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Web Augustine is a Seattle native and long-time San Francisco Bay area resident and Silicon Valley veteran with 30+ years of experience in marketing, sales, consulting and executive search. Web has contributed early-stage marketing expertise to several leading-edge, high-profile startups and spent the vast majority of his entire career working with early-stage companies. Web’s books include “Make Our Country YUUUGE Again” (will be released in September 2020; witty, hard-hitting political satire) and “Inspiring Quotations for Our Times” (2020 eBook, 2011 hardcover; a delightful compilation of the best 1,400 quotations offering practical wisdom and wit regarding life, love, attitude, happiness, success, character and much more).


Make Our Country YUUUGE Again

Literature & Fiction

Witty, hard-hitting political satire about the shocking, almost unbelievable shenanigans since Tunnald “Tunny” Drump was elected Grand Poobah of Cameria in 2016. An insightful chronicle of life in the Beige Palace—utter incompetence, disastrous policies, and increasingly erratic behavior—from the insider perspective of Press Secretary Laira Succupy Ganders. Comic relief and aspirational thinking for readers who have had to put up with so much for so long.

Book Bubbles from Make Our Country YUUUGE Again

Tumultuous Press Relations

Here's Chapter 8 from "YUUUGE Again." In yet another remarkable coincidence, both Trump and the Grand Poobah had a terrible relationship with the Press and all media outlets, except for Fox News. Biden seems to understand the symbiotic relationship between the Administration and the Press. We are back to daily press briefings and respect for the people trying hard to help us better understand what our government is doing. It's a welcomed change!

Battling the Global Weirdness Charade

Here's Chapter 18 from "YUUUGE Again." Among the hundreds of reasons I am so glad that Trump is no longer a clear and present danger is his very damaging approach to the challenging climate issues faced by the US and the rest of the world. It is a great coincidence that the Grand Poobah in my book also dismissed any notion of a climate crisis and acted in a myriad of ways to actually make the situation much worse. Enjoy this excerpt and be glad that Biden seems to have an aggressive climate agenda.

Nationalism and White Supremacy

Here's Chapter 17 from "YUUUGE Again." While Grand Poobah Drump certainly is a racist and white supremacist, I did not anticipate the uprising, riot, terrorist attack, sedition, insurrection - whatever people want to call it - against the U.S. Capitol that shocked the nation on January 6th. The Grand Poobah's plan for leaving office (see Chapter 22) was certainly more elegant and creative that what we have seen so far from Trump. I expect some more outrageous behavior before Trump departs the White House under a cloud of disgrace on January 20th and heads off to Mar-a-Lago as a soon to be ex-President. Good riddance!

Incomparable Management Style

Here's Chapter 5 from "YUUUGE Again." It is quite a coincidence that both Trump and the Grand Poobah have very bizarre management styles focused on creating toxic work environments, infighting, and minimizing the amount of time actually spent on managing. I think you will enjoy reading about the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the Grand Poobah.

Cameria Goes It Alone

Here's Chapter 13, "Cameria Goes It Alone," from "YUUUGE Again. This chapter exposes a very misguided approach to working with our traditional allies around the world. Coincidentally, this is the same flawed world view espoused by Trump for the past four years. Thank goodness that will change shortly. Enjoy!

Misogyny Personified

Thank goodness Trump is starting to admit he is a LOSER. I can hardly wait for January 20th. Here's Chapter 15 "Misogyny Personified" from "YUUUGE Again." As I said in one of my blog posts, I am still very puzzled as to why Trump seems to have received a "free pass" for all of his despicable, aggressive, and very well-documented sexual harassment.

Building "The Moat"

Here's Chapter 9 from "YUUUGE Again." In yet an other amazing coincidence, Grand Poobah Drump is very xenophobic, just like our soon to be ex-President. Drump really wanted to build a moat filled with alligators to keep out undesirables from the north. He also tried to restrict immigration from most Sumlim countries, round up all undocumented immigrants, and eliminate most visa and asylum programs.

Lies, Damn Lies, and "Reality Distortion"

Here's Chapter 14 from "YUUUGE Again." Very relevant to Trump's post-election lying about election fraud, not to mention his amazing track record of lying at an unprecedented level over the past four years. Can you say "sociopathic liar?" Enjoy!

Nothing But the "Bestest People"

Here's Chapter 5 from "YUUUGE Again." This chapter traces the string of incredibly poor Cabinet-level hires made by Tunnald Drump. It is quite the coincidence that our current (and hopefully not much longer) President also has an appalling track record of incompetent hiring (or is it hiring incompetents? or both?). Blind loyalty seems to be the #1 hiring criteria. Lack of relevant experience is #2. Enjoy!

Making the Rich Richer

Please be sure to VOTE sometime between now and Nov. 3rd. It's more important than ever to make your vote count! This is Chapter 12 from "YUUUGE Again." I had lots of fun writing about huge tax cuts that saved billions for the top 1% buddies of the Grand Poobah while saving the average taxpayer a few dollars per week. Enjoy!

Grand Poobah Prerogative

Here's Chapter 11 where I have some fun thinking of many creative ways that a Grand Poobah can abuse Grand Poobah Prerogative to circumvent getting Congressional approval for their pet projects. Enjoy!

Intro to "YUUUGE Again"

This is Chapter 1 from "Make Our Country YUUUGE Again." The whole book is written from the perspective of Laira Succupy Ganders, the Press Secretary to Tunnald Drump, the 45th Grand Poobah of Cameria. I hope you enjoy it and want to read more. A bigger sample, as well as the table of contents, is available on Amazon. As I say in the dedication, I bring this work of political satire out as comic relief and aspirational thinking to reasonable people who are fed up with all the dysfunction we have seen in Washington, DC over the past four years. Please VOTE between now and November 3rd. It's more important than ever to make your vote count!

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