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Robert Trebor is a character actor with more than 40 years experience on stage, screen and television. Two of his noteworthy roles are The Son of Sam in Out Of The Darkness and Salmoneus the merchant on the Hercules and Xena series. Playing both a psychopath and salesman was enormously helpful in preparing his book.


The Haircut Who Would Be King: A Political Fable

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"The Haircut Who Would Be King: A Political Fable by Robert Trebor is one of the funniest books I have ever read. The fact that it is based, not even loosely, on current political situations makes it eminently more readable and, believe me, this is not just another send-up. Mr. Trebor has got these characters scarily accurate, so much so that when I see the real ones on TV now, I shall probably struggle to keep a straight face. Skillfully woven, intertwining two stories into one, Mr. Trebor has created, in my opinion, a true masterpiece here.” - Readers’ Favorite

Book Bubbles from The Haircut Who Would Be King: A Political Fable


This is from a fictional editorial after Donnie is elected. Rump of course used derogatory nicknames for his opponents throughout the campaign, and continues to do so. This is a little pushback from a journalist whom the president says is an "enemy of the people." Though the book deals satirically with the 2016 election and aftermath, the details I exaggerate are alarmingly relevant for the upcoming election. I suggest you read the book to arm yourself against the upcoming garbage onslaught with laughter.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I don't want to give too much of the book away on Bublish, but these are the final sentences of my work. I would encourage you to go to Amazon and view the "Look Inside " feature. I believe this book becomes more necessary every day with the increasing nausea that radiates from The White House. Laughter is a great tonic for the garbage and lies and lawless disregard of The Constitution as fueled by Donnie and his Repub supine poodles. A few folks think I have TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome. I think I have TAS, Trump Assessment Syndrome. And I think the majority of America and perhaps the world share this condition with me. And that's why I wrote this book.

Great Americans Weigh In

This is how my book starts, with a tribute to two great American humorists/observers. Most of you know about Twain, but you may not be familiar with Mencken. He was a journalist from Baltimore who was greatly influenced by Twain. He was an equal opportunity offender and saw "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable" (quote from Finlay Dunne) as a prime directive. He was an ornery cus who was fictionalized in the play Inherit The Wind as E K Hornbeck. Mencken did cover The Scopes Trial for The Baltimore Sun which is the main event of the play. His quote about "the plain folks of the land..." is almost 100 years old, and considering our dolt-in-chief, is amazingly prescient.

800 Prosecutors Assert...

...that we have a criminal in the White House. Contrary to the sham Attorney General, the prosecutors from both parties signed a letter saying that based on the Mueller report, there is ample evidence to indict and probably convict Trump on multiple obstruction of justice charges. The guidelines, not law, say that you can't indict a sitting president. Because it might take valuable moments away from Donnie playing golf, watching television, and "executive time." I wrote this Editorial more than a year and a half ago. It comes about 2/3rds into the book. I won't publish a bubble about Donnie's response. You'll have to buy the book. BTW, this book makes an excellent graduation gift for that politically sentient student on your list.

Surprise! Look who's in charge.

In honor of the 10,000 lies landmark that Trump has passed since he assumed office, here's my refraction of Day 1. It is inspired by my take of the actual events during that day. Many people expected a different outcome to the election but hoped that the new president would adopt a more uniting tone than the divisive one his candidacy employed. Hope springs eternal, but apparently so do the president's lies. BTW this book offically launches today, May 1st and is available on all platforms in print and e-book formats.

BrightFog News

BrightFog aggregated outlandish conspiracy theories about America's underlying problems that resonated with many of the poorly educated. These could be considered "alternative facts." Populist Nationalism, blaming all our ills on immigrants and the "elites" was its clarion call. Stayne Bannan was its CEO and joined the Rump team to boost the campaign in forming an ideology. Rump actually had no ideology, other than "Rump Uber Alles," so he adopted the Populist Nationalism philosophy because,...well, why not? People at rallies seemed stoked by it. They ventialted their anger at the words "immigrants" and "elites." And Rump loved stoking anger. A lot.

The lunatic fringe

This bubble deals with the extreme, perhaps insane characters the president seeks out for advice. It's been verified that Donnie did surround himself with fringe conspiracy spouters during his candidacy and used their megaphones to promote his message. These loonies still advise the president and affect national policy, parrticularly regarding immigration and threats to the national welfare. For some extra fun, read the bubble and then go to Youtube and search "Alex Jones Infowars" You'll see that I haven't exaggerated that much.

Why I wrote the book

I actually starting writing this book in the spring of 2017. It was my response to what I considered a catastrophic election result. Time has proved my evaluation too mild. Since I've earned my livelihood performing primarily comedic material, that seemed like the best idiom to share my anger in a digestible form. Spoonful of sugar and all that. Those who have read the whole book suggest I have been successful. I want this book to enter the political conversation from now until the next election, and I'd love help achieving that.

The "Oranges" of Donnie

My take on how all the "koffeve" in which we currently find ourselves might have started. Next Bubble will introduce Vladimir.

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