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Jeffrey  Thrall

Jeff Thrall was born in a farming community in central Wisconsin and his family moved to Western New York when he was young. He grew up in a suburb of Rochester and spent his summers in Canada canoeing and camping. This is where he learned to enjoy reading and storytelling because there was no television or even electricity. Mr. Thrall currently lives in Rochester, New York with his wife and has three grown children and three grandchildren. He worked for a local police department for twenty-three years where he supervised reserve officers and has recently retired as transportation administrator for a local school district. He is a graduate of SUNY Brockport with a BS in Biology, master’s in education, and CAS in School Business Administration. He previously published 'The Reunion' in 2005 and ‘The Superintendent’ in 2021. He has been working on several other projects including a second edition of “the Reunion’ scheduled for 2022 and the ‘The Retirement’ scheduled for 2023. See


The Reunion

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Ray Summers and Bill Gateway found it hard to believe it was going to be 50 years since the end of World War II. They had become lifelong friends on a beach in the Philippines during that turbulent time. Even though they lived on opposite sides of the country, the distance didn’t keep them from staying in touch and watching each other’s families grow. A reunion with their WWII military unit would be a great opportunity to get old comrades together to celebrate and remember a time when they were all part of history. They hoped all their planning would culminate in a reunion to remember. Little did they realize this reunion would involve a change in plans so drastic it would put all of them in harm’s way one more time. It would take one of their highly decorated, military sons to help bring them all home safely and keep several countries from going to war. This is an adventure story whose pages are interwoven with bravery, treachery, and political intrigue.

Book Bubbles from The Reunion

Judging a book by it's cover.

Far too often in life we make a judgement based on appearance. This can be a mistake when dealing with people. I've always considered myself open minded, but the older I get the more I recognize the mistakes I've made over the years. Many were based on appearance. Someone's age, how they're dressed, financial situation, ethnic origin, and who knows how many other excuses. Take your time when evaluating someone else. Don't jump to the first conclusion you see. More information is better than not enough.


Terrorists, spies, traitors and all the stuff needed to make a suspenseful adventure thriller. Dangerous men, beautiful women, and villains galore. You know who the good guy is, or do you? Kidnapped vets, a violent attempt to overthrow of the rightful government of a foreign country, and the rescue. An interesting reunion of old acquaintances.

Greatest Generation

So many who served in World War II have been silent about their experiences. Over the years I got snippets of information from my father regarding what he lived through. These usually slipped out when he was at a party and had enough to drink to loosen his tongue and share the horrors he witnessed. All the stories told by Ray Summers and Bill Gateway in the book are based on those quiet snippets of information that snuck out when the family least expected it. I find those who served in combat in any of our wars to be the same way. They may not talk about it, but they're proud of their service. I know my father was.

Many names.

PTSD, shell shock, battle fatigue and who knows how many other names. The shock of war leaves its mark on those who fight. Some are more affected than others, but we all need to be sensitive to it with all vets. The second version of 'The Reunion' made it to Amazon books yesterday. Coming to other book platforms soon, within days. Currently only in e-book and paperback format, hardcover and audiobook formats to follow. "The Retirement', the next story, is currently being edited. Hopefully ready for publishing by the first of the year.

Another day at work.

With all the headlines about school violence today we've come accustomed to scenes like this. Folks my age look at this and say back in the day this would never happen. When I was in high school back in the late 1960's I saw a drunk high school student take a swing at one of his teachers. He never landed the blow, the teacher gracefully dodging the swing and subduing the student. Everything was quickly and quietly handled. Talking to the teacher later he explained that he was a veteran and saw heavy combat in World War Two. He said it was all he could do not to overact to the young man's attempted assault. Instinct and training told him to fight back. Looking at this scene in the book you have a man who is an educator and a trained Navy SEAL. How does he react? What's appropriate? What's over reaction?

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