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The Reunion

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Ray Summers and Bill Gateway found it hard to believe it was going to be 50 years since the end of World War II. They had become lifelong friends on a beach in the Philippines during that turbulent time. Even though they lived on opposite sides of the country, the distance didn’t keep them from staying in touch and watching each other’s families grow. A reunion with their WWII military unit would be a great opportunity to get old comrades together to celebrate and remember a time when they were all part of history. They hoped all their planning would culminate in a reunion to remember. Little did they realize this reunion would involve a change in plans so drastic it would put all of them in harm’s way one more time. It would take one of their highly decorated, military sons to help bring them all home safely and keep several countries from going to war. This is an adventure story whose pages are interwoven with bravery, treachery, and political intrigue.

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Gender Insights

In a "Man's World" women have often been underestimated, insulted, and ignored when in reality they are just as capable as their male counterparts. Having grown up in the 1960's and 1970's, the "Women's Lib Era," I'd like to think I'm more open minded about this topic, but know I've fallen into to that time honored trap of arrogance regarding women in certain fields of endeavor. Through experience and sometimes having the back of my head slapped I've learned those lessons the hard way. I still try to be the gentleman and hold the door open for them. After all, they've earned it.

Suffer in silence!

In my experience so many combat vets from all wars suffer without complaint. Their visible wounds are obvious, but the invisible wounds lie hidden under the surface and in many cases never come to light. I've seen this with family members and friends, and each handles those wounds in their own way. They don't speak about their experiences in combat, keeping it all to themselves. They each take pride in their service, and we should thank all vets for their honor, courage, and sacrifice. Happy New Year!!!!!

Practice makes Perfect!

It's an old saying but one with a lot of truth behind it. As I grew up, I found I got better at something the more I worked at it whether it be a musical instrument, a sport, academics, or work-related tools. One may have some natural abilities, but practice will always improve one's skills in any endeavor worth doing. So, practice, practice, practice.

Veterans' Day

They all answered the call no matter what generation they hail from. No matter what branch of the military they served in we as a people are better for that service. Heros all!!!! Thank you for your service....

The Greatest Generation

I get very sentimental this time of year because my father's birthday was yesterday. He served his country during World War II like so many men and women did. He served in this theater of the war and on the battlefields described in this novel of fiction. Many of the memories aired in the novel are not made-up but are ones that were related to me by someone who was there. I can only imagine a generation that had to deal with the Great Depression followed by a war of this magnitude and cruelty. They really were the 'Greatest Generation!'


Ah, we all want guarantees. Great for when you're buying a car or a household appliance. Tougher when you're dealing with people. We need to learn patience and not be in a rush to do something when including others.

All too common...

In today's world where violence seems to appear in so many third countries as a solution to local problems and differences, children far too often pay the price for society's ills. I'd like to say this isn't true, but then I turn on the news and this is exactly what I see. May we find a peaceful way in the future to resolve these differences? "The Reunion" now in hardcover. Go to for the entire series.

A Different World than we grew up in.

I have a few years on many people, but I remember when I was young that we felt safe traveling pretty much anywhere in the world. There has always been danger out there, but I seem to remember it being more controlled. Violence seems to be the way to change things quickly regarding something or someone we don't like and now no country is immune to the scars it creates. While this is a work of fiction so much of it is based on research of actual events. It's scary.... 'The Reunion' is now available in hardcover at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book sellers.

Old strategies are sometimes the best.

If it works once as a strategy, it will probably work again. You tweak it here and there and you should be good to go. Repetition isn't always good, but you also don't have to reinvent the wheel each time either. Plan it out ahead of time and know your history, you'll get it done. Go to or to If you've bought either book leave a review either way on the platform you purchased it from. Thanks


Things aren't always what they seem. Politics, ambition, and rivalry can muddy the waters blurring the lines between friend and foe. As much action can happen behind the scenes as takes place with straight out conflict. Visit, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other online vender for a copy; leave a review on the platform you order from.

Letting your hair down.

For those of us who have had stressful jobs we know the need to occasionally let our hair down and relax. (Still trying to figure out how that works for me.) You can't always be serious, it's not healthy. You shouldn't get so out of control you get in trouble when you get caught. Then sometimes it might be worth it.

Holidays, what holidays!

We take for granted the freedoms, safety, and security we enjoy. Seldom do we think about those in the armed forces or first responders who work through the holidays while we enjoy them in peace. Remember a soldier, sailor, airman, marine, policeman, fireman, paramedic, and others who give up time with their families to provide that peace this time of year. Take a minute to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Let them know they are appreciated.

Judging a book by it's cover.

Far too often in life we make a judgement based on appearance. This can be a mistake when dealing with people. I've always considered myself open minded, but the older I get the more I recognize the mistakes I've made over the years. Many were based on appearance. Someone's age, how they're dressed, financial situation, ethnic origin, and who knows how many other excuses. Take your time when evaluating someone else. Don't jump to the first conclusion you see. More information is better than not enough.


Terrorists, spies, traitors and all the stuff needed to make a suspenseful adventure thriller. Dangerous men, beautiful women, and villains galore. You know who the good guy is, or do you? Kidnapped vets, a violent attempt to overthrow of the rightful government of a foreign country, and the rescue. An interesting reunion of old acquaintances.

Greatest Generation

So many who served in World War II have been silent about their experiences. Over the years I got snippets of information from my father regarding what he lived through. These usually slipped out when he was at a party and had enough to drink to loosen his tongue and share the horrors he witnessed. All the stories told by Ray Summers and Bill Gateway in the book are based on those quiet snippets of information that snuck out when the family least expected it. I find those who served in combat in any of our wars to be the same way. They may not talk about it, but they're proud of their service. I know my father was.

