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Lori Abbott is a lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the areas of Family and Criminal Law. She holds a BA in Criminal Justice and Social Welfare from Mankato State University and a JD from William Mitchell College of Law.
Throughout the course of her career, Lori has dedicated countless hours of free legal representation to women seeking Domestic Abuse Protection Orders. Abbott also spent many years in private practice volunteering at a Rape and Abuse Crisis Center where she saw firsthand the effects of abuse and trauma on women and children every day.
After a near-death experience at the hands of her former fiancé in 2015, she found herself in the same exact shoes of all those women she spent her life professionally representing.
In her book The Romeo & Juliet Delusion, Abbott brings a very unique perspective to the subject matter as a successful family and criminal law attorney. Her story shows that addiction and the possibility of drowning in a toxic relationship can happen to anyone. Through the retelling of her own abuse at the hands of someone she deeply loved; readers can understand that domestic violence and addiction do not care about race, gender, job title or educational level.
Abbott offers an inspiring vision of what is possible for victims on the other side of trauma, abuse, and addiction; all while revealing how she overcame her own personal battles that so strongly parallel the women she serves and the countless number of women around the world currently trapped in this dangerous type of relationship.
Much like the clients she serves, Abbott was forced to embark upon the greatest challenges of her life: learning to heal from her own trauma, abuse, and addictions. Throughout this journey, she was called upon by the Universe to fully own her story and share it with the world. In addition, to the writing of this book, Lori has started going public with her story by being a guest speaker on live Facebook interviews, morning radio shows in her local community, podcasts and various in-person speaking engagements.
Abbott is an avid world traveler, life adventurer and an extreme sport enthusiast. She currently resides in Fargo, ND with her dog Maicy. In addition to practicing law, Abbott is a volunteer Wish Granter with Make-A-Wish, a Literacy Coach at a non-profit Dyslexia Learning Center and a youth mentor for under-privileged girls through the YMCA.


The Romeo and Juliet Delusion


In this compelling memoir Lori Abbott chronicles her dangerous relationship with her ex-fiancé who was a meth and heroin addict. In addition to the overwhelming aspects of loving a drug addict, there was domestic abuse, including a series of traumatic events during the relationship that escalated to an attempt being taken on her life 2015.

Lori Abbott is an attorney who spent fifteen years of her career representing victims of domestic abuse who one day became a victim herself.

The Romeo & Juliet Delusion provides a rare and unique insight into the reality of deeply loving a drug addict, remaining in a dangerous relationship for too long, and watching one's own life deteriorate while desperately trying to save someone else. It was by divine intervention that Abbott did not die in that hotel room. She feels it is now her responsibility to share not only what she experienced in those moments when she believed that she was dying (as the man she deeply loved eerily stood by and watched), but also how she took actual aspects of her near death experience to significantly heal herself and unexpectedly find her own sobriety from alcohol along the way.

The Romeo & Juliet Delusion provides inspiration to anyone who’s life has been touched by addiction or domestic violence. Abbott relies on raw, uninhibited storytelling to convey the methods she used to explore healing and freedom from trauma.

After escaping her relationship, Abbott spent the next several years experimenting with different ways of healing from trauma. She learned to live her best life alongside PTSD every day, and discovered that to be the best version of herself and heal to the highest extent possible, she needed to show up in this world as a sober woman. In the midst of Abbott's healing journey, she dealt with the lingering knowledge that she had an issue with alcohol, which heightened to new levels after the trauma, as alcohol and PTSD are not a good combination. Ultimately, Abbott was able to begin to break the trauma bond she had with her ex-fiancé (She was as addicted to him as he was to meth and heroin) and learned to fully embrace sober living.

Individuals suffering from addiction or who are experiencing domestic violence are isolated, but reading about someone’s true life experiences provides them with the hope they are desperately seeking. In this book readers will learn how to:
Recognize and break trauma bonds
View addiction with compassion and curiosity
Release the shame associated with abuse and addiction
Reclaim their voices
Live an extraordinary life free from the weight of trauma
The Universe intentionally imprinted upon Abbott's soul the experience of this particular relationship and what happened in that hotel room, which forever changed the trajectory of her life and left her with no alternative for peace or purpose until she placed her message out into the world. Abbott's intention is that by authentically sharing her story, she can help to change the lives of people in similar situations and inspire others to view addiction and domestic abuse with compassion and curiosity.

Most importantly, Abbott has learned how to live an extraordinary life alongside the haunting memories, PTSD and a lingering soul connection to her ex-fiancé. It is Abbott's hope that The Romeo & Juliet Delusion will shake the glass house of those who live in their ivory towers looking down on a woman like her wondering how she could possibly find herself in the situation that she did. The fall down from an ivory tower is going to cause a lot more damage than the fall down for those who live with their feet firmly planted on the ground, owning their stories and using them to inspire, educate and heal others.

Book Bubbles from The Romeo and Juliet Delusion

When he was trying to kill me.....

Even in the very moments when the person I loved most was actually trying to kill me, I was convincing myself something different was happening. This is the depth my delusion reached after so many years of trauma and abuse.

You can only hide addiction for so long.

Romeo was a master at hiding his addiction until he no longer had the ability to do so. Addiction is a puzzling disease and one in which affects not only the addict, but everyone around the addict.

Trauma Healing

Dissociation occurs in your subconscious mind to protect you from the reality of what you experiencing. A significant part of healing from any trauma is recognizing your dissociation and removing it.

Creating an Extraordinary Life

It is possible to not only overcome trauma, but live an extraordinary life. It is through the darkness, we may truly see the light. You have within you the ability to change your life one step at a time.

About the Author

Sharing this so that you can get to know me a little.

Soul Journey

The true purpose of life is to honor the soul contract we were all born with. A part of my soul contract was to be an abused woman. I am blessed to be a survivor and to have been given the opportunity to now use that experience to help others. It is from the darkness in our lives that we learn to shine the brightest.

Loving an Addict

Of all of the traumas I incurred throughout my relationship with Romeo, the residual effects of day to day living with a drug addict wounded my soul the deepest. Loving a drug addict and trying to save them is a non-stop whirlwind of pain and fear.

Never Think Something Can't Happen to You

As a successful attorney who spent her career representing victims of domestic violence, I never would have imagined that I would one day write a book about surviving domestic violence. I also never thought I would be the type of woman who gave her power away to the extent that it almost cost me my life. It is through the darkness that we experience that we are able to emerge a new person who can hold the light to help others.

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