes, relying on external solutions. However, these remedies seldom address the root cause—the erosion of our organizational cultures. Businesses are intricate human systems, and genuine transformation must begin from within. I'm here to propose a radical shift in approach—one that nurtures the human spirit at work, sparking change from the inside out, one individual at a time. Links: Get a copy on Amazon and leave us a review: Get to know Margaret Graziano: Follow me on my socials and look forward for the release of the audible version is coming soon! Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: Let’s liberate the human spirit together!

Igniting the human spirit at work

They say that adversity is the mother of invention. This has certainly been the case over the course of my professional life. In 2014, I was creating a revolutionary recruiting software when the code was stolen, forcing me to redirect my career. I decided to combine my coaching certification, decade of leading seminars and introductions for large-group, self-awareness workshops, and twenty years of executive search experience to launch an executive coaching business. To promote my new venture, I wrote some articles about the importance of healthy corporate cultures and the impact of the leadership team’s mindset, behaviors, and overall self-awareness on that culture. Today, the intent of my company, KeenAlignment, is to forever liberate the human spirit at work. And it is my truest honor and joy to watch this happen every day.

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