Many names.

PTSD, shell shock, battle fatigue and who knows how many other names. The shock of war leaves its mark on those who fight. Some are more affected than others, but we all need to be sensitive to it with all vets. The second version of 'The Reunion' made it to Amazon books yesterday. Coming to other book platforms soon, within days. Currently only in e-book and paperback format, hardcover and audiobook formats to follow. "The Retirement', the next story, is currently being edited. Hopefully ready for publishing by the first of the year.

Another day at work.

With all the headlines about school violence today we've come accustomed to scenes like this. Folks my age look at this and say back in the day this would never happen. When I was in high school back in the late 1960's I saw a drunk high school student take a swing at one of his teachers. He never landed the blow, the teacher gracefully dodging the swing and subduing the student. Everything was quickly and quietly handled. Talking to the teacher later he explained that he was a veteran and saw heavy combat in World War Two. He said it was all he could do not to overact to the young man's attempted assault. Instinct and training told him to fight back. Looking at this scene in the book you have a man who is an educator and a trained Navy SEAL. How does he react? What's appropriate? What's over reaction?

The Retirement

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Retirement - Coming the summer of 2023.
Jon Summers is missing! Retired and doing animal research in the Canadian north woods, he is attacked by hired killers. At the same time back home, family members and some old friends are kidnapped, being held hostage at the family cabin. Included are several high-ranking politicians. The goal, break of an old enemy out of prison. Shock waves course through the law enforcement and intelligence communities as information sources and communications are compromised. Rescue attempts fail. Spies and conspirators seem to lurk everywhere. Traditional tactics and methods for freeing the hostages are rendered useless, frustrating authorities.
Unbeknownst to the kidnappers a shadowy figure shrouded by fog lurks in the forest, stalking them. Spirits of the forest are angered and ghosts from the past resurrected. Joined by the Summers family and an interesting assortment of mysterious characters, they unite to face this clever and ruthless enemy. With hostages in jeopardy and time running out they must act. How will they foil the kidnappers plan? Will they be able to free the hostages before they are sacrificed?

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They are powerful and can shape public opinion, national policies, and history. We all have the perception that we are guaranteed rights, freedoms, and liberty. We cannot forget that we also have responsibilities that must go along with those three things. We need to always act with honor and treat all people with the dignity and respect they are do. Remember, perceptions work both ways.


As happens so often in families our children model their parents when they grow up and go out into the world. If a life of service to others is modeled, children so often follow that example. It makes parents proud and drives us crazy at the same time. Someday they will understand the question, "I don't understand how I ever survived." or why we live vicariously through their actions. Their mother just wonders which one of us is crazier!!!

White noise....

I'm one of those people who works best with some type of noise in the background. It could be music, a newscast, talk radio, or even a movie I've seen before. It's just there filling in some need in my mind to have something else there. I can't explain it, but I know I'm not alone in that. The background noise stops and it's like someone threw something at you to get your attention.

Veterans' Day

Thank you to all who served so we can live free.


It comes in many forms and doesn't have to be connected with organized religion. Many people are spiritual and believe in something higher and purer than what we deal with in life on a daily basis. We just have to decide if it's just a cloud passing over or the spirits deciding to teach us a lesson.


In this day of instant news, it seems at times that we are watching performances and not current events. Everyone seems to be looking for their fifteen minutes of fame and we all fall into the trap of letting them. It seems to be human nature to perform for the camera. It also seems at times that there is a serious lack of responsible journalism. I have friends in both the worlds of first responders and journalism, and they are consummate professionals. It seems that the network news shows have discovered how they can influence us by putting on a show or sensationalize what they show us. Then there are those who have become expert at manipulating the media. I miss the good old days.

Pleasant Memories...

When times are hard and frustrating remembering pleasant thing from the past can brighten the mood. It can be a happy exchange between friends, a joyful event, or something as simple as flowers. The saying goes that 'hope springs eternal.' A bouquet of flowers can mean hope in this case if you know what to look for. Then again, the flower delivery man might be dangerous.

Right in front of your eyes.

A tourist location, lots of people, who would suspect. Simple as ordering dessert. What information can she garner from this scene. Who would suspect that a diner would be a meeting place for spies. After you read the book leave a review on the platform you purchase it from. Thanks,

Men of Mystery!!

What's the line that separates a hero from a villain? Interesting thought as you look at this excerpt. Who's who. Tough to tell at this point of the story. Maybe they're both the bad guy, you'll have to read the book to find out.

Snap Judgements...

So many of us are quick to rush to judgement about issues we don't have all the facts about. Take your time and listen, learn, and gather all the facts before passing judgement on a person or situation. find all my books at:


When something goes wrong there are always different ways to handle the situation. Some you can control and others you can't. I've found in my years that if you keep a cool head and take a moment to evaluate your situation you are better able to handle and control it. Trust your instincts.

And the Mystery Begins

A beautiful but dangerous wilderness filled with wild creatures and death. What to do? The book hit the online outlets yesterday. Time to find out. Go to the platform of your choice for paperback or e-book formats and enjoy the story.

New Book - The Retirement

The opening paragraphs to book #3 in the Summers series of action/adventures about Jon Summers. Approved for publication today and E-book and paperback formats should be available at online retailors by Thursday, August 3, 2023. Come and enjoy the ride.

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